Rebel photoshoot


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Rebel photoshoot

  1. 1. Rebel Photo shoot A special present for Sam ;)
  2. 2. Here we have the whole group together, posed on a blank lot.R to L: Kara, Matt, Dave, Mike and then Abby in the front row.NB: I made Kara and Abby because I wanted a female Rebel but no one special and then Iwanted her to have a little sibling. The game chose it to be a girl (who admittedly looksvery masculine)
  3. 3. A close up of the group, with Matt’s hair changed and since he’sno longer posed he chose to look over at Dave.
  4. 4. And a close up on the boys with Matt’s hair changed again!
  5. 5. So I unfroze the lot of them and allowed them to interact. I hadcheated Matt to have a 50/50 relationship with both Mike andDave because I didn’t like the thought they wouldn’t be friends.So whilst Dave started throwing a ball with Kara. Mike told Matta joke 
  6. 6. After the joke was well received, Mike was accosted by Abby,whom he was very nice to, of course.
  7. 7. Matt spotted that Dave was free so hit him with a pillow!
  8. 8. Dave was swift to respond Mike is now playing with Kara
  9. 9. Pillow fight over, Matt and Dave start having a chat. Its at thispoint that Mike remembers why he’s engaged to Dave
  10. 10. The stalking begins with a little back massage
  11. 11. But then Matt swoops in with a nice friendly hug.
  12. 12. Mike doesn’t want Dave to feel left out
  13. 13. And neither does Matt Friendly hugs all round!
  14. 14. Dave starts in on the flirting with a caress of Mike’s cheek
  15. 15. And follows it up with a bit of a suggestion of what they might donext time I load their lot (and what they would have done here ifthere was a bed or a sofa). While Matt begins his stalking of thepair of them 
  16. 16. Matt still waiting to talk to one of them…
  17. 17. …either one…
  18. 18. …don’t mind which…(it really looks like Mike is considering removing Dave’s trousers here)
  19. 19. ”Guys? … Guys? … Hello? ….”
  20. 20. Finally Mike decides he’ll talk to Matt. Dave’s turn to hover in thebackground.Also as you can spot in the background some of their neighbourshave turned up to welcome them (This is Matt, Kara and Abby’s‘house’)
  21. 21. “MINE!”
  22. 22. “Yep that’s right. You’re mine.”
  23. 23. “But I really need to hang out with Matt right now”Dave stood there the ENTIRE time they hung out, patientlywaiting.
  24. 24. Mike ‘rewards’ his patience ;)
  25. 25. Then Matt starts up a conversation with Dave. So Mike, and Elfiein the background, lets us all know that they think Dave is H.O.T!
  26. 26. So Elfie comes over to talk to Mike about moving into the area andprobably discuss Dave and how hot he is in detail.Meanwhile Matt doesn’t want Peace, which upsets Dave.
  27. 27. Mike and Elfie are getting on rather well as Dave returns tostalking.Spot Matt’s foot on the right hand edge near the road, he’s not far from either of theboys for long!
  28. 28. Matt succeeds in getting Dave back into conversation just as Mikefinishes up his with Elfie. Mike’s turn to stalk.
  29. 29. Talk over and it’s Matt who snags Mike’s attention first, with alovely admire.
  30. 30. But Dave’s not far behind to show his appreciation ;)
  31. 31. Matt and Elfie have a little moment of comradery having towitness all this flirting
  32. 32. And the boys step it up ;)This is the point where Matt rolled his eyes and I missed it!
  33. 33. Apparently Elfie is embarrassed at seeing two people kissing in themiddle of the road…. Sim!Elfie is not like RL!Elfie
  34. 34. So back to the old flirt whilst Matt stalks
  35. 35. But this time he doesn’t have to wait quite so long before he getsin there with a friendly hug 
  36. 36. But the boys are quickly back to snogging in the street
  37. 37. Elfie steps in to chat to Dave. Mike looks on with concern, whatare they talking about?
  38. 38. “Dave, you’re really quite hot”
  39. 39. “I’m hot? Well yes, I suppose I am”
  40. 40. “Yes, yes you are”
  41. 41. “Dave is hot when he’s making out with Mike”FYI - They’ve just been snogging again
  42. 42. And here they go again, with a bit of encouragement from Elfieand their ever present stalker Matt 
  43. 43. And I’ll leave you with this.I dread to think what is going to happen when they go somewheretogether that actually has a sofa or a hot tub!