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  • 1. Volunteering in PASYKAF October 2011
  • 2. «volunteer» is someone who gives time, effort and talent to a need or cause without profiting monetarily. Ellis & Campbell (2004)
  • 3. Anyone can be a part of the PASYKAF volunteer team. Any male or female of any age and social status can join us, as long as he or she is an active citizen. What is highly important, is for the potential volunteer to be sensitive on matters related to cancer. Volunteer Profile
  • 4. Field Need Contact, Support and Activities Centres for patients Patients support •Assistance on the operation of the Day Centre. •Transportation of patients. •Associates for giving lectures, hand crafting, cooking, confectionary and gymnastics courses. •Offering help in simple tasks like cooking and grocery shopping etc, as well a keeping company to patients who are at home. •Accompanying and/or driving patients to Health centres for their therapy. •Travelling with patients abroad. Why we need volunteers PASYKAF volunteers are the KEY in order for the organization to achieve its goals and fulfil its vision. They are the CORNESTONE of its operations and functionality!
  • 5. Field Need Events and activities Assisting office services •Organizing and coordinating of social, cultural and sporting events for increasing the economic resources of the organization. •Crewing of counters at fairs. •Selling tickets, coupons and lottery tickets. •Making and selling of various kinds of craftsmanship. •Helping and crewing at the organization’s events and fairs. •Organizing of lectures and seminars. •Preparation of files. •Delivering and placing flyers and other informational material at the volunteers’ workplace. •Contacting people and/or companies over the phone during the organization’s collection campaign all over Cyprus. Why we need volunteers (2)
  • 6. Field Need Advanced Services e-volunteer Donations in memory of •Legal Advisors. •Accounting Assistant. •Graphic Designer. •Web assistance. Emailing of PASYKAF messages and activities like campaigns and events. •Collecting donations in memory of, at churches. Why we need volunteers (3)
  • 7. •Active and responsible participation. •Cooperating smoothly with other volunteers and personnel harvesting a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. • Informing the Volunteers Executive for any issues or problems that might arise. •Keeping up with their responsibilities and promises as they have agreed to. • Total secrecy and confidentiality when handling and accessing the organization’s information. •Respect towards the ‘private space’ of the person in aid and the organization’s premises. .  What we expect from volunteers
  • 8. •The Association provides the volunteer with proper education depending on the nature and demands of the volunteer work. •Respect to the volunteer. We encourage the two-way communication since we believe that through this procedure we can achieve the best possible outcome. •On our behalf, we try to merge the skills, experience, knowledge and motivations of volunteers with the needs of the Association. •Development and promotion of a friendly and supportive environment in order to establish and experience volunteerism as a pleasant activity. What is PASYKAF offering
  • 9. Thank you!
  • 10. Thank you!