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FirstGreen Consulting is a company working in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change

The team has extensive experience in handling the Renewable, and energy efficiency projects

FirstGreen is providing energy sector consultancy in the sustainable energy, with expertise ranging from carbon advisory to technical consulting, to project implementation and project management.

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First green company credentials and Leed

  2. 2. CLIENTS
  3. 3. Who are we…… FirstGreen Consulting is a company working in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change Energy Efficiency The team has extensive experience in handling the Renewable, and energy efficiency projects Power FirstGreen is providing energy sector consultancy in the sustainable energy, Renewable with expertise ranging from carbon Energy advisory to technical consulting, to project implementation and project management.
  4. 4. Sector and Services…… CDM project registration Carbon Trading Training and Capacity Building CDM & Sustainability reportingWind power Project Management Renewable CarbonThird Party Inspection EnergyTechno commercial due diligence AdvisorySolar power project managementWind resource forecasting Energy Efficiency Building Energy Efficiency Cogeneration Training and Capacity Building PAT
  5. 5. Spectrum of services in the Climate change &sustainability ……1. CDM /VCS Advisory 2. RE Technical and Project PDD Development Management New methodology development RE technical consulting Validation and Registration Feasibility report preperation CER/VER registration and issuance Project Risk assessment/due diligence CER/VER trading Bid advisory services Training and Capacity Building First Green3. REC/PAT Advisory 4. Sustainability Energy Services Accreditation and registration support Carbon Foot print reporting Monitoring and verification LEED Certification REC Issuance GHG accounting-ISO14064 Trading strategy and brokerage Carbon offsetting PAT advisory & Energy Audit Carbon Neutrality
  6. 6. Value Optimizing Strategies and Solutions……Due Diligence:Techno-commercial due diligence across renewableenergy technologies (“RET”) and applications (grid-connected, off-grid)Micro siting and Wind resource forecasting :Carbon Advisory •Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and voluntary carbon market insights •Providing advisory services on carbon credit pricing, trading, finance and innovative methodologies •GHG accounting and carbon foot print reporting
  7. 7. Value Optimizing Strategies and Solutions…… Building Energy Efficiency Services: •Building Energy Simulation, •Building automation, •Building energy efficiency strategies, •Cogeneration and Tri generation solutions, •Feasibility assessment •Building energy audits, •Energy efficiency benchmarking
  8. 8. Services in Building energy efficiency sector…… Technical services • Building Rating system Facilitation services. • Building performance Analysis and Energy simulation • Site solar studies and • Building and window level shading analysis • Daylight availability analysis and Glazing VLT selection • High performance façade design – Integrated design solution for façade selection and cost benefit analysis • Modelling and simulation selection of Building envelope parameters
  9. 9. Services in Building energy efficiency sector…… Building Compliance Evaluation •ECBC Compliance evaluation •GRIHA compliance evaluation, calculation of energy performance index. •BEE Star rating energy performance index evaluation Building Rating Facilitation •LEED ® USGBC •LEED ® IGBC •GRIHA •BEE Building star rating
  10. 10. Select experiences in the field of Building energyefficiency ……• Green Building Facilitation - USGBC LEED- EB -Rating system Facilitation services for Infinity tower – DLF with energy modelling and simulation, as per USGBC-LEED Requirement.• LEED certification of other 17 DLF buildings including Commercial buildings, malls and offices.
  11. 11. Green building design and simulation
  12. 12. Window to Wall Ratio 50% 30%10% 90% 70% Effect of Window Wall ratio 7500000 Annual consumption (kWh) 7400000 7300000 7200000 7100000 7000000 6900000 6800000 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 WWR (% )
  13. 13. Window to Wall Ratio 10% 50% 30% 70% 90% Room Elect Lighting Fans Pumps Chiller Total % savingsBase 2537672 725049 829151 828002 2110080 7029954 10 2537672 725049 776427 794156 2021095 6854399 2.50% 20 2537672 725049 794919 806217 2052884 6916740 1.61% 30 2537672 725049 813551 818182 2083869 6978323 0.73% 40 2537672 725049 831415 829430 2113808 7037374 -0.11% 50 2537672 725049 866060 848553 2153073 7130408 -1.43% 60 2537672 725049 888504 862603 2185273 7199101 -2.41% 70 2537672 725049 916958 879157 2219976 7278811 -3.54% 80 2537672 725049 939314 892925 2251037 7345997 -4.50% 90 2537672 725049 960697 905967 2281111 7410496 -5.41%
  14. 14. SHGC of Glass Effect of SHGC 7200000 Annual Consumption (kWh) 7180000 7160000 7140000 7120000 7100000 7080000 7060000 7040000 7020000 7000000 0.00 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.50 0.60 0.70 0.80 0.90 SHGCSHGC SHGC SHGC SHGC0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8
  15. 15. Glazing U-value Single glaze Single glaze, increased U 6.1 W/m2K thickness , Low E coated U 4W/m2K Double glaze U 3W/m2K Double glaze, increasedthickness , Low E coated Double glaze, increased thickness U 1W/m2K U 2W/m2K 7130000 7120000 7110000 7100000 7090000 7080000 7070000 7060000 7050000 7040000 7030000 7020000 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0
  16. 16. Insulation Thickness Effect of Wall U value 7050000 Annual Consumption (kWh) 7045000 7040000 7035000 7030000 7025000 7020000 7015000 7010000 0.00 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.50 0.60 0.70 0.80 0.90 U value ( Btu/sq ft hr-F)
  17. 17. Effect of LPD 2 W/sq 1.5 1 W/sq ft W/sq ft ft 2.5 0.5W/sq W/sq ft Effect of LPD ft 9000000 Annual Consumption (kWh) 8000000 7000000 6000000 5000000 4000000 3000000 2000000 1000000 0 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 LPD (W/sq ft)
  18. 18. Chiller COP 2.3 3.3 4.3 5.3 6.3 Effect of COP of chiller 12000000Annual Consumption (kWh) 10000000 8000000 6000000 4000000 2000000 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Chiller COP
  19. 19. Introduction to LEED -NC
  20. 20. LEED® India for New ConstructionLEED-INDIA for New Construction and Major Renovations is a green building rating system thathelps to guide and design high-performance commercial buildings.Eligibility:Commercial buildings include (but are not limited to) offices, retail and service establishments,institutional buildings (libraries, schools, museums, etc.,) hotels and buildings of four or morehabitable stories.Basically, this programme is for those buildings where the design and operation is fully in thescope and control of owner or the developer. (For leased out or rented spaces LEED® IndiaCore & Shell will be a better option)If the application of LEED-INDIA for a particular building type is questionable, IGBC encouragesthe project team to verify using LEED-INDIA checklists that are provided with each RatingSystem.The project is a viable candidate for LEED-INDIA certification if it can meet all prerequisites andachieve the minimum number of points to earn the Certified level of LEED-INDIA projectcertification..
  21. 21. ENVIRONMENTAL CATEGORY POINTS/PREREQS 13 ptsSS Sustainable Sites 1 prerequisiteWE Water Efficiency 6 pts 17 ptsEA Energy & Atmosphere 3 prerequisites 13 ptsMR Materials & Resources 1 prerequisite 15ptsEQ Indoor Environmental Quality 2 prerequisitesID Innovation in Design 5 pts
  22. 22. LEED NC V. 1.0The LEED NC V. 1.0 Green Building Rating System for New Construction and Major Renovations is a set ofperformance standards for certifying the design and construction of commercial or institutional buildings andhigh-rise residential buildings of all sizes, both public and private. The intent is to promote healthful, durable,affordable, and environmentally sound practices in building design and construction.Prerequisites and credits in the LEED INDIA V. 1.0 for New Construction and Major Renovations addresses 6topics: – Sustainable Sites (SS) – Water Efficiency (WE) – Energy and Atmosphere (EA) – Materials and Resources (MR) – Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) – Innovation in Design (ID) Certified 26-32 points | Silver 33-38 points | Gold 39-51 points | Platinum 52-69
  23. 23. • LEED experts team from First green will review the project based on available data and drawings from the client based on this feasibility study will be conducted.• As per this feasibility study we can make the conclusions in the following five areas that were evaluated for the project Sustainable Sites Water Management Energy Management Materials & Resources Environmental QualityImplementation of storm water Water efficient, low flow Minimum energy compliance with Implement Waste Mandatory use of CFCmanagement plan during and fixtures and faucets ASHRAE 90.1-2004 standard. management plan during free refrigerants inpost construction stage. and post construction HVAC systems. Incorporation of Rainwater Energy efficient buildingLight colored paving and Harvesting or storage envelope design Use of local materials Adequate daylight andhighly reflective roof finishes systems. manufactured or cross ventilation facility Use of energy efficient lightingfor reduced heat island effect. extracted within 800 kms Water Efficient Landscaping fixtures and electrical appliances Implementation of no from project site. and Irrigation Systems to smoking policies in theAlternative transportation, Energy efficient HVAC systems. reduce use of potable water Use of materials made of buildings.Promoting use of public for irrigation. Building commissioning and rapidly renewabletransport and provision of Encourage use of low Monitoring & Verification sources.electric charging points for Onsite waste water treatment emitting materials like mechanisms for energyvehicles. facility and reuse of treated Use of materials with low VOC paints and performance management of wastewater for non potable recycled content like coatings, adhesives systems and buildings complyingSpecial considerations and purposes like irrigation, air- cement, steel, glass etc. and sealants. to set standards duringeasy access for disabled conditioning, flushing etc . construction and post Use of CRI certifiedpeople occupancy. carpets for internal usage.
  24. 24. IGBC Certification Process
  25. 25. Services for Solar Power Projects …… •Project identification and development support •Technical, environmental, financial and economical feasibility and concept studies •Tendering, tender documents, tender evaluation including contract negotiation and documents •Supervision services during implementation phase (Owner’s Engineer), such as quality management, site management, expediting and staff training
  26. 26. Select experiences in Solar Power Projects ……•Project management consulting for 13 MW Solar Power Project of M and M VidyutPrivate Limited•Capacity Building Program on Solar Power Projects for about 40 project developers inDelhi on 22nd and 23rd Feb. 2012.•Techno-commercial due diligence for 5 MW Grid Connected Solar Power Project by SaiSudhir Energy Limited•CDM registration for 5 MW Grid Connected Solar Power Project by Taxus Infrastructureand Power Limited in the state of Gujarat. •REC-KFW loan appraisal for the solar power projects for the different investors in India •Developing an area based energy service company (ESCO) model for solar water heating in India and evaluating the possibility of accessing carbon finance, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India
  27. 27. Select experiences in Wind Power Projects …… • Wind power project management services to DLF Limited in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamilnadu and Karnataka • CDM registration services for over 230 MW of wind power projects in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu and Karnataka • Sustainability reporting and GHG accounting for Select buildings of DLF group • Wind Power Capacity building programs to different clients in India and abroad
  28. 28. Select experiences in CHP Power Projects …… • Building energy efficiency and CHP solutions in DLF buildings in India • Developed the CDM methodology for Building cogeneration projects (AM0084) to secure carbon credit benefits • Techno Commercial Due diligence for AMGEN Power cogeneration project
  29. 29. Select experiences in Biomass Power Projects ……•1.25 MW biomass cogeneration plant at UPAsbestos Limited in Lucknow.•Lender’s Engineer Services for 10 MW BiomassPower Project by Star wire Vidyut Power PrivateLimited in the Mahendragarh Distt. Haryana.•Techno Commercial Due Diligence for 15 MWbiomass power project by Malwa Power PrivateLimited
  30. 30. Select experiences in CDM advisory services……•230 MW wind based power projects by DLF group in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan,Tamilnadu, and Karnataka (Registered at UNFCCC).•9.8 MW gas based cogeneration in DLF Infinity tower at DLF Cyber City Gurgaon (Underrequest for registration at UNFCCC).•5 MW Solar power project by Texas group at Gujarat (Under Validation)•52 MW Hydro Power project by Future energy group in Myanmar (Under Validation).•40 MW gas based cogeneration plant at DLF Building 10 in Gurgaon India (UnderValidation)•40 MW gas based cogeneration plant in DLF Buildign 5 at Gurgaon India (UnderValidation)•17.5 MW Gas based power plant in DLF Silokhera, India (Under validation)•5 MW Hydro Power project by Ginni Global Private Limited in the state of HimachalPradesh India (Registered for REC)•4.5 MW Wind power Project by EON Group in Rajasthan•Network Swap CDM Project for Telecom Towers for Mobinil in Egypt
  31. 31. Team Credentials……Dr. Sanjay VashishthaDr. Vashishtha is renewable energy specialist and has over fifteen years experiencein renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change. Dr. Vashishtha hasexperience for project development, transaction advisory, CDM advisory, in theareas of Solar, wind, biomass, hydro, and gas cogeneration. Dr. Vashishtha hascredits of renewable project management of over 250 MW in the area ofrenewable energy. Dr. Vashishtha is a leading meth expert and closely workingwith UNFCCC for CDM methodology development and has contribute a new CDMmethodology (AM0084) for gas cogeneration to UNFCCC.Sandip SharmaSandip is an Electronics and Communication Engineer from IIT Roorkee and iscurrently working as Associate Director in the FIrstgreen. He has over 28 years ofexperience in Solar Power, and Hydro Power Project Management. Sandip hasextensive experience in Project Planning, Monitoring Project Progress, EnsuringCost Control and planning smooth cash flow, Procurement activities for gridconnected solar power plant and hydro power plant. He has successfullycommissioned three solar cell and module manufacturing plant in India and onenumber of 3 MW small hydro power plant commissioned form conceptualisationstage in Himachal Pradesh, India.
  32. 32. Team Credentials……Rajesh Kumar GhorlaRajesh is a renewable energy and Solar specialist having over four yearsexperience in different projects. He is an electrical engineer and MBA in powermanagement from the University of petroleum and energy studies Dehradun.Prior to joining First Green Rajesh has worked with Medhas consulting as arenewable energy and energy efficiency specialist and handled a number ofprojects in this area.Ashima CharnaliaMs.Ashima is an energy Simulation Expert and has done his Masters in InteriorArchitecture and Design from CEPT University Ahmedabad. She has goodexpertise in ECBC Code Compliance, whole building energy simulations andanalysis to generate building energy consumption and cooling design datausing Design builder. She has done Orientation and Shadow analysis usingEcotect. Prior to joining Firstgreen Ashima has worked in Asahi Glass IndiaPrivate Limited.
  33. 33. Team Credentials……Hasnain Kurban RanghwalaHasnain has been working in field of power sector for nearly 3 years. He has asound experience in identification of the gas based power generation, andcarbon trading. He has worked earlier with Adani group. He has been involvedin the Lander’s engineers assignments of firstgreen and handled various solarand biomass projects due diligence.Jale Venkata Durga PrasadPrasad is an environmental engineer and has worked on number of projectsfor EIA report preparation, DPRs and CDM for number of projects. Prasad wasa key team member to the CDM registration of 4000 MW relianceKrishnapttanam Super Critical Power project which is a registered CDMproject at UNFCCC. Prasad is also currently perusing his MBA in EnergyManagement from Great Lakes Institute of Energy Management and Researchat Gurgaon.
  34. 34. Thank you for approaching us..... FirstGreen Consulting Private Limited Gurgaon: 206, Tower B, Millennium Plaza, Sec 27, Gurgaon – 122002, India Tel.: (+91) 124 424 1750 , 9899295854 Fax: (+91) 124 424 1751 Web: Email: