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Craig Fisher teaches sales and recruiting teams worldwide how to use Linkedin and other cool digital and mobile tools to do their jobs more efficiently and look better online as an organization.

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  • Craig … I think the preso should have a title that basically speaks to your value prop as a strategist/speaker/trainer. My working title is a little hokey, so please fix it appropriately.CF: Done
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  • Craig fisher training and strategy consulting for sales & recruiting

    1. 1. Digital Strategy and Cool Tools for Humans in Sales and Recruiting CRAIG FISHER STRATEGIST  SPEAKER  TRAINER
    2. 2. 2 CRAIG FISHER STRATEGIST  SPEAKER  TRAINER Vice president of strategy and marketplace consulting at fisher VISTA CEO of TalentNet Live Partner in GlobalTru, world‘s largest social recruiting conference series Consultant/trainer on social media strategy – Ajax Workforce Marketing – the first Linkedin preferred Training Vendor in the U.S. One of the top HR influencers Writer, radio host, and keynote speaker – Connecting effectively online with clients and talent ―Craig is at the heart of the explosion of the next generation of leadership in HR and recruiting. Craig sits at the center of a cyclone from which he has a very clear picture of the real practical truths of social recruiting. He‘s changing the world.‖ —John Sumser, HR industry analyst and renowned influencer
    3. 3. 3 STRATEGIST It‘s time to go beyond your comfort zone with social media and mobile technology! The best use of today‘s cool tools for finding, attracting and connecting with top prospects. Supercharge your branding, search, sales and recruiting methods. New and innovative ways to use existing tools such as LinkedIn and Foursquare The latest tools to help you outperform your competition How to think about technology and branding in a whole new way.
    4. 4. 4 SPEAKER RECENT KEYNOTES AND PRESENTATIONS Workforce Marketing – Aligning your people to amplify your brand Branding for Culture – An employer branding workshop Building a Social & Mobile Recruitment Strategy from Scratch Advanced LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Search & Connection Techniques LinkedIn Best Practices for Business LinkedIn Recruiter Training LinkedIn for Sales Cool Tools for Business: Intstagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & More Talent & Customer Attraction Social Media for Career Branding Social Media for Executives
    5. 5. 5 TRAINER LinkedIn OPTIMIZATION & TRAINING Get the best search results. Advanced strategy to get the most out of LinkedIn for sales or recruiting. Ensure that your company and your profile are ultimately credible, searchable and findable. Leverage connections effectively. Subtopics include: How employees can optimize their profiles to be credible, search friendly and brand-aligned. Basic and advanced LinkedIn usage. Connection strategies for balancing reach and trust. Advanced search and prospecting strategies. Group etiquette and content sharing.
    6. 6. 6 SOME OF MY 2012 APPEARANCES ... January 25 February 22 March 9 April 2 April 27 April 29 May 17 May 23 June 24 August 5 August 7 September 5 October 7 October 11 October 14 October 19 November 2 December 5 San Francisco – Social Recruiting Strategies Conference London, UK – TRU London Austin – TalentNet Austin SXSW Dallas – TalentNet Dallas Spring at JCP HQ New Orleans – LASHRM Washington, DC – T2 SHRM Talent Management Dallas – Institute of Management Accountants Chicago – Social Recruiting Strategies Conference Atlanta – SHRM National Conference Chicago – TalentNet IL SHRM Chicago – IL SHRM Dallas – DFWTRN Chicago – HREvolution Las Vegas – LinkedIn Talent Connect Las Vegas – Recruiting Trends Conference Houston – Assoc of Executive Search Consultants Dallas – TalentNet Dallas at Pepsico HQ Sydney, AUS – Astralasian Talent Conference
    7. 7. 7 TESTIMONIALS The differentiating factor with Craig is his ability to cater his message to groups on all levels.... everyone will have a better understanding and increased appreciation for how the right social media tools and platforms can improve their business strategies and drive revenues. A dynamic speaker who is passionate about what he does, Craig is sure to inspire your team to think and ‗do‘ differently. —Avery Block, Social Engagement and Brand Champion, Taco Bell The LinkedIn training with Craig Fisher was awesome! Prior to the training, my team had a very rudimentary understanding of LinkedIn. Now, the team is better prepared to maximize our individual profiles to connect with prospects and super excited about having a much bigger presence there. —Christa Foley, Recruiting Manager, Zappos
    8. 8. 8 MY CLIENTS INCLUDE...
    9. 9. 9 LET‘S CONNECT! Craig Fisher 214-394-0909 @fishdogs