NYC Sewer and Water Main Installed and Repaired


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NYC plumbing company serving all 5 Boroughs is offering water and sewer main installation and repair services.

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NYC Sewer and Water Main Installed and Repaired

  1. 1. NYC Sewer and Water Main Installed And Repaired Areas we cover • The Bronx • Brooklyn • Manhattan • Queens • Staten Island103-04 ROCKAWAY BLVD, (718) 725-9622OZONE PARK, N.Y. 11417 (718) 322-7045
  2. 2. • First Choice Plumbing handles commercial plumbing services whether it is small or big, or if it is complete new.• We can repair or replace water and sewer lines to a correct a number of problems.• Commercial building owners are responsible for maintaining the pipes that connect to the city sewer main. We provide service work for sewer and water main problems for your: a) Department Stores b) Management Offices c) Warehouses
  3. 3. Sewer and Water Main Installation:• Our commercial plumbers are experts in sewer and water main pipe line installations for new construction and alterations.• Our team are experienced with all the paperwork and the inspection process that needs to be done for new and replacement of service line.• We will guide you through the entire process for main service line installation permit.
  4. 4. We repair or replace sewer and water main lines to correctfollowing problems:• Broken or cracked - Damaged pipes due to settling, frozen ground etc.• Blockage - Foreign object is prohibiting proper flow of the line• Corrosion - Pipe has broken, causing collapses in the line and restricting flow• Leaking joints - Allowing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe• Root infiltration - Tree roots have invaded the main line, restricting normal flow or have damaged the line• Off-grade pipe - Existing pipes are constructed of substandard material that may have corroded
  5. 5.
  6. 6. • First Choice Plumbing uses up-to-date technology to repair demanding water main breaks quickly with a level of safety and precision simply not achievable by traditional methods.• When a commercial customer suspects a water main break, our crew will arrive at the site and get down to work immediately.
  7. 7. We give high priority to emergency water pipes break work andprovide fast service.• Licensed Master Plumber #1210• NYC Bavkflow Tester Lic. #1663 & 7011• NYC DEP Lic Asbestos Investigator• Sewer/Water Main Installed and Repaired• Sewer Cleaning, Camera Inspection, Water Jetting• Plumbing Installations and Repairs• Violations Removed• O3-10 Day Cut of Notice
  8. 8. Features:• Top Commission Paid Upon Refferal• Competitive Pricing• Free Same Day Estimate• MBE Certified• Fast Service• Commercial and Residential• Radio Dispatched• Fully Insured - Bonded• 24 Hrs. Emergency Service
  9. 9. Areas we cover• The Bronx• Brooklyn• Manhattan• Queens• Staten Island
  10. 10. Areas we cover • The Bronx • Brooklyn • Manhattan • Queens • Staten Island103-04 ROCKAWAY BLVD, OZONE PARK, N.Y. 11417 Emergency No. (718) 725-9622, (718) 322-7045