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  • 1. Israel's Time line
    For the Palestinians – Israelis conflict.
  • 2. The Zionist movement began in the 11th century BCE.TheJews just wanted a land of their own Because the Romans kicked them out of Jerusalem in the 70 c.e.
  • 3. By 1920 in Palestine their was 1 Jew to every Arab.
  • 4. It was the limit for immigration for Jews in to Palestine. And also for land purchases.
    British White papers in 1930
  • 5. At the end of the holocaust the Nazis Killed 6,000,000 Jews in total.
    The holocaust
  • 6. Arab and Israeli conflict started to get politically larger.
    It put a limit on how many Jews could Immigrate to Palestine. And it said Jews couldn’t buy land. It also said Palestine wouldn't become a Jewish state.
    Exodus was the name of the ship that helped Jews immigrate from Germany to Palestine.
    End of World War II
  • 7. The Jews moved to Palestine get to get away from Germany. By this time, for every one Jew there was two Arabs.
  • 8. The ship that help Jews immigrate to Palestine illegally.
  • 9. The U.N. went in after Britain backed off, and split Palestine.
    U.N. Mapping
  • 10. Israel declared independence and it’s creation as a state. And Israel conquered a lot of land . And in stead of their being a separate Palestinian state the land went to Egypt and Jordan.
    May 14 ,1948
  • 11. Israel, Britain,& France stormed Egypt but left because of the worlds opinion.
    1956 Suez canal
  • 12. Israel strikes Egypt and wins. And secures territory around it self.
    Six day war
  • 13. Israel fights Syria and Egypt but the Arabs fight well.
    Yom Kippur war,1973
  • 14. Israel gives Palestinians some control on the west bank & Gaza strip.
    Camp David Accords