Summer Fancy Food New York June 30 - July 2, 2013 - Taste Flanders' Finest


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The Flanders Investment & Trade agency pomotes sustainable international business, in the interest of both Flanders-based companies and overseas enterprises.

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Summer Fancy Food New York June 30 - July 2, 2013 - Taste Flanders' Finest

  1. 1. TASTEFLANDERS’FINESTFLANDERS/ BELGIUMSUMMER FANCYFOOD NEW YORKJUNE 30 - JULY 2, 2013Jacob K. Javits Center, North HallBooths 5425-5433/5524-5532
  2. 2. SUMMARY PageOfficial representation: Flanders Investment & Trade 3Flemish Economic representation of Flanders in the USA 4List of exhibitors 5Profile of the exhibitors 6
  3. 3. Gaucheretstraat 90 I BE-1030 BRUSSELS I BelgiumT +32 2 504 87 11 I F +32 2 504 88 I I Claire TILLEKAERTSDelegate: Kurt VLEMINCKXThe Flanders Investment & Trade agency promotes sustainable international business, in the interestof both Flanders-based companies and overseas enterprises.Whatever sector you are involved in, Flanders Investment & Trade will help you establish contact withthe Flemish companies you are looking for. This includes not only products or services you may besourcing, but also various types of business relationships, from joint ventures to technology transfers.At another level Flanders Investment & Trade enhances Flanders’ position as the gateway to Europefor inward investors. The agency identifies, informs, advises and supports overseas enterprises byestablishing production and research facilities, contact centers, headquarters, logistics operations andthe like in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium.This broad focus on international entrepreneurship, involving outward trade as well as inwardinvestments, requires not only a thorough knowledge of Flemish economy, but also an extensivenetwork outside of Flanders.We have just that for you. Do visit our website and discover our worldwide network. With over 75 officeswe are bound to be conveniently located near you, wherever you are.3
  4. 4. 4Marc STRUYVELTFlanders Investment & TradeConsulate General of BelgiumThe New York Times Building620, 8th Avenue, 44th floorNEW YORK, NY 10018United States of AmericaT +1 212 66 40 930F +1 212 66 40 944newyork@fitagency.comClaude STOMPFlanders Investment & Trade150 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2100CHICAGO, Illinois 60606United States of AmericaT +1 312 251 06 22F +1 312 251 06 24chicago@fitagency.comWim VAN CAUTERENFlanders Investment & Tradec/o Consulate General of Belgium235, Peachtree Street, N.E.Peachtree Center North Tower, suite 810US - ATLANTA, GA 30303United States of AmericaT +1 404 659 96 11F +1 404 659 94 61atlanta@fitagency.comTonia VAN DE VYVERFlanders Investment & Tradec/o Consulate General of Belgium6100, Wilshire Boulevard - Suite 1200LOS ANGELESUS - California 90048United States of AmericaT +1 323 857 08 42F +1 323 938 40 24losangeles@fitagency.comFLEMISH ECONOMIC REPRESENTATION IN the usa
  6. 6. 6AVEVE Bloem is a division of AVEVE Group, a BelgianCooperative with a turnover above 1.5 billion USD and 1,500employees.The flour division is the market leader for thehome baking market in Belgium. SOEZIE is the brandnamefor exportactivities. We offer you the most complete portfolioof home baking mixes in the World, packed in unique dust-free sealed flowpacks. Our bread mixes contain only naturalingredients. We will present at the fair traditional Belgianspice cookies, Belgian spice cake and of course BelgianWafflemix.AVEVE BLOEMEugeen Meeusstraat 6BE-2170 MERKSEMT +32 3 641 06 44F +32 3 641 06 60marc.thone@aveve.bewww.soezie.comDelegate: Marc THONE
  7. 7. 7Belfine is worldwide renown for its beautifully decoratedchocolate hollow figures, lollipops and relief figures forevery special occasion. Only premium quality Belgianchocolate based on a strict selection of Madagascarcocoa beans is used to create these delicacies.All figures are unique since they are all designed in-house,given a personal name and protected by copyright.BELFINESpieveldstraat 29BE-9160 LOKERENT +32 9 340 51 50F +32 9 340 51 08info@belfine.comwww.belfine.comDelegate: Luk PATYN
  8. 8. 8We brew 4 different beers in our artisanal brewery .TheseBeers are all refermented in the bottle (33cl and 75cl)and named tripel, double brown, double port and doubleespresso. With this last beer double espresso we won thesilver medal in the international beer challenge in Brussel.BROUWERIJ BROEDER JACOBBeninkstraat 28BE-3111 WEZEMAALT +32 498 112 004j-claes@telenet.bewww.broederjacob.beDelegates: Johan CLAES &Lit VANDEWALLEBier met liefde gebrouwen, drink je met verstandUne bière brassée avec savoir se déguste avec sagesseBeer brewed carefully, to be consumed with careBeer is music!www.broederjacob.comBier hergist op flesRefermentation en bouteilleBottle refermentedBJ-Adv210x265.indd 1 6/14/11 11:09:53 AM
  9. 9. 9Wolf Brewery Belgium produces speciality beers of highfermentation on a typical Belgian and traditional way.The second bottle conditioned fermentation is crucial indeveloping these unique Belgian speciality beers. The rangeof our beers makes sure every beer lover will find his ownfavorite.• Wolf 7 7.4 alc.• Wolf 8 8.5 alc.• Wolf 9 9 alc.BROUWERIJ WOLFBetekomsesteenweg 76BE-3200 AARSCHOTT +32 477 699 137F +32 16 56 20 99info@brouwerijwolf.bewww.brouwerijwolf.beDelegates: Peter VAN DER BORGHT,Bart MARYSSAEL, Wouter CUPPENS& Christine CELIS
  10. 10. 10De Dool brewery is a Castle Brewery, brewing uniqueand velvety beers with the experience of 4 generations ofbrewing tradition.Our brewery is situated in the old buildings of the Abbey ofSint-Truiden.We brew four Certified Belgian Abbey Beers:• Ter Dolen Blond (6.1 %), refermented in the bottle• Ter Dolen Dark (7.1 %), refermented in the bottle• Ter Dolen Tripel (8.1 %), refermented in the bottle• Ter Dolen Kriek (4.5 %).Moreover, we brew a hoppy blond beer called Armand(7,1%). This beer won the golden medal on the internationalBrussels Beer Challenge.Armand Ter Dolen is also refermented in the bottle. Our beers are imported in the US by Artisanal - ABM Texas.CASTLE BREWERY DE DOOLEikendreef 21BE-3530 HELCHTERENT +32 11 60 69 99F +32 11 60 59 99info@terdolen.bewww.terdolen.beDelegate: Emelie JANSSEN
  11. 11. 11Vandenbulcke Chocolatier is a thirdgeneration, family owned companywhich has been working in the greatBelgian chocolate making traditionsince 1949. Our Sea Shell and ForestNut chocolates, Pralines, Flake Trufflesand seasonal delicacies form partof a range renowned for its uniqueflavour. Creative packagingand consistent attention to rawmaterial and finished qualitynot only make VandenbulckeChocolatier a must in Belgium,but the connoisseur’s choiceworldwide...CONFISERIE VANDENBULCKEOude Ieperseweg 64BE-8501 HEULET +32 56 36 40 80F +32 56 36 40 89sales@vandenbulcke.comwww.vandenbulcke.comDelegate: Jelle VANDENBULCKE
  12. 12. 12No one can resist our light,crunchy Brussels waffles. It is a delicacy for consumers.It involves almost no workfor managers of tea-rooms,pubs and brasseries. With ourfrozen Brussels waffles youcan offer to your customers the pleasure to enjoy an absolutelydelicious breakfast, afternoon snack or dessert.Our high-quality Brussels waffles are frozen and offerseveral advantages:• use-by date is minimum one year• our frozen waffles are very easy to prepare: only have toheat them for 4 minutes• IQF removable: only use the waffles that you need• product wrapped in flow pack (avoids freezer burn andensures a higher product guarantee)• thanks to frequent controls (ISO 22000) we guarantee ahigh-quality product• toppings such as icing sugar, whipped cream, chocolate,ice cream and fresh fruit give the Brussels waffles addedvalue• recipes with and without yeast to suit every tasteOur frozen Brussels waffles are healthier than you may think• rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6• no preservatives• produced with the very best ingredientsDELY WAFELSSlachthuisstraat 33BE-7700 MOESKROENT +32 56 34 08 80F +32 56 37 18, davy@dely.bewww.dely.beDelegates: Davy VAN POUCKE, EllenTOURNOIS & Denis MISPELAERE
  13. 13. 13Klingele is a Belgian chocolateproducer. We are specializedin no sugar added and organic-fairtrade.We have 2 different kinds ofassortment:Leonardo: This is our healthy chocolate brand, in which weproduce extraordinary ranges:• No sugar added chocolate, sweetened with maltitol orwith stevia. This chocolate is suitable for diabetics• Chocolate free from lactose: This chocolate isdeveloped for people who have a milk allergy orintolerance. Green Dream: Organic and/or Fair Trade chocolate  withfruits and nuts.We are a specialist in producing under private label(conventional, lactose free, no sugar added, organic, fairtrade,…).KLINGELE CHOCOLADENoorwegenstraat 19BE-9940 EVERGEMT +32 9 258 23 58F +32 9 258 23 42info@klingelechocolade.bewww.klingelechocolade.beDelegate: Koen KLINGELE &Eline BLANCHAERT
  14. 14. 14Production and distribution of a complete range of chocolate(couverture, decorations, cups), pastries, sugar, toppings forice cream, dry bakery premixes for hotels, restaurants andbakery sector.RAVICOSint-Kristoffelstraat 39BE-1840 LONDERZEELT +32 52 31 94 20F +32 52 31 94 29info@ravico.comwww.ravico.comDelegate: OlivierBEAUMONTRAVICO USALLC, PO Box 19Riderwood, MD 21139-0019T +1 443 921 8025F +1 443 921 8030ravicousa@comcast.netDelegate: JamieFINERAN
  15. 15. 15The Belgian Chocolate Group is a manufacturer of premiumchocolates. Our wide range of products, known under ourbrand “The Belgian”, includes Seashells, Truffles, Pralines,Bars and more innovative products.THE BELGIAN CHOCOLATE GROUPGeelseweg 72BE-2250 OLENT +32 14 25 85 25F +32 14 25 85 24info@thebelgian.comwww.thebelgian.comDelegate: Jurgen DE VITS
  16. 16. 16Vascobelo is a Belgian coffeecompany, passionate inproviding coffee of the highestquality. There we invest inevery step of the way, fromfarm to cup.The secret to the quality ofVascobelo coffee lies in theentire coffee process. Fromthe careful selection of coffee plantations to preparation atthe perfect temperature of 92°C. Every step contributes tothe unprecedented taste of our espresso or cappuccino.Our coffee beans are 100% Arabica, Rainforest AllianceCertified and Fair Trade. Next to our award winning houseblend, we offer specialty coffees of the highest quality, whichoriginate from the very best coffee grounds in the world.We always roast the coffee in small quantities, so thatits freshness is guaranteed. Our coffee comes in thebest packaging available: ecologically sound, high-gradealuminum foil with a valve. The coffee is then packaged ina stylish cotton bag, elegantly finished with a label of theBelgian flag.VASCOBELOLange Lozanastraat 240BE-2018 ANTWERPENT +32 3 808 41 00info@vascobelo.bewww.vascobelo.beDelegates: Jaime CUYKENS &Elise MEIJER
  17. 17. 17There are caramelised biscuits. And there are caramelisedbiscuits baked according to traditional methods… fromVermeiren Princeps.The difference? At Vermeiren Princeps, the biscuit dough isstill slowly kneaded and formed, with specially developedequipment that imitates the manual work of earlier times.Accordingtothetypeofcaramelisedbiscuit,realbrownsugar,raw cane sugar or pure bee honey is used as sweetener.Absolutely no syrups, refined sugars, preservatives, artificialcolouring, animal fats or artificial flavourings.Products are available in various packaging including perpiece for the hotel and catering sector.It is available under its own brand or under private label.VERMEIREN PRINCEPSKlein Mechelen 73BE-2880 BORNEMT +32 3 897 15 40F +32 3 897 15 49steven.vavedin@vermeirenprinceps.bewww.vermeirenprinceps.beDelegate: Steven VAVEDIN
  18. 18. 18 11NOTES
  19. 19. 19Images for fair booths & brochure, courtesy of:Biscuiterie Stuckenswww.stuckens.comBrouwerij 3 Fonteinenwww.3fonteinen.beBruyninckx Chiconnetteswww.chiconnettes.beConfiserie Geldhofwww.conf-geldhof.beConfiserie Zuccherowww.confiserie-zucchero.beDe Jambrouwerijwww.dejambrouwerij.beDe Veurn’Ambachtsewww.deveurnambachtse.beDe Zwarte Voswww.dezwartevos.beD’Haubrywww.dhaubry.comDonumwww.donum.beMostaard Wostynwww.mostaardwostyn.beNetelvuurwww.netelvuur.beSerax Maison d’ê‘t Dischhofwww.dischhof.beNOTES
  20. 20. Gaucheretstraat 90 I BE-1030 BRUSSELS I Belgium I T +32 2 504 87 11 I F +32 2 504 88 I www.flandersinvestmentandtrade.comTASTEFLANDERS’FINEST