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  • 13th Sept. Ian added the title. Ian added the patient in his own isolation box on the right hand side.
  • 13th Sept. Ian added the title.

Patients Know Best, Fjord Kitchen presentation Patients Know Best, Fjord Kitchen presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Patient-controlled records 1
  • Patients are assets, not liabilities 2 2
  • Patients are assets, not liabilities 3 3
  • Patients are assets, not liabilities 4 4
  • Patients are assets, not liabilities 5 5
  • Patients are assets, not liabilities Dr Jirjis was not unusual in making a mistake, but in recognizing it and asking patients to help The lesson 6 6
  • ABOUT US 7 7
  • MEET OUR TEAM / Who we are?Dr Al-Ubaydli Dr Smith Cath Clapton Rob WhelanAuthor of two books Former editor of the Specialist nurse CTO at PKB. Formerabout patient record British Medical Journal; experienced in training developer at US e-access; physician, Chair and member of and change management prescribing. Works withprogrammer, CEO. international ethics and for clinicians giving 3rd-party developers for scientific committees patients record access app integration 8 8
  • ABOUT US / Our products Patient-controlled records Two principles allow integrated care across CCGs: 1. The patient owns the data, so they decide who it goes to 2. PKB will integrate with any other system so that the data flows to wherever the patient chooses 9 9
  • Without patient Researchers Insurance Employers Government & Commissioning bodies Social & Community Care Charities & Patient Relatives Advocacy Groups Patient Doctors Private Healthcare Pharmacies Public Healthcare Nurses Pharmaceuticals Mobile device and app developers 11
  • With patient Without PKB Employers Government & Researchers Commissioning bodies Insurance Social & Community Care Charities & Patient Advocacy Groups Relatives Doctors Pharmacies Mobile device and Public Healthcare Nurses Private Healthcare Pharmaceuticals app developers 12
  • DEFINITIONS / Electronic health records Data by clinicians, for cliniciansDesigned to increase the productivity of clinicians in a buildingBut does not work with clinicians in other buildings (so care is not integrated)Nor does it work with the patient (misses the most important stakeholder) 1414
  • DEFINITIONS / Patient portals Easing the patient’s burden Highly useful: scheduling appointments, ordering medication refills, secure messaging, access to the EHR But low usage: little integrated care means low patient engagement so low return on high investment 1515
  • INSTITUTION CONTROL / does not work Everyone creating a patient portal is trying to do the right thing • Institution-specific e.g. hospital web site or NHS mandate for GP record access • Disease-specific e.g. cancer portal Yet approach is wrong because it does not focus on the patient 1616
  • PATIENT CONTROL / the only answer Definition of patient control The patient can revoke the access to the record of the original institution that gave the patient the record, without affecting the patient’s ability to use the record with others All else is institution control (Do not be fooled by “shared control”, the right to exclude others can only be held by one party) 1717
  • INTEGRATED CARE / Start small and fastPatient control allowed GOSH to integrate with everyone GOSH and non-GOSH Local NHS providers for each patient invited and able to accept as already built into the NHS N3 network NHS and non-NHS Social workers, teachers, charities, and private home health care providers all able to access and contribute to the record UK and non-UK Care across countries, and integration with vendors from all over the world provide the patient with the best combination of apps 1919
  • INTEGRATED CARE / Thepower of control without theburden 2020
  • SHARE DATA / Across geographical boundaries 2121
  • COMMISSIONERS / Work with innovative providers Dementia UK’s WANDA case management systemDementia UK integrating with PKB to share care plans with patient and carers, and integrate with rest of health care system 2222
  • WORK WITH CHARITIES / New care models Charties delivering care and research across EU and USAAlkaptonuria providing research across EUBarth Syndrome UK building international registry with US researchersThalidomide Trust providing x-rays and online consultations across EU 2323
  • 24
  • Schematic of Data flow – Patient Advocacy a key stakeholder 25
  • THANK YOU! Questions? 26