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going green!

going green!



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  • Solar 2 - a green energy education center for the nonprofit group Solar One/ site will be on Manhattan’s East River

General Electri Cpptpresent. General Electri Cpptpresent. Presentation Transcript

  • GREEN INITIATIVE• Unveiled plans in 2005• GE most significant company with influence and impact on energy research and development in corporate America• Aimed to double revenues from environmentally friendly products• Will double research funds for technologies that reduce energy use, pollution, and emissions tied to global warming
  • ECOMAGINATION• GE’s commitment to address today’s environmental challenges by imagining and building innovative solutions while driving economic growth• Innovations include: solar power, wind power, gasification, contaminated land re- energization, urban farming, solar cells, energy monitoring and controls
  • GREEN CHALLENGES• Need for more efficient and cleaner sources of energy with emission reduction and abundant sources of clean water• Green focus resulted in a need for renewed investments in other consumer businesses due to negative impact of housing dilemma• Reduced emissions translates into lower fuel costs that will benefit the customers
  • GOALS• $1.5 billion/yr in cleaner technologies research by 2010 (^$700 million in 2004)• Planned to double revenues from products/services providing significant & measurable performance advantage to customers• Anticipated more aggressive revenues in 2010 than the $10 billion in 2004• 17 products to meet criteria ranging from renewable energy to water purification and cleaner transportation• Reduction of GE’s own emissions tied to global warming by 2012
  • 2011 GREEN REPORTS• GE cont. series on natural • Panels in New York City/ gas; could replace coal as Solar 2 project a major energy source while speeding up renewable innovations• Major breakthrough in solar energy paving way for large scale availability and affordability• highest ever efficiency rating for CdTe thin film solar panels
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL STIMULUS• Save money – ppl will follow their wallet over their conscience; motivating factor for making green choices• Emotional appeal – ppl tend to be more receptive if going green is seen as helping the planet/making world better place• What is good? – ppl tend to show interest if told something is good or beneficial to their lives• Intellectual appeal – facts and figures have impact/some ppl need solid reasons to make green choices• What if everybody’s doing it? – ppl will follow those seen making green choices
  • REFERENCES• GE(2011). Ecomagination. Retrieved Sept 1, 2011 from,• MSNBC (2005). Green Electric? GE unveils eco- strategy. Retrieved Sept. 1, 2011 from,• GE (2011). Turning New York into Solar City. Retrieved Sept. 2, 2011 from,