Lesson plan Output Devices


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Lesson plan Output Devices

  1. 1. TOPIC OUTPUT DEVICES OBJECTIVE: By the end of the lesson, the students should able to: 1. Identify the Output Devices 2. Name at least THREE output devices of parts of computer 3. Identify the features and functions of output devices;  Monitor  Speaker  Printer 4. Recognise the differences between CRT monitor and LCD monitor 5. Identify the features of three different printer TEACHING AIDS 1. Computers 2. Interactive White Board 3. Projector 4. ICT Textbook year 7 5. Website: http://teachlogy.wordpress.com/ 6. Microsoft Power point TEACHING DEVELOPMENT Set Induction  Teacher will ask students to go to http://teachlogy.wordpress.com/lesson/input- devices/brainstorming-activity/  Students will do the brainstorming activity by post their answer on the question given. 1. What do you understand by output. 2. Give example of output devices do you know. 3. Give example o f input devices that you learn before. 10 Minutes LESSON PLAN DATE: 19 JULY 2010 SUBJECT: COMPUTER STUDEIS DURATION: 1.5 HOURS CLASS: YEAR 7A TIME: 8:00 – 9:30am
  2. 2. TEACHING DEVELOPMENT  Teacher will introduce today lesson on Output Devices and the objectives of the topic that need to be achieved. http://teachlogy.wordpress.com/lesson/input- devices/lesson-objectives/ Development  Teacher will display http://teachlogy.wordpress.com/lesson/input- devices/notes/ on IWB and ask students to go to the page.  Teacher explains and define the output devices by showing an example  Teacher explains the features and functions monitor by giving an example.  Teacher explains the differences between CRT and LCD monitor by showing pictures as an examples  Teacher explains the function of speaker  Teacher explains the features and functions of printer by showing the pictures and example.  Teacher describe the features of three different printer by showing the pictures of different printer Activities Activity 1: Oral questions  Teacher then ask the students some oral questions on: 1. What is Output device? 2. Give three examples of output devices 3. Explain the function of speaker 4. List three different of printer 5. Name two different monitor 20 minutes 5 minutes
  3. 3. Activity 2 : Group Discussion  Teacher will ask the student to go http://teachlogy.wordpress.com/lesson/Output- devices/group discussion/ o Teacher will instruct the students to make a group of three. o The students will be asked to browse the internet and search for pictures output devices and functions of:  Plotter  Projector  Computer output on microfilm o Then, every group must present their finding using google doc : Microsoft power point in front of the teacher and their friends. Activity 3: Exercise  Teacher will ask the student to go http://teachlogy.wordpress.com/lesson/Output- devices/exercises/  Teacher will give exercise based on their ability. o Exercise 1 – For Easy question o Exercise 2 – For Medium question o Exercise 3 – For Challenging question Activity 4: Enrichment (Student who are finish their exercise early)  Teacher will ask the student to go http://teachlogy.wordpress.com/take a challeng?/outputdevicesactivity/ 25 minutes 25 minutes
  4. 4. CLOSURE  Teacher will recap the lesson by asking them fishing and shooting questions.  Teacher will ask the students to read more on the topic and retrieve notes and homework from the website: http://teachlogy.wordpress.com/lesson/input-devices/read-more/ and http://teachlogy.wordpress.com/lesson/input-devices/homework/  Teacher reminds the students to do their homework and submit though email. 5 minutes EVALUATION: