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Impact assessment example_report

  1. 1. We  know  what  is  important.     We  know  who  is  important.   Worldwide.     Facebook   N   Online  News   Blog   Twi3er   Video  The  EU  Council   TV   Print  Media  Intelligence   Images   Forum   We  make  sense  out  of  media  
  2. 2. Execu;ve  Summary  Cyprus  Presidency  The  Council’s  press  release  on  the  President’s  speech  at  the  opening  ceremony  of  the  Cyprus  presidency  has  reached  a  moderate  3.7  Million  people  and  has  been  picked  up  by  over  200  news  arIcles.  However,  it  was  not  able  to  create  a  significant  impact  on  social  media  with  just  over  3000  shares.    EU  Council  mee;ng  in  Brussels  28-­‐29  June  2012  •  Regarding   the   Council’s   twi3er   presence,   @euHVR   managed   to   achieve   more   retweets   and   more   people   engaging   with   the   account   when   compared   to   @EUCouncilPress.  •  The  overall  subject  ma3ers  which  received  the  most  media  a3enIon  during  the  EU   Council  meeIng  were  the  unrest  in  Syria  and  Iran’s  nuclear  program.  “Growth  and   jobs”  were  the  most  menIoned  subject  ma3ers  in  France  and  the  United  Kingdom.  
  3. 3. Impact  on  web  communica;on  channels  Press  releases  Assessing  the  social  media  impact  of   Speech  by  Herman  Van  Rompuy  President  of  the  European  Council  at  the  Official  Opening  Ceremony  of  the  Cyprus  Presidency  From:  3rd  July  –  11th  July  2012  Impact  from  own  Facebook  Page  Assessing  the  social  media  impact  of   “The  Council  of  the  European  Union”  Facebook  page  From:  23rd  Jun  –  4th  July  2012  Impact  from  own  TwiMer  Account  Assessing  the  social  media  impact  of   “@euHVR”  TwiHer  Account   “@EUCouncilPress”  TwiHer  Account  From:  23rd  Jun  –  4th  July  2012   We  make  sense  out  of  media    
  4. 4. Press  Release  (PR)  Impact   Speech  by  Herman  Van  Rompuy  President  of  the  European  Council     at  the  Official  Opening  Ceremony  of  the  Cyprus  Presidency     Copied  Words/Phrases  or  Referred  to  PR   Copied  Words/Phrases  or  Link  to  PR  Direct  Shares   News   Blogs   Tweets   Videos   212  News  ArIcles   30  Blog  Posts   106  Tweets   8  Videos  Indirect   Shares   Direct  Shares   Total  PR   FB  shares  –  368   FB  Likes  -­‐  61   FB  shares  –  26   Impact   Click  shares  –  1,087   FB  Likes  –  5   4,176   Retweets  –  605   Retweets  –  16   Comments  –  13   shares   Indirect  Shares   Comments  –  2,172   Google+  -­‐  7   Editorial  Marke;ng  Value   Reach   3rd  –  11th  Jul  2012   $32,528   3,705,813  
  5. 5. Press  release  brief     Influence  Split    Online   News   accounted   for   71.62%   of   all   direct   High,   69,  shares   while   accounIng   for   97.6%   of   all   the   26%  indirect  shares.   Low,     127,   47%   Med,     72,   27%    High  Influence  sources  share  of  voice  was  26%  of  the   arIcles   but   is   credited   with   90.85%   of   all   the   Direct  Shares  -­‐  Share  of  voice   Videos,  8,  indirect  shares.   3%     Tweets,   46,  15%       Blogs,  30,   10%  Cyprus   Mail   and   the   @euHVR   Twi3er   account  were   idenIfied   as   the   sources   that   brought   News,   212,  72%  about  the  most  indirect  shares.   3rd  –  11th  Jul  2012   5  
  6. 6. Impact  from  Facebook  Page   Start  of  meeIng   End  of  meeIng   35   400   Post  on  the   Comments  and  Likes  on  own  post   30   350   predicIon  of  Euro   Accession  talks   cup  winners   300   Number  of  own  posts   25   with  Montenegro   Average  Page  Likes   Montenegro   accession   talks   begins.   European   patent   250   20   agreement  in  place.   200   15   150   10   100   5   50   0   0   Comments  on  own  posts   Likes  on  own  posts   Own  posts   Avg.  Page  Likes  1  week  before  event   Avg.  Page  Likes  during  event   Avg.  Page  Likes  1  week  ager  event  “The   Council   of   the   European   Union”   own   Facebook   posts   drew   the   most   social   media   impact  from  accession  talks  with  Montenegro  to  join  the  EU.  Most  of  the  social  media  impact  came  in  the   form   of   likes   on   “The   Council   of   the   European   Union”   own   Facebook   posts.   The   most  comments  came  in  response  to  a  post  asking  for  predicIons  on  the  Euro  Cup  2012  winner.  23rd  –  4th  Jul  2012   6  
  7. 7. Impact  from  TwiMer  accounts   Retweet    magnifica;ons  during  event*   No.  of  TwiMer  followers  gained   No.  of   Engagement   TwiMer  Account   1  week   *Period   1  week   TwiMer  Account   Own   retweets   (@account   being  monitored   before   of  event   a]er   being  monitored   Tweets   from  Own   references)   tweets   @euHvR   18   680   991   @euHvR   1,085   1,221   912   @EUCouncilPress   52   387   193   @EUCouncilPress   231   198   213   Start  of  meeIng   End  of  meeIng   During   the   meeIng   in   Brussels,   the   100   500   rate   of   no.   of   retweets   for   the   90   450   @eUHVR   account   outpaced   the   @EUCouncilPress   account,   despite   Engagement  references/   80   400   Retweets  of  own  posts   more   frequent   tweets   being   made   70   350   using  the  @EUCouncilPress  account.  Own  Tweets   60   300     50   250     The   @euHVR   twi3er   account   had   40   200   nearly   38   Imes   the   number   of   30   150   retweets  for  each  of  its  own  tweets,   20   100   compared   to   7.44   Imes   from   the   10   50   @EUCouncilPress  account.   0   0       The  increase  in  number  of  followers   during  the  event  was  also  higher  for   the  @euHVR  account.   From:EuCouncilPress   From:euHVR   @euHvR     @EUCouncilPress   RT  @euHVR   RT  @EuCouncilPress   23rd    Jun  –  4th  Jul  2012     *Period  of  the  event  consLtutes  of  2  days  prior  and  2  days  aNer  the   7   duraLon  of  the  event  (i.e.  6  days)  
  8. 8. Event  Monitoring  European  Council  mee;ng  in  Brussels  28-­‐29  Jun  From:  26th  Jun  –  1st  July  2012    Social  media  impact  progression   How   did   the   social   media   impact   of   arLcles   trend   before,   during   and   aNer   the   meeLng?    Subject  Ma3er  Breakdown   Which  subject  maHer  was  discussed  more  in  which  countries?   Which  subject  maHer  was  discussed  more  in  which  language?       We  make  sense  out  of  media  
  9. 9. Social  Media  Impact*  Progression   50,000   2,500   Start  of  meeIng   End  of  meeIng   45,000   40,000   2,000   35,000   Social  Media  Impact   No  of  men;ons   30,000   1,500   25,000   20,000   1,000   15,000   10,000   500   5,000   0   0   2012-­‐06-­‐26   2012-­‐06-­‐27   2012-­‐06-­‐28   2012-­‐06-­‐29   2012-­‐06-­‐30   2012-­‐07-­‐01   Social  Media  Impact   Number  of  menIons  On   the   eve   of   the   event,   the   number   of   menIons   started   to   increase   more  rapidly.  The  social  media  impact  of  those  menIons  grew  faster  and  declined    faster  than  the  menIons  before  and  ager  the  event  respecIvely.   *Social  Media  Impact  measures  reacIons  across  all  social  sharing  channels,  including:  Facebook  26th  Jun  –  1st  Jul  2012   likes  and  comments;  comments  on  news  and  blog  arIcles;    tweets  of  the  arIcle;  clicks  on  the   9   arIcles  link;  shares  on  Google  Buzz;  recommendaIons  on  Reddit  
  10. 10. Subject  MaMer  Breakdown   Language  split   Belgium  Portuguese   Turkey   Italian   Overall  share  of  voice   112,   Switzerland   114,   German   4%   4%   Cyprus   Dutch   Netherlands   United  Kingdom   French   1,090,   Spain   1,608,   Spanish   37%   55%   France   0   100   200   300   400   United  States   English   InternaIonal   0   500   1000   1500   2000   0   200   400   600   Iran  and  Syria   Growth  and  Jobs   MulIannual  financial  framework   Report  on  EMU  The   subject   ma3er   that   has   the   most   number   of   menIons   overall   was   the   Syrian   crisis   and   Iran’s   nuclear  program.  English  and  Spanish  arIcles  were  focused  on  the  “Syria  and  Iran”  while  French,  Dutch  and  German  arIcles   were   more   concentrated   on   the   “Growth   and   Jobs”   pact.   InternaIonal   and   United   States   sources  dominated   the   discussions   around   the   subject   ma3ers   with   64.89%   of   the   arIcles   covering   “Syria   and   Iran”  while  France  and  UK  sources  covered  more  discussions  around  “Growth  and  Jobs”.  26th  Jun  –  1st  Jul  2012   *  Only  top  10  geographical  locaLons  shown  here   10  
  11. 11. Thank  You  Ashwin.Reddy@fisheyeanaly;   We  make  sense  out  of  media