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Hunting  trail safety
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Hunting trail safety


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oHunting season begins Oct 1 through Jan 3 2012. Please be aware of your surroundings and other hunters when out in the woods or trails during any outdoor activities.

oHunting season begins Oct 1 through Jan 3 2012. Please be aware of your surroundings and other hunters when out in the woods or trails during any outdoor activities.

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  • 1. Hunting & Trail Safety
  • 2. Tips for Hunters
    Hunters: Do not shoot across roads, trails or waterways. These areas may be occupied by people.
    Hunters: Wear high visibility orange (blaze orange) during appropriate hunting seasons.
    Hunters: Do not use alcohol and medications that may impair judgment before or while handling firearms.
    Hunters: Educate yourself and obey all the rules of firearm safety and insist that those around you do the same.
  • 3. Tips for Hunters
    Hunters: Know where trails are. Trail maps can be obtained at your local ranger station or office.
    Hunters: Be alert for trail users and make your presence known to them.
    Trail users may not be aware of hunting seasons or that they are near active hunting areas.
    Trail users may not be wearing blaze orange. Please use appropriate caution and communicate openly.
  • 4. Tips for Trail Users
    Trail Users: Use Caution — Avoid wearing colors that could be mistaken for game animals—white or brown during deer seasons & red or blue during turkey seasons.
    Trail Users: Be heard — Make sure you are heard before you are seen by whistling, singing, talking, etc., while on a trail.
    Trail Users: Communicate — Conflicts between hunters and trail users seem to be rare. If you meet hunters tell them your planned route. Try to keep the communication open.
    Trail Users: Avoid peak hunting times — Avoid using trails at peak times such as opening day of a particular hunting season or early mornings & late afternoons.
  • 5. Tips for Trail Users
    Trail Users: Know local hunting seasons — Specific dates for hunting seasons vary year to year and also by type of game hunted and weapons used.
    Trail Users: Wear a blaze orange hat and vest (and pack cover if backpacking), or hooded outerwear when out in fall, winter and spring.
    Small game seasons lasts from fall through the end of May; deer season generally occurs October through January.
    Plan before your visit; learn the regulations and hunting seasons for the outdoor areas you will be visiting.
  • 6. Tips for Trail Users
    Below is FT Bragg, NC specific information:
    The ALL AMERICAN TRAIL WILL BE CLOSED FOR ALL USE during deer gun season (1 Oct - 3 Jan). Also, there is a "No Hunting" buffer on the Fort Bragg side the trail.
    All training areas on Fort Bragg are always closed. No one should ever be off of the paved roads unless involved in a scheduled military training exercise, a scheduled and coordinated activity (e.g. through the Hunting & Fishing Center), or at a specific forest recreation facility (such as Smith Lake).
  • 7. Tips for Trail Users
    * During hunting seasons, whether on public or private land...YOU WANT TO BE SEEN!!!
    * Wear bright clothing, preferably hunter or blaze orange anytime you are in the woods.
    * Avoid clothing with fur or tans and whites (these colors are similar to a running deer).
    * Use a headlamp or flashlight when out at dawn/dusk or at night.
  • 8. Tips for Trail Users
    Hunting Season Trail Riding Safety
    Hunting & Fishing Safety
    Safety: Share The Trail
    Safety: Hunter Safety
    5 Tips for Hunting Safety Near the Appalachian Trail