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Business plan rev216

  1. 1. 5 Days In The Life Business Plan Presented by H2,LLC Copyright 20121|Page
  2. 2. Table of Contents Executive Summary……………………………………………………3 Company Description…………………………………………………4 Products and Services………………………………………………..6Market Analysis………………………………………………………….8Competition………………………………………………………………10Marketing and Sales………………………………………………….11 Financials………………………………………………………………….132|Page
  3. 3. Business PlanFaceBook: 5 Days In The LifeWebsite: www.my5days.comFounder & CEO: Christopher L. HaleCo-Founder & President: Terre HolmesFive Days In the Life2621 North Moreland AveSuite 111Cleveland, Ohio 44120Phone: 614.783.4028 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAt 5 Days In The Life we strive to help high school students and young adults findtheir passions in life and lead them to their dream career. We want to encourageyoung people to think deeply about the things they enjoy most and then translatethese into careers that will drive and motivate them for the rest of their lives.Careers not of their parents making, but of their own, based in their hopes,dreams, talents and aspirations. We will expose these young minds to lesser knowexotic careers like anthropology, zoology, careers such as these can bring themglobal and multi-cultural experiences. All of this will be done virtually via ourwebsite. We will reach out to teens and young adults where they spend asignificant amount of their time, on the Internet.We will market our product through social media by advertising on Facebook,YouTube and Twitter. We will also sponsor local career events at high schools anduniversities to discuss how to take advantage of the services being offered by 5Days In The Life.5 Days in The Life is owned and operated by its founder and Chief ExecutiveOfficer, Christopher Hale. The company has been co-founded with Terre Holmesto plan/execute strategy and efficiently run the organization. In the interim thecompany plans to work with independent career counseling consultants andeducators to fine-tune our offerings and provide the highest level and quality of3|Page
  4. 4. services to the consumer. Our funding and financials can be found at the end ofthis business plan. We speculate that our company can generate high grossmargins and show positive net income as early as our second year of operation. GENERAL COMPANY DESCRIPTIONAt 5 Days In The Life, we believe that everyone should enjoy their career and lookforward to going to work each day. Regrettably, not everyone is able to followtheir passions in life. People believe that if you attend college that you will find adecent job with good wages to secure your future. This is not the case any longer.With the economy spiraling downward and the skyrocketing costs of tuition alongwith the lack of job security come a greater need for career specialization.With this transformation shift under way, many parents are unaware that careercounseling services exist for their teens. Parents feel that guidance counselors aredoing an adequate job for a few students. At 5 Days In The Life we are trying tobring career counseling services to the masses through an online and engagingformat which will educate and inform teens and their parents.5 Days In The Life will create an online website that offers career counseling,career introduction videos, profiles and career maps for each student. Eachstudent that participates in our programs will have an opportunity to win an allexpense paid “5 Days In The Life Experience” where the student will work in theirchosen field for 5 Days. We are seeking to create a market leader in the onlinecounseling industry and also creating a name for ourselves among the highschools and universities in America by offering superior services and programs atpricing affordable to all.Due to the embryonic nature of this industry, there are no exact figures on theprojected value for the size of the online career counseling industry. However,we do know that the tutoring and test preparation industry makes more than $4billion dollars preparing students for standardized tests. According toEduventures, a Boston research and consulting firm, students spent $2.5 billion ayear on preparation and tutoring, including the SAT.4|Page
  5. 5. Mission StatementTo provide students and young adults with a vision and pathway into exotic andnon-traditional careers that will expose them to multi and inter-culturalexperiences. Careers most likely to have a long and beneficial outcome to boththe careerseeker as well as those they come in contact with.Company Goals and ObjectivesThe goal of Five Days In The Life is to be a central web based destination forsourcing unique and satisfying but not often pursued careers for any with a dreamand to provide ideas to those young person’s not typically exposed. Our companyseeks to turn a profit by obtaining sponsorship from national colleges anduniversities along with commercial establishments that find value in our services,along with a yearly subscription plan for career counseling services. Commercialentities may target our audience by placing paid advertisements on our site thatwill be of interest to students, parents and others.Business PhilosophyIt is important to our business that our website not only generate revenue for ourinvestors but more importantly regularly and consistently deliver on our promiseto help students and dreamers achieve by helping them develop a career visionand a path that leads to fulfillment of their dreams.Target AudienceWe plan to market our services to internet savvy teens and young adults as theyseek to understand their many career choices. This would include in largemeasure those that participate in the most heavily trafficked social sites. We willalso target parents, colleges, universities, middle and high schools responsible forexposing young minds to career opportunities based on interest. Lastly we willtarget commercial entities that have products and services that appeal to thecollege bound.5|Page
  6. 6. PRODUCTS and SERVICESThe primary offering from our company, Five Days InThe Life is a web basedcareer counseling and education service. The goal of our company and associatedwebsite is to introduce young people and career seekers to not only the standardcareers in the sciences and business, but also the lesser known more exoticcareers that carry with them the opportunity for a multi and interculturalexperience. In addition, the career paths may be the most likely to have a deepand meaningful impact on society, both nationally and globally.Five Days In The Life will use videos to document five working days in the life of aprofessional currently working in the students career of choice. During these fivedays, the student will have an opportunity to learn the mundane as well as thehighlights of the chosen profession and will gain some near to real lifeexperiences in what the profession entails. These video-graphed professions canrange from 5 Days In The Life of an Accountant to Five Days In The Life of aZoologist. Our vision is that the videos will be shot by a professional videographerof our employ but will be narrated by the professional themselves.The videos will be posted on our website where after filling out a profile andcreating an account, the student may then have access to the streaming video.The information gathered on the profile will be exhaustive and will be used tohelp the students, counselors, parents and teachers to identify with the youngperson’s interests early on and create a curriculum to keep the studentsinterested and focused on her/her career of interest. The information gatheredon the profile will also be used by universities and colleges to help them identifystudents most fitted for their unique programs and provide them suitablematerials and processes to help them stay focused and be successful in theireducational choices as they move forward.The website will also provide students with one-on-one guidance from vocationalcounselors. The counseling can be done via email, phone, chat, virtually or inperson depending upon the location. This counseling service will be utilized to a6|Page
  7. 7. greater degree by higher income bracket families as the cost of individualizedattention from counselors will be an additional cost for additional hours.Furthermore, the website will provide some SAT/ACT preparatory information forhigh school students. 5 Days In The Life will look into partnering with a major testpreparation company like Kaplan to give them free advertising space on ourwebsite in exchange for discounts for our subscribers.The website, 5 Days In The Life will be established through a subscription modelprimarily but will also seek out advertising revenue. Students will pay a tieredyearly rate for access to test preparation services, videos, information and careerprep materials as well as the career counseling provided by our staff. After a setamount of timethey will be awarded additional counseling sessions for free as ameans to build loyalty to our brand as well as retention of customers.To encourage prospects to create a profile and to fill it out completely eachquarter we will award a deserving student, or multiple students, a Five Day- In-The Life Experience in one career path. This will be a fully paid experienceprovided in a scholarship format and will be based on performance metrics. Forexample grades, scholarly efforts and other educational pursuits.Educational institutions, commercial entities will have opportunities to advertisetheir products and services on our company website to our target audience.Job Search Boot CampThe job search boot camp teaches students how to look for the job they want notjust reacting to the same postings that everyone else does. The goal of the class isto teach students how to find jobs in the hidden job market, how to networkwithin their chosen field, build relationships and uncover opportunities. We willteach our students how to present themselves offline as well as online and helpthem prepare for corporate culture. These classes will be offered at or near acollege campus. The class will also help teach these students to develop apersonal brand including a LinkedIn profile, scrubbing their Facebook profile andcreating a clean professional online presence. We will teach students how touncover latent job opportunities, find the hiring managers and how to speak tothem. This will be a completely interactive class. Student will be searching forpositions, writing and submitting cover letters and resumes. We will help students7|Page
  8. 8. to create a systematic approach to their job search that they can use repeatedlyonce the class is completed.Pricing ModelThe website subscription plan would be a tiered yearly subscription model which would include full access to the website. The subscription would come with access to free email guidance relevant to each students particular career interest, assessment tests, career exploration information, career counseling sessions (with the ability to earn more over time) as well as the ability to create a profile and network with other students with profiles on the site. The subscription will also entitle each student an opportunity to qualify for and have a chance to win a “5 Days In The Life Experience”.Plan A - $49.95/Year-2 hours online counseling sessions in 30 minute increments-Identify gifts, talents, passions via standard assessment tools-Access to ten minute career introduction videos-Access to online and moderated career group requiring student participation-Opportunity to win a 5 Days In The Life Shadow ExperiencePlan A - $59.95/Year-2 hours online counseling sessions in 30 minute increments-Identify gifts, talents, passions via standard assessment tools-Access to ten minute career introduction videos-Access to online and moderated career group requiring student participation-College test preparation assistance and test discounts-Opportunity to win a 5 Days In The Life Shadow ExperiencePlan A - $69.95/Year-3 hours online counseling sessions in 30 minute increments-Identify gifts, talents, passions via standard assessment tools-Access to ten minute career introduction videos-Access to online and moderated career group requiring student participation8|Page
  9. 9. -College test preparation assistance and test discounts-Develop criteria for acceptable schools-Develop a short list of grad schools and plans for admittance-Resume review and editorial commenting – one instance-College admittance essay assistance-Access to corporate /college sponsored internship opportunities-Opportunity to win a 5 Days In The Life Shadow ExperienceThe Job Search Bootcamp will be offered for $700.00 but may be paid in monthlyinstallments of $58.33 for 12 months.Additional counseling hours outside of earned time can be provided to thestudent at $90.00/ hour. Market AnalysisFive Days In The Life will specifically target high school students in the top 25 U.S.cities as well as post-secondary institutions as a smaller secondary market. Ashigh schools are experiencing increased pressure to prepare students, not just forcollege but for the rest of their lives, career counseling is becoming anincreasinglyimportant factor in deciding a student’s career. Likewise the unemployment ratefor college graduates is approximately 4.5%, more than doubling its previous rateof 2.1% in March 2008. As a result, more and more parents, as well as studentsare choosing to utilize additional resources to assist in finding one’s optimalcareer path.Primary MarketAccording to a 2010 study conducted by The College Board Advocacy and PolicyCenter, high school guidance counselors are overloaded with students. Therecommended student to ratio is 250 to 1. Louisiana, New Hampshire, Vermontand Wyoming are the only states that meet the recommended student-to-counselor ratio.9|Page
  10. 10. Most people believe that guidance counselors spend most of their time helpingstudents choose a career path and prepare for college admission. In reality only22.8% of public school counselors time is spent on college admissions counseling(compared to 54% in private schools). Not only are student counselorsoverloaded, but less than one quarter of their time is devoted to helping studentsand their families with college planning, including career exploration, choosing amajor, applying to schools, filling out applications, and obtaining financial aid.Only 20% of a counselors time is spent on “personal needs counseling”, 25% of acounselors time is spent scheduling a students classes, 15% is spent onadministering academic tests and 10% is divided between teaching and other nonguidance activities. Only 8% of a counselors time is spent on such vital tasks ashelping a student to explore career interests, educational requirements and salaryexpectations. This statistic is especially shocking when you consider what 8% oftime means for the average student. Most guidance counselors work 40 hours aweek for 40 weeks a year (40 hours x 40 weeks = 1,600 hours per year). Fromwhat we can determine, if a counselor spends 8% of their time on career guidance(8% x 1600 = 128 hours) and the average counselor in the U.S handles 467students per year, this mean that your students gets an average of 17 minutes ofcareer guidance per year. With this limited number it is not too much of a leap toassert that students that are more aggressive or have parents that are trueadvocates are getting more attention, while many students get none.Five Days In The Life will partner with school districts, high schools, colleges,universities and the secular establishment to alleviate some of the strain onparents, guidance counselors and others when it comes to helping young peoplefind their proper career direction and focus. In the U.S.not having a clear careerpath and direction has become acceptable, most people believe that it isimpossible to know what you really want to do. In reality students are not beingencouraged or given the opportunity to devote an appropriate amount of time tocareer exploration and this is where Five Days In The Life will provide an addedbenefit to students, families and industries across the U.S. Five Days In The Lifewill use actual video stories of A Day In The Life of….to help a students understandthe depth of a particular career interest and will give them a close handexperience. A select number of students will be selected for an all expense paid‘experience’ in the career of their choice for five days. Through our website, alarge amount of time will be dedicated to helping students get a clear picture ofhow to get from high school to career explaining the education or training10 | P a g e
  11. 11. required and give them direction on applying to colleges and universities thatallow them to pursue their chosen field. CompetitionPrimary CompetitionWhile competition for online career counseling is not great, Five Days In The Lifewill be competing for ad revenue generated by commercial companies placingadvertisements on our websites. The potential competing websites will generaterevenue by offering subscription services to the parents of children withdeveloping educational and career needs. Five Days In The Life seeks academicinnovations ranging from young adults to students with a career explorationcurriculum to tailor an individual career map for success. Here we will detail ourpotential competitors, from strongest to weakest, noting each company’s majorfocus within the industry as well as their offerings and pricing – targets students and markets to universities tohelp them figure out suitable majors and recommendations through assessmentat no cost. Additional services are provided such as career booklets and otherassessments to clarify a student’s desired path at no –MappingYourFuture targets students with variouscounseling portals and a virtual gaming service called Show Me The Future. Thegame allows students to enhance their financial literacy and life skills with realdecisions within the game at no cost. Individual counseling services are notprovided. Marketing and SalesMarketing and Sales ManagementFive Days is a young vibrant company with very non- traditional marketingtechniques. We will focus much of our marketing effort on high school and post-secondary institutions and commercial entities selling products of interest toparents and teens. Because the majority of the audience we want to reach are inschool and online spending huge amounts of money on traditional advertising isnot necessary.11 | P a g e
  12. 12. We are ultimately targeting Generation Y and social media will be at the pinnacleof our social medial strategy. It will encompass %80 of our marketing budget. %90 of Gen Y own a computer %82 own a mobile phone %72 of Gen Y mobile phone users send or receive SMS messages They spend more time per month online than they do watching television; %42 watching online videos at least once per month. The above statistics indicated that technology is integrated into the very core of the way Gen Y lives. This means our target audience is considered native online so it is imperative that our marketing strategies focus heavily on social media outlets.We will use %20 of our marketing budget to forge partnerships with educationalinstitutions that will lead to endorsements and recommendation of our servicesto families. At high schools we will sponsor Career Days and other similar events.At the college level we will work with the career services departments to extendtheir reach.We will create YouTube videos to high-light our services and success stories andwill use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook (Includes creating andmaintaining a Facebook Page) to drive traffic to our website and generateinterest. The blogs we write are intended to provide guidance for students to finda best suited -career path via personality traits and interests about the careerprofiled. We will also seek sponsorship to web sites and companies that cater tothe needs of teens and young adults with products and services of their interest.Market Development and Penetration Strategy With no substantial leader in the career exploration industry, 5 Days will bea leader in an emerging industry with a first mover advantage. A large number ofpeople in the United States are dissatisfied with their careers which leads them toseek assistance in career exploration and education opportunities. Today mostsettle for counseling and guidance provided at their schools because currentoptions are minimal and costly for career counseling.Growth Strategy12 | P a g e
  13. 13. Our growth strategy is horizontal. 5 Days will operate and manage in all the core markets in the United States. Core markets for high school students will be in school districts with the highest guidance counselor to student ratio. Our core markets for colleges will be the largest colleges and universities based on enrollment. Communication Strategy Our main method of communication will be via social media and events. We will prefer social media because the majority of our target market lives and thrives in this world; media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on. We need to present our message in such a way that there exists two way communication from our consumers. We will also seek to advertise on radio stations and conglomerates that target an urban audience . We will advertise at school sporting events,National Public Radio and minority television and cable stations. We will also work with large education centric commercial organizations like McDonalds restaurants and Banks like Chase Manhattan to help up propel our message to our target audience during their commercial play and via sponsorship. Financials Five Days In The Life (5 Days) expects its start up expenses to be roughly $189,000.00 along with first year salaries of $100,000. Including other miscellaneous costs, the company expects to incur $289,000in first year expenses. Conservative estimates are that the company expects to produce $268,000 in revenue in the first year leaving the company with a negative net income of $44,000.00. In year two we expect to generate conservatively $353,000 in revenue and conservatively $581,000.00 in year three. These assumptions are based on retaining all existing customers, growing ad revenue and doubling subscriptions from year two to year 3. Start Up Expenses Expected Costs FrequencyWebsite Development $25,000.00 Continued Cost 13 | P a g e
  14. 14. Office Lease $12,000.00 Continued CostTravel Expenses $25,000.00 Continued CostOffice Expenses $5,000.00 Continued CostEquipment $20,000.00Legal & Copyright $15,000.00Consulting $25,000.00Graphic Design $5,000.00Database Management Consulting $20,000.00 Continued CostiPhone/Android App Development $10,000.00Insurance $2,000.00 Continued CostAdvertising/Social Media $25,000.00 Continued CostTotal $189,000.00Total Continued Yearly Costs $114,000.00Continued Expense on MonthlyBasis $9,500.00 Financial Projections Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 $ $ $ Revenues 268,750.00 353,250.00 581,550.00 Subscription Price (Yearly) $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 Expected # of Students 5,000.00 10,000.00 14,000.00 Ad RevenueYearly $25,000.00 $50,000.00 $75,000.00 Start Up Costs (Investment) $189,000.00 $0.00 $0.00 Continued Annual Expenses - Reinvestment - $114,000.00 $114,000.00 Leased Office Space $12,000.00 $12,000.00 $12,000.00 Payroll $100,000.00 $150,000.00 $200,000.00 14 | P a g e
  15. 15. Projected Net Income -$44,250.00 $191,250.00 $369,550.00Company Personnel Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Chief Executive Office $40,000.00 $40,000.00 $40,000.00Chief Learning Officer $40,000.00 $40,000.00 $40,000.00Chief Marketing Officer $0.00 $40,000.00 $40,000.00Consulting Counselors $20,000.00 $30,000.00 $80,000.00AccountRepresentatives $0.00 $0.00 $0.00Total People 2 3 3Total Payroll $100,000.00 $150,000.00 $200,000.00 15 | P a g e