The Fitzhugh Legacy - Chapter 2


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The Fitzhugh Legacy - Chapter 2

  1. 1. Hello everyone and welcome to Chapter 2 of the Fitzhugh Legacy! Last time, the founder, Zelda, went to college, met and proposed to the exterminator, Robi Charvat, and graduated with a degree in Drama. She also aged into a hideous outfit which will most assuredly be changed as soon as she has enough money. "I don't understand you. These are the best jeans ever." No, Zelda, they're not. This discussion is over. Now on with the story! (Apologies for the pictures again...the quality is better from here on out but I didn't start taking them with the walls up until Zelda's kids were in college, so they're still not going to be great. I hope you enjoy the album anyway!)
  2. 2. Zelda purchased a 5x5 lot per legacy standards, and the first thing she did once I had built her a tiny shack and bought her a phone was invite her fiancee Robi over to move in. He brought in $2000, which surprised me as I thought NPCs brought $1000 max, but I was pleased because I could buy them a nicer bed and they could get started on generation two directly. "So, Rob, I know I don't have much to my name right now, but I love you very much and I was hoping you'd marry me today." "I'd love to marry you, Zelda. I don't mind. It'll make building our family more of a challenge, and be a good experiment." Robi always looks at things in the interest of science. He loves Zel, though, so I'll overlook it. Mostly.
  3. 3. And so they were married. Zelda, if you'll recall, is a Pisces Family Sim with the LTW to reach her Golden Anniversary. Easy, but slightly boring. (I do love her, but I was almost hoping for the six-children want when she rerolled, since I'm doing this Legacy for the challenge of it.) Robi is a Sagittarius Knowledge Sim with the LTW to max all his skills. I gaped when I saw what he already had. Three maxed, three very close. The only really hard one to build up was his cleaning. With any luck, he'll be permaplat shortly. ^_^
  4. 4. *SMOOCH* Okay, you two can get off the sidewalk now.
  5. 5. With their combined $6800, I built this. It'll do nicely until Zelda gets a job and brings in some money to expand.
  6. 6. I was holding out for a job in the Show Business career for Zelda, but nothing was there for her that day, so she's waiting. We'll look again while she's pregnant. "What about Rob?" *blinks* What about him? "He could get one." "Zelda, who is that?" Oh, I forgot to introduce myself to you. *chuckles* Robi, I'm Marina, the Supreme Authoress and Mistress of All Things Smoothie. You are now in my domain and under my control. "Uh, nice to meet you?" You as well. So, both of you, here's the plan for the moment. You two don't have enough to hire a nanny, and I never want you to anyway since they're the spawn of utter evil. So Rob, you're staying home with the kids until you reach your lifetime want. Zelda, you're getting a job as soon as possible. "But I have a want-" I see your want panel, Rob. I will let you get a job at some point, but for now, it's skilling and babysitting. "Fine. It will allow me the extra hours to develop my thesis about the care of babies." *sweatdrops*
  7. 7. It took two tries, but Zel's pregnant with their first child! *hopes it won't be twins*
  8. 8. "Rob, I'm pregnant." "You are?" "Yes. I'm worried. We don't have very much money yet." "We'll be just fine, Zelda, I promise." "Really?" "Really." Aww.
  9. 9. Baby bump number one! And we can see Robi painting in the background to get them some cash so they can expand a bit when the baby gets here. (I should mention this while I'm thinking of it...I'm obviously not doing the extreme start, since this is my first legacy, plus I don't want Zelda to die as soon as her kids come back from college or anything. In retrospect, the extreme might have been easier in terms of getting a roof over their heads, but whatever. I like the progress they've made thus far.)
  10. 10. Second baby bump! "Marina!" Yes? "It's bad enough you're taking pictures of us, but do you really have to do it while we're in our underwear?" It's not MY fault you couldn't change after your date. Be grateful for your platinum status and don't whine about the underwear.
  11. 11. Is it time yet? "No. Stop taking underwear pictures."
  12. 12. Is it time yet? "MARINA. STOP. I HAVE THREE OUTGOING POINTS AND THIS IS EMBARRASSING." Sounds like someone's especially hormonal today.
  13. 13. YAY! Baby's coming! "And I'm still in my underwe- AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH it HURTS!" "Just breathe, Zel, I read in a medical magazine that deep breaths are supposed to help! Now push! You can do it!" "WAIT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU ROBI FITZHUGH!" "Ack! Sorry!" It's not your fault, Rob. She'll be in a much better mood right...about...
  14. 14. Welcome to the family, Grace! She's a blonde with her mother's blue eyes and her father's skintone. And she is so cute.
  15. 15. "Aww, she's so precious! Who's Mommy's little girl? *snugglesnuggle*" "Yay a baby! When can I hold her, Zel?" "Tomorrow." "What?" "You'll be home all day to play with her and I have to go to work." "But Zel-" "MINE." Looks like she's still a bit hormonal.
  16. 16. Come on, Robi. You wanted to hold her so hold her. It's not rocket science.
  17. 17. Zelda is a wonderful mom. Robi's a good dad, for that matter. Even if they both stand in front of the crib for ages before picking up the baby.
  18. 18. Robi takes to spying on the neighbors in pursuit of maxing out his logic. "It's the perfect pastime, Marina! I can work on my own skills and study other people at the same time!" It's what's generally known as STALKING, Rob. And that is my Simself you are spying on, she is going to whoop your butt if you don't quit that.
  19. 19. Haha, what did I tell you? SimMe, you rule. "Thank you, RealMe. Stupid louse needs to keep his eyes to himself." "I wasn't spying! It was a scientific study!" "Quiet, Fitzhugh, or my mouse will have vengeance on you." "*gulps*"
  20. 20. That's much safer. SimMe won't care about that. The aliens might though. "Aliens?" Yup. "Ooh. You think so?" They exist. For a fact. And they might notice you. "I hope so! That would be highly interesting." Unfortunately for Robi, they didn't. No alien baby this gen. *sighs*
  21. 21. Here comes number two! "Already?" You're the one with the baby want. "Yay! I'm going to be a mom again! And we have money this time!" Yes, indeed you do. Thank you for getting a promotion your first day. "No problem! When can I quit?" *blinks* Um, you can't. You need the money and I need the career reward. "Darn."
  22. 22. Zelda has easy pregnancies for the most part, and still has plenty of time to take care of Grace. This picture is the cutest ever.
  23. 23. "So we still need money but I think you should get a job, and then I can quit and watch the kids and paint." "Much as I'd like that, I only get to watch Grace when you're at work, so for now I'm going to say no thanks." ART REWARD, ZELDA. "*meeps*"
  24. 24. After a couple of promotions I expanded the house and added wallpaper and a couple of curtains. The kitchen is still on the porch but I'm strangely attached to this little place. They'll just add rooms as they need it, and do the major rebuild next generation.
  25. 25. Ack! I nearly missed Grace growing up. Aww, she grew up into cute clothes. And she's still very cute herself. You can't tell from this picture, but she got Robi's cheeks as well. They look cute on her, though, so I'm not complaining. She's a Pisces. I don't remember her exact stats (except that Robi passed on his total and complete lack of neat points...neither one has any, which annoyed me to no end). I'll post stats for all the kids when they get to college.
  26. 26. Daddy immediately gets to work teaching Gracie all her toddler skills. "Say highchair, Gracie." "Hah-cha'." "Great!" *laughs* She's still got a bit of a way to go there, Robi, but I'm glad you can understand her. "Parents always understand their children." HA. You have obviously never been a father before.
  27. 27. Grace autonomously asked Robi to read to her and I let him because it was so cute. She's my favorite toddler ever.
  28. 28. Is it time yet? "NO MORE UNDERWEAR PICTURES, MARINA." Okay okay, sheesh.
  29. 29. Zelda finishes up Grace's toddler skills by teaching her to walk. Robi had previously taught her how to use the potty. "Careful, Grace!" "I's ca'efu'!" Awww. *hugs Grace*
  30. 30. IT'S TIME! *parties* "I'd like to see you do thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!! Owwwwwwwww" You're not suffering much in comparison to real labor. *pauses* Not that I would know. "See? OWWWWWWW!!!!" Okay, Zel, just remember Robi's breathing lessons. In and out, slowly, keep it steady. Now push! "I HAAAAAAAATE YOOOOOOOU." You were the one with the baby want.
  31. 31. And here's Robi with baby number two. Welcome to the family, Rianne! "It's another girl." We like girls. "I was hoping for a son." Not this time, sorry. Feed her, will you? "Okay. I love you anyway, little Annie." "*gurgle*" I'm sure she's reassured.
  32. 32. "Will you be my friend? I need a promotion." *sweatdrops* Way to win 'em, Zel.
  33. 33. Okay, I almost missed the birthdays again, but Grace and Annie both aged today. You look proud of yourself, Gracie. "Look at my hand! Isn't it cool?" *snorts* Many other Legacy children before you have said the same, Grace. How's Annie doing... OH. MY. GOD. She looks exactly like Grace. *goes to check her stats* OMG. THE FIRSTBORN EFFECT. *sobs*
  34. 34. "Ow, G'acie!" "Sorry Annie! Mom, will you help me with my homework?" "When I'm done with Annie, Grace, now please step off your sister's head." "Okay!"
  35. 35. Zelda, I see that baby want again. "I'm a Family Sim! I want another one!" Well, I wasn't going to let you, but...go ahead. "Really?" Really. "Might it be a boy this time?" We'll see, Rob. The reason I'm allowing this is so that we can test to see if the rolling-the-dice-in-CAS thing gets rid of the firstborn effect. *crosses fingers*
  36. 36. You know your family needs a second bathroom when...
  37. 37. Zelda's finishing up Annie's toddler skills by teaching her to walk. Annie is a naturally fussy child, so it took her longer than with Grace. I guess they're not completely clones after all.
  38. 38. Do the Smustle! I've never caught these guys with Palmer-Legacy-type Smustle eyes, but it's so cute when they do it in sync. "Marina, WHAT did I tell you about underwear pictures???" Get enough money for a dresser and I'll stop having to take them!
  39. 39. Daddy and Annie are best friends. "I'm glad she's not a boy after all." Good for you, Rob.
  40. 40. Grace is amazing. She autonomously paints and cooks muffins for herself, gaining skill points in the process. "Of course I'm amazing! I was named for Princess Grace, after all!" Actually, De named you. I was having a brain fart when you were born. "But you still thought of Princess Grace when she said it." *pauses* Okay, you caught me. "I know! Because I'm amazing!" -- De (fireflower314) writes the Pierce Legacy and The Camerons. Both are very fun and helped inspire my own legacy attempt.
  41. 41. I see the try for baby worked. "I'm so excited! Can I have ten?" Not on your life. "Awwww..."
  42. 42. Zel's pregnancy this time around has been very hard, so we've had to resort to the Energizer, which I was trying to wean her off. "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is better than woohoo!"
  43. 43. Despite that, these two are still very loving with each other. They follow each other around, kiss, hug, congratulate each other, and occasionally woohoo. Robi, now that he's permaplat, sometimes frustrates me, but I do love them and they have a good marriage.
  44. 44. It's time for Annie's birthday!
  45. 45. "Yay I'm a child and can now go mess up the house, refuse to do my homework and generally be a pain!" *blinks* Excuse me? "*blinks* You were listening?" I'm ALWAYS listening, Annie. I'm onto you now.
  46. 46. CLONES. "I resent that!" Live with it, Annie.
  47. 47. "OWWWWW THE PAIN!" This is the last time, Zelda. "THANK MAXIS! OWWWWWWWW" *sweatdrops* You said you wanted ten just yesterday. "I change my mind! OWWW! No woman in her OW right mind would OW want OW to do this ten times OW OW OW!" Glad to hear it.
  48. 48. And it's a boy! Welcome to the family, Isaac! And...he has grey eyes! Yes! We defeated the firstborn effect! "Awww, he is so cute! He looks like his daddy!" That he does, Barbara* I mean Zelda. "What?" Nothing. *- reference to Barbara Pierce, whom Zelda slightly resembles in this outfit. I bought it without thinking ^^
  49. 49. The Fitzhugh Legacy- Return of the Simself. "Listen, Fitzhugh, I've told you and told you to stop spying on me and I mean it! You're asking for a boolprop fly death!" Psst, SimMe? "Go away, I'm trying to threaten him!" *laughs* You go ahead with that then. Never mind that I don't know how to use Boolprop yet and you're not allowed to kill him anyway. "Watch me do it anyway." "Okay, okay, I'll be good!" "You'd better be, bug boy!"
  50. 50. After two or three promotions and a lot of painting, their house has expanded to this. It's quite cute and works well so far. Once Isaac is a child I'll let Robi get a job and fulfill his second LTW to be Chief of Staff.
  51. 51. It's Isaac's birthday! Please be cute and don't get your dad's cheeks! "I heard that!" Sorry, Rob. *isn't*
  52. 52. He's adorable! *whispers* And I don't think he got the cheeks! *louder* He has Zelda's skintone too. So there's still a mix of them in there.
  53. 53. Mommy is teaching little man his skills. He learned them fast like Grace did, which made me adore him very much. "Mommy's little boy is very smart, yes he is!" "Mommy's boy!" *can't help grinning*
  54. 54. Today is Gracie's birthday. Honey, I'm sorry I let you grow up stinky. "As long as I can have a bubblebath right after." You got it, kiddo.
  55. 55. Ooh, cute teen we have here. Let's examine the genetics. Grace as aforesaid got Zelda's eyes and it's clear she got Zel's mouth, too. She has Rob's hair, skintone, nose, and cheeks. And I think she's very pretty. "Thanks!" No problem. Now about your aspiration...ROMANCE? Grace, HOW could you do this to me? "It's not my fault!" *grumbles* Yeah, I know...right, now what's your lifetime want...*stares* That's not going to happen. NOT. "What? Why?" TWENTY WOOHOOS, Grace? You've got to be kidding me. Your mother is having enough trouble making TWO LOUSY FRIENDS so she can get promoted, and I'm pretty sure you have to be at best friend level at least for a woohoo. I am NOT doing that twenty times this early in the legacy. "But-" NO, Grace. As much as I love you, no. Now go take that bubblebath and go downtown for some new clothes. "*sulks*"
  56. 56. Now that she has a new outfit that looks amazing on her, it's time for skilling. She needs scholarships and has amazingly spun up wants for them. It took her an excruciatingly long time to get hers up though. I installed OFB about this time, and it caused both Grace and Annie to lose their smartmilk benefits, which annoyed me, but we worked with it.
  57. 57. Annie? Why are you autonomously cleaning? "Just doing my part around the house." Uh huh. I believe that. "You should!" Too bad I don't. You are the brattiest child I've ever played. You hardly do your homework, you make messes around the house, you don't want to skill, and you always burn your muffins. "*sticks out tongue*" Same to you.
  58. 58. "Hey, Marina?" No. "I haven't even said it yet." I see that want for a baby in your panel, Zel. It's not happening. You have three already. "*sulks*" Gee, I'm just such a tyrant today, aren't I?
  59. 59. Gracie taught little man his last skill. "I love my brother. Was I really ever this tiny?" You bet you were. Cutest toddler ever. "*beams*"
  60. 60. It's time for Isaac to grow up! The girls are off doing things (Grace is probably skilling, Annie is probably sleeping) but his parents are here, and that's what's important. "Yeehaw! You go, Isaac!" Rob, you scare me.
  61. 61. And he is CUTE. *pauses* Well, okay, he got Zel's nose and Robi's mouth, which don't look good on children as a combo, but he'll grow into it. *pets little man*
  62. 62. To celebrate, Isaac's birthday, Gracie and Robi autonomously pillow fight. "Told ya I can hit harder than you, Dad!" "Ouch! Take it easy, Grace!" "Okay, okay. You all right?" "*WALLOP*" "You were faking!" "You know it, little girl!"
  63. 63. "Welcome home, Mom!" "Oh hey, Annie!" ...this is unusual. "I just love my mother, that's all! *innocent grin*"
  64. 64. "Dance with me, Daddy!" "*surprised* All right, Annie." "Is Annie bonding with Dad of her own free will?" I think so, Grace. "I think she's sucking up." So do I.
  65. 65. "Dance with me, Gracie!" "*sighs* All right, fine. Just don't crush my feet."
  66. 66. "I think I'll just clean the tub now..." Give up the act, Annie, I'm not buying. "It's not an act! I'm just a good little girl and you're in denial." I'm the Authoress Supreme, Rianne. I know what you do. You may be able to fool your parents, but you can't fool me.
  67. 67. All the same I am sorry I didn't get you a cake, though. "You should have!" Your parents are dead asleep. It doesn't feel right to have one without them. "Then why didn't we wait?" You're in gold and have a want to grow up well. I'm taking advantage of it. "I hate you." Feeling's mutual. Now dance with the lights.
  68. 68. And...she's a clone as expected. "Hey! I am not! Grace and I may LOOK alike, but we're really different!" Of course. I forgot. You're a brat and she's not. "I resent that!" It's true. Annie is a Family Sim with the same lifetime want as her mother, to have a Golden Anniversary. Don't tell her this, but I've decided she won't be heiress. Despite the pictures to the contrary, she really is a brat and I've already done Family. So it's now between Grace and Isaac, depending on what he rolls as a teen.
  69. 69. "Mm, it smells good." Isaac becomes the first Fitzhugh child to get a perfect muffin on the first try. I love him.
  70. 70. Robi is going around cleaning up the house. He has no neat points, so why is he doing this? For a simple reason, my readers. THE HEADMASTER IS COMING.
  71. 71. Annie! Annie, are you okay? "...urgh..." Oh no. You dropped into the green on your way to the Energizer, didn't you? "...tired..." Go to bed, Annie. "...'kay." Frammit. Looks like we just lost her help with the headmaster. *kicks self*
  72. 72. Robi burned the thermidor he was going to serve to Vince, the headmaster who came. On top of that, Zelda and Isaac both came home after work and school dead tired and had to go to bed, so Gracie is our only saving grace at the moment. She gave Vince the tour (which we got a whopping 41 points for, yay!) and now she's schmoozing while Rob cleans up so we can get a better meal on the table. "So my siblings and I all get good grades in school. Except I think Annie cheats for hers, because she never does her homework. But Isaac and I work really hard and you should let us come to your school." GRACE. "Er, forget what I said about my sister, Mr. Walters. It's a family joke." "Not a problem, Grace. I'm glad to hear that you all get good grades, because we have high standards at our school."
  73. 73. Zelda! I thought you were tired! "I love Rob, but this is a critical situation. We need a dinner stat, and he's not nearly done cleaning up." I love you, Zel. *so proud*
  74. 74. Vince definitely fits in with all the slobs in this family. He made more of a mess eating than they did. So we didn't get any points for the food after all that *FUMES* and I don't know whether that was due to a glitch or my pressing the wrong button when calling him to the meal. In any case, Grace had to get back to the schmoozing. Thank the good lord he liked her. So... 41 Tour 0 Food 51 Schmooze ------------- 92 Total, with about two hours to go. *RELIEF*
  75. 75. Gracie, you saved your family's collective butts back there. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "*beams* I did, didn't I? You know, I don't mind this schmoozing thing. I could do it again." If you ever have kids, you most certainly will. Now will you please do Annie's homework? I don't want her grades to drop because of the Energizer accident. "*grumbles* First she tells me I can't have my lifetime want, and now she wants me to do my bratty younger sister's homework. And after all that I did to help with Vincey, too. What am I, free labor?" I'll make it up to you handsomely. "Let me guess. The cleaning scholarship I want?" I was thinking more along the lines of a boyfriend. You're freshly Energized and haven't got anything else to do this evening. "You've got a deal!"
  76. 76. Feeling better, Annie? "You sent me to the Energizer in the green. I hate you." I sent you in gold. You were above the bar, too. It was not a long walk and it's not MY fault you dropped into the green on the way. Look, I'm sorry. Truce? "No. You tried to kill me." I did NOT. "Whatever."
  77. 77. So Grace calls the matchmaker, who is amazingly available 24/7. "I don't have a lot of money...can you still get me someone cute?" "Cute? Yes. Lightning bolts? Perhaps not."
  78. 78. Meet Sinjin Fancey, everyone. He and Gracie don't have any bolts, but they did hit it off, so I like him. And true to her word, the matchmaker brought a cute one.
  79. 79. At some point I exited the lot and reentered to find Grace's face blued out due to another glitch, so I sent her to the mirror to change her appearance. I did end up changing her eyebrows and giving her a little makeup while at it, too. The glitch was fixed, and I got an amazing picture. She is so beautiful.
  80. 80. First kiss! Yay! "I love you, Grace." "I love you too, Sinjin. Despite your ridiculous name. I think it's kinda cute actually." I think it's kinda ridiculous. But whatever.
  81. 81. To prove to Annie that I am not going to kill her off and that I am sorry for almost killing her via the Energizer, I got her a boyfriend too. I hate Ricky Cormier, but she did get a first kiss out of him. "I really like him!" Good for you.
  82. 82. Now that Robi's working and there are three complete slobs in the house, the Fitzhughs get a maid. Hey, Kaylynn! "Hey, voice." Thanks for your help. It's hard for them to clean up after themselves. "Don't mention it. I do expect big fat tips though." You'll get them. Don't worry.
  83. 83. Little man, I think this is the first teen birthday where I won't have anything to apologize for. You have a cake, your needs are in the green, and your whole family's here. Have at it, and I hope you're cute. "Thanks! By the way, you do know that you won't be able to call me little man anymore once I age, right?" Who said that? I'm the Supreme Authoress, Isaac. I control you. I can use whatever nickname I like. "That's mean." It's affection. "But it's a little kid name!" *amused* I'm sorry you'll never grow out of your nickname, Isaac. Now hop to it.
  84. 84. Wow, he's good-looking. Didn't get Dad's cheeks, and has Mom's nose and skintone. Nice. You need a better hairstyle, though. "I'm hot." Yes you are. *gapes* But you rolled PLEASURE. This family got two of the aspirations I MOST loathe in the same generation. I'm cursed. "It's not MY fault." I know. At least your lifetime want is decent. I was scared you'd get 50 first dates or something horrendous like that. Professional Party Guest is definitely doable. Nice job, little man. "Thanks. Sure I'll never lose that nickname?" Positive. Suck it up. "*sighs*"
  85. 85. You just had a dream date with Sinjin, Gracie, why do you look so down? "Oh, I'm fine, I guess. I'm just a little depressed. You know, since I won't get my lifetime want." Grace, we've been over this. Your family sucks at friendmaking. There is no possible way we can do twenty of those before you die. "But the woohoo!" You haven't even had any yet. "It's the principle of the thing, Marina! It's my life's dream and I'll never get it. You'd be sad too.” Okay, point made. Look, I'm not going to leave you out in the cold because of your lifetime want. In fact, I have a plan to make you feel better. "*brightens* Really?" Really. Go stick your head in that thing over there.
  86. 86. "How is this supposed to make me feel betteeeeeerrrrrrr???"
  87. 87. "Hmm, grilled cheese. I've never made one before, but I think it's my favorite food now. Say, Marina?" Yes, Grace? "I'm not so sure I want those twenty woohoos anymore. I'd rather see if I can eat two hundred of these bad boys during my life instead. Is it okay for a Romance Sim to want that?" *hides smile* Of course, Grace. "Okay. I guess I do feel better then." Glad to hear it.
  88. 88. Isaac the Pleasure Sim wanted a girlfriend, too. So dutifully, I called up the matchmaker to get him one. Try one was a bust.
  89. 89. So was try two.
  90. 90. And try three fared no better. "Girls hate me." Now now, little man, don't give up. You're attractive and you have ten neat points. That counts for a lot. "I still don't have one." You fulfilled a three first dates want, though. "Ooh, true." There you go. Now go finish your and Grace are going to college tomorrow.
  91. 91. Annie rolled the want for a scholarship, so to get her out of my hair, I set her to using the career reward that Robi brought home. (See the camera in the back? Zelda finally got promoted and brought home that reward, too.)
  92. 92. Look, it's SimMe post makeover, coming by for a visit! "It seems like I'm always here." Just play nice with Zelda, okay? She and Robi need another friend so they can get promoted. "I hate Robi." I know you do. Zelda would never spy on you. "That's because you keep canceling her out of the action." Guilty as charged. You don't need more than one enemy in this family.
  93. 93. Ooh, they're getting along! "It's because we're both redheads. Bonding thing, you know."
  94. 94. "So, Dad, Marina says Isaac and I are going to college tomorrow. Why isn't Annie going?" "Annie still has some skilling up to do, and Marina talked with your mom and me about it and we all decided that you and Isaac should go ahead." That and the fact that I hate Annie, so she can be placeholder and I won't feel guilty about it. At this point, I hadn't decided which one of them would be the heir. I loved playing them both and was still weighing the options, so I decided to send both Grace and Isaac and decide when they got there. Am I going to tell you now whom I eventually picked? Nope. ^_^ Next album.
  95. 95. "Bye! I'm leaving!" "Bye sis! I'd wave, but it'd break my groove!" "Whatever, Annie."
  96. 96. "Bye, Isaac! Call us when you and Grace get there, okay? We'll miss you." "I wil, Mom. Look on the bright and Dad will have a lot of time to bond without us around." "*thinks about this* Ooh, that's very true. *wicked gleam*" "I'll just be going now."
  97. 97. Bye Isaac! I'll see you and Grace at Sim State. "Sounds like a plan." That's it for this album, folks. Tune in next time to see who will be heir, and watch their adventures in college as they search out spouses and consume too much grilled cheese for their own good. Until then, Happy Simming!