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Debt Settlement


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First rated debt solutions is committed to help you to get out of debt. Reduce your debt down to as low as 40% of the current balance.

First rated debt solutions is committed to help you to get out of debt. Reduce your debt down to as low as 40% of the current balance.

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  • Be very careful with Debt Settlement organizations. I'm not saying this one is a criminal enterprise, but many approach just that. If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS! My advice, for what it's worth:

    Do your homework, get information from multiple sources.

    Consult a bankruptcy attorney. Just because you take a free consultation doesn't mean you are filing bankruptcy.

    If someone pressures you to 'sign today' or else blah, blah, blah, then find the nearest exit. If it can't wait until tomorrow, it is usually a scam.

    Ask your resources about the INCOME TAXES associated with some debt settlements. Yes, believe it, you can get a 1099-C from your credit card company for, say 2000 dollars if they let you clear your 3000 dollar bad debt by paying 1000. Then you have to pay income tax on that 2000 dollars. Any debt settlement person who brushes that off, or denies it, is not to be trusted. Either they don't know what they are doing, or they are trying to scam you.
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  • 1.  
    • First Rate Debt Solutions is committed to helping you get out of debt. Our Debt Settlement Program is the best solution for consumers struggling with unmanageable debt.
    • Our program is simple and proven effective for thousands of Americans just like you. Debt settlement will help you reduce your credit card and any other unsecured debt that you have. Debt Settlement is the fastest, most effective way to get out of debt!
    • First Rate Debt Solutions negotiates your debt balance and your monthly payments dramatically lower than what you currently owe. You are in control of how much you pay and how quickly you become debt free. We negotiate with creditors to settle and pay off your unsecured debt, helping you save between 50-75% of your current balance.
    • Your goal will be to save the most money possible and to be debt free in the shortest amount of time. Our goal is to help you get there. We don't work for the credit card company, we work for you!
  • 3. Why Choose Our Program?
    • Our Debt Settlement Program will help you save more money than Consumer Credit Counseling while protecting you from the harsh impacts of bankruptcy.
    • First Rate Debt Solutions has proven results. Contact us for a free evaluation to see how much you can save and how our program can help you to get out of debt!
  • 4. Compare your Debt Relief Options
    • Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy
    • Debt Settlement vs. Consumer Credit Counseling
    • Debt Settlement vs. Debt Consolidation
  • 5. Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement
    • Bankruptcy should always be viewed as your last resort. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you petition the court to erase all your debts but you must turn over all your non-exempt property to the court-appointed trustee, who sells your property to repay your creditors. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you set up a court-approved plan to repay your debts. The court determines your monthly disposable income and you pay that amount to a court appointed trustee who distributes it to your creditors for up to 5 years. Both of these options will negatively impact your credit scores for many years making it very difficult to obtain any new credit even after your debts are satisfied. Having a bankruptcy on your permanent record can even prevent you from getting a job. For all of these reasons, it is in your best interest to avoid bankruptcy if at all possible.
  • 6. Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement
    • Debt Settlement only impacts your credit scores while you are in the program which is typically a lot less time than it takes to satisfy a bankruptcy judgment. When you are in a Debt Settlement or Debt Relief program, you control the monthly payments and you decide how quickly you want to get out of debt. The only disadvantage is that Debt Settlement cannot reduce or eliminate debt you owe on secured assets like your house or car.
    • Debt Settlement is the best way to satisfy your debts and avoid bankruptcy.
  • 7. Consumer Credit Counseling vs. Debt Settlement
    • Consumer Credit Counseling can also help consumers with debt relief. During the process, a client can have their interest rates reduced and be debt free in 5-7 years. In most cases, the client will send their monthly payment directly to the credit counseling firm who then distributes that payment to the creditors. The program takes much longer than Debt Settlement and in many cases, the payments are not any lower than what you are paying now. A large percentage of clients drop out of credit counseling programs because they are difficult to stick with over time. Consumers should also be aware that many consumer credit counseling firms are funded by creditors and credit card companies which means they are ultimately working for the creditor and not you.
  • 8. Consumer Credit Counseling vs. Debt Settlement
    • Debt Settlement gives you more control over your money than consumer credit counseling. You will be in the program less time and save thousands of dollars in payments and interest. The affects to your credit are similar in both programs, but credit counseling enrollment can show up on your credit report which will negatively impact any ability to apply for loans or credit. Debt Settlement does not show up on your credit report, it only affects your rating depending on how far behind you are in payments.
  • 9. Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Settlement
    • Debt Consolidation can come in two forms: secured and unsecured loans. An example of a secured debt consolidation loan would be a home equity loan or line of credit (second mortgage) against the equity in your home. This was a popular solution during the housing boom but with housing prices declining and loan guidelines tightening; these loans are much harder to obtain. The advantage can be amortizing the payments over a long period of time but this does not decrease the amount you owe and it can increase the amount you will pay over time. An unsecured loan will allow the consumer to bundle their debts into one easy payment but the interest rate is typically very high and it can take a long time to pay it off not providing any real debt relief.
  • 10. Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Settlement
    • Debt Settlement reduces the amount you owe (principle) and the amount you would pay (principle & interest) if you amortized the debt over 25-30 years. This is a tremendous savings over time and actually decreases the amount of debt you owe rather than adding another long-term loan to pay off.
    • Debt Settlement is the most effective type of debt relief if you want to save money and eliminate debt fast.
  • 11. The Best Debt Relief – Debt Settlement
    • If your current path has not successfully led you to the goals you wish to achieve, then it's time to choose a different path. We can help you lower your payments and become debt free!
    • If continuing to make the minimum monthly payments month after month has failed to help you get out of debt, then it's time for a change! Simply put, making minimum monthly payments can take 20-30 years to pay back and cost thousands of dollars in interest alone. It may actually put your farther into debt and you may not be able to avoid bankruptcy if that happens.
  • 12. How Much Do You Really Owe? Debt Amount Pay Back (Including Principle and Interest) How Long Will It Take $10,000 $26,276.59 42 Years, 9 Months $15,000 $55,370.41 48 Years, 11 Months $20,000 $74,464.22 53 Years, 3 Months $25,000 $93,557.98 56 Years, 7 Months $30,000 $112,651.77 59 Years, 4 Months $35,000 $131,745.58 61 Years, 8 Months $40,000 $150,839.39 63 Years, 9 Months $50,000 $189,027.02 67 Years, 1 Months $60,000 $227,214.61 69 Years, 10 Months $70,000 $265,403.22 72 Years, 2 Months $80,000 $303,589.81 74 Years, 2 Months $90,000 $341,777.43 76 Years $100,000 $379,965.06 77 Years, 9 Months $110,000 $418,152.62 79 Years $120,000 $456,340.27 80 Years, 4 Months $130,000 $494,527.82 81 Years, 6 Months $140,000 $532,714.48 82 Years, 8 Months $150,000 $570,903.04 83 Years, 8 Months
  • 13. What is Debt Settlement?
    • Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiation is an aggressive approach to debt reduction, which is effective for people with a serious amount of debt or who might be considering bankruptcy. Our debt settlement company negotiates directly with the creditors to settle your debt for a lower amount than owed while you save your money in a trust account for a lump-sum settlement payment. Our negotiation team has years of experience and we know how (and when) to get the best settlements for you.
    • Debt Settlement is the best way to get out of debt in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of money.
  • 14. Who qualifies for the First Rate Debt Solutions program?
    • Do you have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt?
    • Are you living paycheck to paycheck?
    • Are your expenses exceeding your income?
    • Have you been making the minimum payments because that's all you can afford?
    • Do you worry about how much you owe?
    • Are you receiving calls or letters from your creditors?
    • Are your credit cards near their limit?
    • Are you considering filing Bankruptcy?
    • Are you ready to rid your life of the financial stress?
    • If you answered YES to any of these questions,
    • you could be headed for serious financial trouble.
  • 15. We can help you…
    • Save thousands of dollars and years of payments
    • Reduce your monthly payment as much as 50%
    • Pay off your debt in 12-36 months
    • Make one easy fixed monthly payment
    • Increase your cash flow
    • Stop harassing collection calls
    • Reduce your balances legally and ethically by up to 75%
    • Gain control of your financial future
    • Put money back in your pocket
  • 16. The First Rate Debt Solutions Difference
    • First Rate Debt Solutions strives to give our customers the best customer service in the industry. We provide a confidential, proven program for consumers that are serious about getting out of debt.
    • Our goal is to empower consumers with honest and realistic alternatives to bankruptcy through our personalized and proven debt settlement program. An individual's financial situation can easily be destroyed by loss of employment, a death in the family, unexpected circumstances, or a few bad choices. But that can all be remedied with the right solution.
    • At First Rate Debt Solutions, we are committed to helping our clients avoid bankruptcy . We want to see you get out of debt and back on the road to financial freedom.
  • 17. Our Consultants
    • First Rate Debt Solutions has already helped people just like you regain control of their finances and get out of debt. Our consultants will help you analyze your financial situation and determine the best way to get you out of debt. We will devise a customized debt solution plan that works for you and your family.
    • We help eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt every single week and it's easier than you think. First Rate Debt Solutions has helped others to eliminate debt and we can help you too.
    • First Rate Debt Solutions is committed to helping financially distressed individuals and families pay off their debts and achieve the financial independence they desire.
  • 18. You can be Debt Free!
    • We have a proven track record with many satisfied clients. Our debt settlement program will save you thousands of dollars in high interest payments that you can't afford. We give you the tools and the ability to pay off your debts faster and for much less than you originally owed.
    • Call now or sign up today for a free evaluation to find out how you can eliminate debt and get your finances back under control.
    • You have nothing to lose but your debt!
    • (877) 332-8730