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TeamWox GroupWare System - Forex Edition (FX)
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TeamWox GroupWare System - Forex Edition (FX)


Featuring TeamWox GroupWare Management Application - The absolute essential GroupWare / CRM System for MetaTrader Brokers.

Featuring TeamWox GroupWare Management Application - The absolute essential GroupWare / CRM System for MetaTrader Brokers.

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  • 1. Copyright 2010, MetaQuotes Software Corp.
  • 2. What is TeamWox GroupWare? TeamWox is an online collaboration system that allows you to work efficiently within your company. A unique feature of TeamWox is its integration with MetaTrader platforms. Now you will be able to work with the trading platform within the framework of your company, managing all your operations though a uniform environment in a single information space. TeamWox GroupWare System Structured Modules: 1. MetaTrader Module 2. Tasks Module 3. Email Module 4. Document Module 5. Board/Forum Module 6. Organization/Client Modules 7. Service Desk Module 8. Online Assistant Module 9. Accounting and e-Bank Modules 10. Integrated Search Engine 11. Web Access and Translator Utilities
  • 3. Work without TeamWox Separate applications are used to carry out multiple tasks:  The MetaTrader Manager was used for working with clients' accounts.  Correspondence and contact details were stored in other applications.  Analytical research was performed using complex operations in various applications.  Marketing executives had to upload manually client information from MetaTrader platform to CRM systems or other analytical applications to carry out marketing actions, while constantly synchronizing information manually. TeamWox allows all these critical business operations to be conducted faster and from one easy to use web based application, while storing the history of every user, every correspondence or task, for review and quick archiving for effortless access.
  • 4. MetaTrader Module TeamWox can operate in connection with the online trading platform MetaTrader 4. This is a unique feature of the system integrated into the software especially design to meet the needs of brokerage offices around the world working with financial markets. Now you will be able to work with the trading platform within the framework of your company managing all your operations though a uniform environment in a single information space.
  • 5. MetaTrader Module With TeamWox the need for multiple applications to provide the efficient operation of your company is no longer necessary. Now you do not have to export data bases from a trading platform and analyze them in third-party programs. All the information about clients and their trade operations is directly reflected in TeamWox. Various reports on the client base and trade operation are also generated right here.
  • 6. MetaTrader Module The data coming into TeamWox GroupWare System from the MetaTrader platform allows performing all operations in a single information space. Both trades and the client's details, and any correspondence with this client are now concentrated in one place. This will facilitate and speed up manager's work in your office from Risk management specialist to the marketing department. Furthermore with all this data available, any manager is able to identify faster which client it is, how long this client has been working with their company, how valuable this client is for the company and more. If necessary the manager can make the required changes to the client's accounts or trades directly from TeamWox.
  • 7. MetaTrader Module Your marketing department will be able to obtain all necessary reports and charts for all clients’ activity in trading directly from TeamWox. This information can be used for marketing/incentive campaigns and loyalty programs. You will have access to reports and other information through communication with the clients needed for case analysis and for the development of client needs and relations. You can develop an automated generation for standard reports of client’s accounts using the API of the MetaTrader Module. Or, in another scenario, your market specialist’s requests to modify the client database in TeamWox and add to the system an automated segmentation of clients. This is possible and very easy to do.
  • 8. MetaTrader Module In summary by integrating the MetaTrader platform into TeamWox you can explore the resources of the trading platform with more flexibility and depth. Workplaces can now be configured in more detail and trade information can be modified without referring to the MetaTrader Server. However, the most important factor remains that all operations are performed in one single management system of your company.
  • 9. Tasks Module One of the most important features in TeamWox is the Task Module. All collaboration assignments between employees, management, stakeholders within your office and offices around the world are executed using tasks. You simply assign a task, select who you want the task to go to, make your post and your done. This feature is particularly useful in order to generate history of projects, to solve immediate issues or monitor the execution of an assignment. You can also use Task Module as an organizer! You can set tasks that can be controlled as a one off event or periodically so you can be alerted on a time scheduled basis. You may want to be reminded of a reoccurring monthly meeting or to be reminded of something in one hour; you can do this within the TeamWox Task Module. This advanced communication tool really does allow your company to collaborate in a more efficient and productive way.
  • 10. E-Mail Module You can connect all your email accounts directly into TeamWox with the Email Module. With this feature you have the possibility to assign any email you receive to any person connected to the system, with a simple procedure as if you are using the task module. This feature is very crucial in solving issues through the appropriate delegation to competent specialists in your company. Synchronization of your Outlook exchange and other email accounts is possible in TeamWox Email Module. This flexibility allows for continuous usage of Outlook in parallel of using TeamWox.
  • 11. E-Mail Module Example So, you receive an e-mail from your client having a problem and you cannot solve the problem yourself. You would send copies of the e-mail to several specialists, start e-mailing and discussing the issue with them. And one client e-mail could result in dozens of messages between you and your colleagues. Having received such a “difficult” e-mail in TeamWox you can assign it to your competent specialists. They see it in their “Assigned” folder and discuss the problem there like in a forum. When they find a right solution all you need to do is send a response to your client. Such a system of working with e-mails significantly shortens the time of responding to a client, because you do not need to wait and coordinate comments of different specialists.
  • 12. Documents Module This Module allows you to store any kind of document into the system. Documents can be submitted to the Document Module, for sharing, for editing among colleagues with automatic versioning functionality, for approval and electronic signing. All new changes to documents are shown as a new version so that previous versions are not erased, but kept in history if need to track down the work and changes made.
  • 13. Documents Module Now a simple and user-friendly document-filing structure is at hand. You can upload to a server absolutely any files and work with them. Version-support will save all your employees from the “it’s-not-the-latest-version” problem. Needless to say, having finished work with a document, you can send it to an archive and later, if necessary, locate and view it again. TeamWox allows handling documents directly on the server. To make corrections you do not need to download a file onto your computer and then upload it back. You can connect this module to your computer as a network drive and start working in an absolutely new manner – without the need of downloading all those files to your PC.
  • 14. Board/Forum Module This Module is the most convenient place where you can deliver all the companies news and policies to each of your employees. By posting information on the TeamWox Board Module you allow for effective communication of company strategy, competition, education, development or any other issues that your company’s management believes is important. Discuss all types of topics in your company and keep a uniform information space for any future reference.
  • 15. Board/Forum Module With Forum posting in the Board Module you will be able to keep everyone in company inform, about market news, improvements, competition and changes within Company structure or its policies, new employees their functions and duties as well as any other subject that relates to your brokerage operations. In Forum you can create a separate topic and give access to it only to a restricted number of people. All they will write their comments without wasting several hours discussing the issues on a meeting. All other employees will have no idea about the existence of restricted discussions. Or, on the contrary, you can publicly announce someone’s achievements, congratulate an employee on a birthday or discuss various issues, giving your company a better social image.
  • 16. Organization and Client Modules These Modules allow you to create a database of all clients and contacts, through synchronization of MetaTrader Platform or from importing functions. All information such as contact details, e-mails and discussions with contacts can be stored here. The full history with every client is always available here and access rights to certain contacts and clients can be setup. The most important feature of these Modules is that all members of the company will work with the same database allowing you to consolidate all the information about your clients and contacts all in one place, easily within your reach. Setup of different group of clients is possible as well as Importing and Exporting from other databases.
  • 17. Organization and Client Modules TeamWox offers the possibility to gather ALL information about your clients in a single place thus improving the work of the whole company. No more numerous databases or inexact policy towards your clients. Now you can get single complete reports for the whole client base. With TeamWox this information will always be within your reach. Here you can store contact information, agreements, correspondence history any other materials connected with the client. Naturally, much less time will be spent searching necessary client information. Employees working directly with clients will have more information available. This will help them provide quicker and better services to each client.
  • 18. Organization and Client Modules Automated reports for clients instantly show you the current state of affairs. You can see how many new clients you have got this month, who of your managers is responsible for most of new clients during a any period, and which clients decided to decline your company services. Now for obtaining such information you do not need to refer to different departments, have department meetings and subsequently suffer from delays. All this is done automatically and instantly while using TeamWox. Filter, group and sort clients in TeamWox according to segmentation credentials for marketing actions. Using these modules, you will be able to get a full picture of all issues relating to each customer and customize your marketing campaigns according to their individual stage. (VIP, Mini, Micro, Non-Active etc).
  • 19. Service Desk Module This Module provides the most effective and efficient tools in dealing with any issues concerning your organization support via the delegation of each matter to the responsible competent professional. This module is for assigning, planning and controlling tasks, were work is divided into groups. Groups can include employees or departments of which are responsible for certain operations in the company. The processes in this Module are strictly Controlled by moderators to allow quick problem solving with your clients and staff.
  • 20. Service Desk Module Manage the efficient organization of your brokerage support services through Service Desk. Marketing actions, email delegation, technical Support, Web site Assistant, Trading Support (FX Consulting) can be supported from Service Desk Module allocated to the competent specialists in the field in your brokerage firm. This Module can also be integrated to your website for clients support, lead generation etc. This is the perfect tool for your technical support team, marketing management, or simply the most effective way to communicate with your clients. The Module is fully customizable in order to facilitate any operation needed to be sorted and dealt with, according to the strategic goals of the organization.
  • 21. Online Assistant Module A perfect example of the use of Service Desk Module is the Online Assistant Module which you can easily incorporate into your website. This Module offers you a built in chat facility which allows your employees to chat instantly within the company and with clients. All messages are encrypted and information is automatically saved in the history of your communication with a client for easy archiving. This function is an integral part of the system allowing more historical information to be stored in the same environment. ONLINE SUPPORT Technical Trading Support Support Customer Support Specialist Client History Service Desk Marketing Almost all FX broker firms offer Online Assistance on their Web Page. With TeamWox all communication with Online assistant can be delegate to the appropriate department: Dealing Desk, Accounting, Marketing, Support and be kept in client history for future reference or management review.
  • 22. Accounting and e-Bank Modules The Accounting Module allows Management to skim over the company’s money flow without going into financial detail. The Module is designed for keeping information on all financial operations of a company. Automated reports can be generated for organizations, clients, projects and accounting is integrated with organizations. Invoices can also be generated, daily, weekly, quarterly and annually, all that you need to do is specify the period and the invoice will be automatically generated. Using contact/email Module with accounting you can automate the Invoicing and report cycle to be directly sent to your customers periodically. Manage all your financial operations through e-Bank Module, such as funding methods, bank wire transfers and credit cards online funding through your web site with direct connection to your bank. Fast and customizable reporting facility is availabale on fund transactions for management control and projections.
  • 23. Integrated Search Engine This feature allows for fast information search through all of your databases such as email, board, tasks, and documents. You can search by time, by who placed the task (author) and simply by keywords. Search engine facility is connected to all modules databases, allowing the user to find any information needed that was stored at any time within the company. TeamWox Search Engine is connected to all Modules:  Documents  Forum  E-Mail  Clients and Contacts  Tasks  Personnel Department Besides, the morphological search function is implemented in the system. It means, you enter a word and the system searches for all its variations. For example, you have entered the word “sell”. The system will search for “resell”, “seller”, “selling” etc.
  • 24. Web Access and Translator Utilities Web access facility allows users from different offices around the world to be able to connect and work as if they were all located within the same office, with the ability to share all resources available in headquarter offices. A build in translator allows also for overcoming communication barriers with users and offices located in different geographical locations. Be completely mobile in all your Brokerage operations! Virtual office is offered through Web Access facility so you can always be connected to your office wherever you are in the world. Communicate with your multilingual offices around the world and provide customer support to clients in any language and smooth communication without any language barriers.
  • 25. ORDER NOW Order a demo version of TeamWox! RUSSIA CYPRUS SINGAPORE 4, Gorky str., 22 Griva Digeni Ave. / Off. 301 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, Kazan, 420015, Russia Limassol 3106, Cyprus #44-12, Singapore 079903 Tel.: +7 843 570 00 37 Tel.: +357 25 875134 Tel: +65 6532 2567 Fax: +7 843 570 00 37 (ext.105) Fax: +357 25 580191 Fax: +65 6532 2056 E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: Copyright 2010, MetaQuotes Software Corp.