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Italian students presentation.
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Italian students presentation.


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Published in: Education

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    • Hello!  My name is Michela and I am 15 years old.Attending the second year of high school, L.Da Vinci. I live in MontesilvanoColle, a fraction of Montesilvano,with my parents, my brother and mymaternal grandmother.I am a girl a little'quirky, exuberant,funny,laugh often and I laugh even those around me.I'macheerful, I like to know other peopleculture,customs,different customs in order toenrich mycultural background.Now I will talk at my school. It'very large,one of thebigger schools,beautiful oldPescara.Inside we have a bar downstairsand a fewotherdistributors in thevariousplans and there is also the infirmarywhere we go often.We are alsofamous forthe great outdoorssportsoutdoorsyntheticfootball pitch, a volleyball court, andalways outside a gym largeenoughindoors.There arearound the parking lots ofmotorbikes: we use a lotscooters,motorcycles, cars, mini car ... in fact, manychildren use them, eventhe scooteronly that I have nothad a driver's license for motorcyclesdo not use it so I canaccompanymy parents.That's it! I have nothing to say. I'm delighted to make thisnew experience,I can not wait.RegardsMichela.
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  • 4. My school I’m attending the second year in L. da Vinci Portanuova Secondary school. It’s a branch situated in via Vespucci near the sea. It’s small school that contains about 3oo students. It’s a familiar school because we know each other. I like this school because I study very interesting subjects such us Maths, English and Physics. Our teachers are very good and the school offers us a lot of opportunities such us English course, sports tournaments, language stages abroad and Maths Olympics. In my classroom there are a few people, we are 20 students, 16 boys and 4 girls.
  • 5. My name is Camilla Candeloro and I am fifteen years old. I live in Pescara since I was child, a little city in Abruzzo, and I attend high school “Leonardo da Vinci”. I’m tall about 1.70 m, my hair is blond, straight and long, my eyes are light blue and many people say that them are the most beautiful thing I have. I’m quiet thin and in my opinion my style is great.I always wear a black earring that my boyfriend gave me this summer and two rings; usually I put on my nails red polish.I’m always happy and positive, I like smile because often it improves the day to someone, as my mum or my sad friend, but I’m also touchy and stubborn.My family is composed of four persons: me, my brother Luca, my mum Antonietta and my dad Luciano. I am very attached to Luca, because our age’s difference isn’t very big, in fact he is eighteen. Sometimes we go out together, so my parents are quieter.My life isn’t specially busy, in the afternoons I ever study, I often do shopping and visit my relatives, but I really like it.
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    • Hello, I am Laura Lachi,I am 14 years old and live in Pescara near the sea. I am an only child and that is why I love to surround myself with friends and new knowledge. Physically I am, I say, quite nice, tall, blue eyes and blond hair. My environment is certainly the water: I practiced swimming to a competitive level until very recently, I have unfortunately had to abandon sports for various reasons but always in my heart! Now I'm starting to like volleyball that allows me to make new friends. They are apparently too timid and extrovert perhaps sure of myself, but in reality full of doubts and uncertainties. I am honest with my friends, never betray a friend online and I suffer a lot when I betrayed my friendship or when you just used. My dream has always been to explore the world to know new places and especially the costumes and customs of other kids my age. I've traveled enough with my parents visiting different countries and continents, but now I feel that it's time to move on its own. I am ready to make your acquaintance. And you?To take laura
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    • Hello, I'm Angela Carota, I'm 15 and I live in Pescara. I'm quite shy but I can be very funny. I was born in Bolivia, so I know also a little bit of spanish. My mom's family lives there, so sometimes I go to visit them. I love going out with my friends, for example at the cinema or to the beach. I also love listening to music. I prefer listening rock music, infact my favourite artists are Queen and Pink Floyd. I play electric guitar, it's my passion! I'm trying to create a little band but it's really hard to find good musicians. I also play classic guitar in my town's orchestra. I really like playing videogames, specially action videogames and I like playing football but I'm not very good. I've always wanted to visit Europe and I think that this project will be a big opportunity for me.