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Fitzpatrick timothy healthy_soles_capstone_presentation

Fitzpatrick timothy healthy_soles_capstone_presentation






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    Fitzpatrick timothy healthy_soles_capstone_presentation Fitzpatrick timothy healthy_soles_capstone_presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Walking – Fitness – Health – Exercise – Running - Comfort
      Steven Spence
      Garrett Goodloe
      Timothy Fitzpatrick
    • Healthy Soles™ Introduction
    • Healthy Soles™ Introduction
      Topics to be covered include:
      PRODUCT – Tim Fitzpatrick
       COMPANY – Tim Fitzpatrick
      FINANCIALS – Steven Spence
      MARKETING – Garrett Goodloe
      LICENSING – Garrett Goodloe
      QUESTIONS – Open to All
    • Healthy Soles™ Product
    • Healthy Soles™ Product
      Product Overview
      The Healthy Soles™ product family is a combination of three key elementsthat will provide a comfortable and interactive experience to the user.
      An electronic shoe insole –
      A mobile app –
      A supporting web portal –
    • Healthy Soles™ Product
      Product Overview
      • Measure and record data about a wearer's physical activity such as the number of steps taken, distance, impact forces, calories burned, and body weight. 
      • Provide a comfortable walking or running insole that entices the user to increase overall activity.
      • Promote health and fitness support through social interactions using blogging and networking.
    • Healthy Soles™ Product
      How it Works
      “The Intelligent Insole”
      • Is made up of a durable polyplastic liner sandwiched with flexible circuitry that has been designed for maximum comfort.
      • Powered by a micro battery, 12 contact point sensors measure data and send it to the cell phone app through Bluetooth technology.
    • Healthy Soles™ Product
      How it Works
      “The Phone App”
      • Compatible with the latest smart phones (iPhone™, Android™, Windows™) that will instantly record data and give the user immediate feedback based upon their activity.
      • The app then automatically uploads the data to your pre- assigned web portal.
    • “Dynamic Analysis Software”
      • Specially designed software will allow you to map your progress of weight loss, cardiovascular health, and calories burned.
      (Reports that you can print or email directly to your doctor.)
      Healthy Soles™ Product
      How it Works
      “Supporting Web portal” - That will provide in depth data analysis sent directly from the phone app.
      This portal will include easy to use analysis tools in the form of charts, tables and graphs.
      Links to related Health and fitness industries and social blogging networks to compare or coordinate your activity with others.
    • Milestones
      Healthy Soles™ Financials
      The following are the key milestones for the first operations:
      Finish hardware design by May 15, 2011.
      Start product testing on August 15, 2011.
      Finish software design by December 15, 2011.
      Finish testing of software and hardware by December 31, 2011.
      Begin sales and marketing campaign early 2012.
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials
    • Healthy Soles™ Company
    • Healthy Soles™ Company
      About Healthy Soles™
      Healthy Soles™ - will be a private start-up venture located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Its planned inception is in January 2011.
      • 3 founders are all experienced MBA professionals with engineering, electronics and small business backgrounds.
      •  The company will seek to license its product and technology to the market leader(s) in the shoe insole industry.
    • Business Formation
      Healthy Soles™ Company
      Healthy Soles™ will be a private, closely held, for profit, S corporation with articles of incorporation being filed in the state of Delaware. 
      • Approximately $50,000 will be raised from the founders of the company for initial capital investment.
      • Buy and sell agreements will be in place to avoid any potential problems that may arise due to shareholders withdrawing from corporate ownership.
      • Insurance Policies will be taken out for the owners.
    • Management Structure
      Healthy Soles™ Company
      Because Health Soles™ is a small company, the management will have cross-functional rolesin the company. 
      Steven Spence - Research and Design, General and Administrative
      Timothy Fitzpatrick - Research and Design, General and Administrative
      Garrett Goodloe - Sales and Marketing, General and Administrative
    • Organizational Function
      Healthy Soles™ Company
      The company will evolve through 3 growth stages:
      Research and Development – Prototype and technology development. (Legal attorney for patent- pending will be secured)
      Sales and Marketing – Seeking interest in licensing agreements through strategic partners. (Direct contact via face to face meetings)
      Viral organization – Outsourcing primary business functions through professional services. (Accounting and Legal representation for contracts)
    • Healthy Soles™ Financial’s
    • Startup
      Healthy Soles™ Financials
      Initial Startup:
      • $50,000 will be raised from the founders of the company.
      • There are no plans at this time to approach outside investors or lenders for additional funding or partnerships
    • Start-up Requirements:
      Healthy Soles™ Financials
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials
    • Year -1 Monthly Profit
      Healthy Soles™ Financials
      There will be no profit during Start-up; R&D stage
    • Year -2 Monthly Profit
      Healthy Soles™ Financials
      Profits are projected during Sales and Marketing stage
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials Appendix 9
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials Appendix 10
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials
      Cash Flow Statement
      First year cash outflow for start-up and R&D expenses:
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials
      Cash Flow Statement 2nd Year
      Projected cash flow increase for market ready product:
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials Appendix 5
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials Appendix 6
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials Appendix 7
    • Healthy Soles™ Financials Appendix 8
    • 3-Year Projected Figures
      Healthy Soles™ Financials
    • Healthy Soles™ Marketing
    • SWOT Analysis
      Healthy Soles™ Marketing
      Strengths –
      • Experienced personnel
      • Patent, trademark & copyright
      • Low cost structure
      • Innovative product
      Threats –
      • Competitive industry
      • Substitute products
      • Short product life cycle
      • Weak economy
      Opportunities –
      • Rapid market growth
      • Dynamic changing industry
      • First to market product
      • International market
      Weaknesses –
      • Limited sustainability
      • Limited financial resources
      • Narrow product line
      • Unknown technology
    • Market Demographics
      Healthy Soles™ Marketing
      The U.S. Footwear industry consists of 100 manufacturers, 1,500 wholesalers, and 30,000 retail stores.
      The target demographic segment would include:
      Full-time employed workers with average income of $25,000 and above.
      Median age range from 18-45.
      Health and fitness active.
      Socially interactive.
      Technology adept.
      Fashion conscious.
      (According to US Census Bureau Statistics, approx 139,226,507 people)
    • Market Analysis
      Healthy Soles™ Marketing
      The latest trends in technology, shoes, and apparel:
      • Baby Boomers are trending toward technology based clothing and accessory products.
      • Boots, shoes, and accessories are still trending and make a “statement” about the individual wearer.
      • Consumer electronics are becoming more integrated into lifestyle choices such as health & fitness.
      • Sports and activity based entertainment products are continuing to outperform in sales.
    • Market Target
      Healthy Soles™ Marketing
      Shoe and insole manufacturers:
      Healthy Soles™ will offer its technology to suppliers of insole markets who are:
      • Willing to license to expand their product line.
      • Are interested in working with new technology.
      • Looking to have a competitive edge in industry.
      • Seek partnerships with focused suppliers.
    • Healthy Soles™ Licensing
    • Licensing Overview
      Healthy Soles™ Licensing
      Healthy Soles™ success through licensing:
      • Licensing requires relatively little capital up front.
      • Establish Healthy Soles™ in a strategic alliance, rather than competition with insole manufacturers.
      • Accelerate the process by which the technology becomes accepted into the industry.
      • Would gain opportunities in open markets worldwide through association with cooperative partnership.
    • Licensing Revenues
      Healthy Soles™ Licensing
      Licensing royalties will be realized through:
      • Negotiating an initial agreement of a flat fee per period for assignment of the technology.
      • The size of the flat fee and minimum sales revenue target would be negotiated to allow a strong inducement for the licensee to integrate the technology quickly through the firm’s product line.
      (Sales and revenue projections have been based upon fees of $1.00 per unit of hardware and $0.50 per unit of software).
    • Manufacturing Option
      Healthy Soles™ Licensing
      If at the end of 2012 there is a failure to attract any licensees, the company will:
      Analyze the economic advantage of manufacturing the insole under the Healthy Soles™ branding. 
      This would require -
      Large amounts of venture capital through equity partners or loans.
      Outsourcing the manufacturing of the product.
      Outsourcing selling and distributing the product.
      Entrance into a highly competitive arena with the current insole manufacturers.
    • Projected Sales from Licensing:
      Healthy Soles™ Licensing Appendix 1
    • Healthy Soles™ Licensing Appendix 2
      Projected Sales from Licensing:
    • 3-Year Licensing Figures
      Healthy Soles™ Licensing
    • Healthy Soles™ Question’s
      Questions ?
    • Presenters:Steven Spence, Garrett Goodloe, Timothy Fitzpatrick
      Walking – Fitness – Health – Exercise – Running - Comfort