GIP Quality Strategy - Accommodation Issue


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GIP Quality Strategy - Accommodation Issue

  1. 1. Accommodation GIP Quality Strategy
  2. 2.  Without safe and decent accommodation, EPs cannot focus on the JD and cultural integration that develops their leadership  Providing accommodation and assistance in finding accommodation is a reason that EPs and TN-takers choose to work with us, so we have to deliver
  3. 3. The Content Understanding the issue of Accommodation Role of Sending and Hosting entity in solving the Accommodation issue Key Activities in solving the issue Talent Capacity to ensure Accommodation
  4. 4. What Our Customers Say about the JD Clarity Issue EPs don’t have a place to stay when they first arrive in the host entity EPs have to change accommodation because the LC cannot afford the accommodation, misses rent payments, etc EPs are provided accommodation that is indecent, unreasonably far away from their work, or unsafe
  5. 5. Expectation setting with EPs about accommodation standards Activities in solving the issue Implementation of Standards: Host entity sets accommodation standards
  6. 6. 1. Implementation of Accommodation Standards Accommodation What? National standards to ensure all accommodation is decent and safe for EPs Who? Host MC works with LCs to set standards How? MC consults with LCs and releases accommodation standards that need to be followed for all upcoming accommodation placements
  7. 7. Suggested content for accommodation checklist Maximum time for EP to get to work Maximum number of people living in one house/apartment, maximum number of people living in one room, and maximum number of people per bathroom Minimum amenities (internet, hot water, shower, stove, heat, air conditioning, etc) Minimum furnishings per person (1 bed with clean sheets, 1 pillow, 1 blanket, 1 desk, etc) 1. Implementation of Accommodation Standards EP has temporary accommodation from arrival EP must be given two weeks’ notice if accommodation has to be changed Neighborhoods EPs cannot live in for safety reasons
  8. 8. 2. Host Entities Setting Expectations on Accommodation Standards Setting Expectations for Accommodation What? Host Entities communicate their accommodation standards to partner entities and EPs Who? EP buddy makes them clear between match and realization stage How? Reception booklet, video recording, or 1-on-1 meeting with EP
  9. 9. 2. Host Entities Setting Expectations on Accommodation Standards of Host Entity Suggested content for accommodation expectations setting Check if the EP has additional reasonable expectations by email or in a meeting, for example: • Can’t live with people of opposite gender Accommodation Expectation Setting Share your LC’s accommodation standards with the EPs: • Where they’ll be temporarily accommodated when they arrive • Maximum number of people they’ll live with per house/room/bathroom, etc • Maximum time to work they’ll travel • Minimum amenities they’ll have • Minimum furnishings they’ll have • How they’ll be notified if accommodation has to change
  10. 10. Role of Sending MC Make sure LCs are setting reasonable accommodation expectations in their recruitment
  11. 11. Role of Sending LC Set reasonable expectations for accommodation with EPs If the home LC hears about an accommodation issue, working with the EP buddy of the host LC to fix the issue
  12. 12. Role of Hosting MC Establish accommodation standards Release materials to clearly communicate the entity’s accommodation standards
  13. 13. Set local standards aligned with national accommodation standards Role of Hosting LC Set expectations with EPs through materials or meetings Deliver accommodation standards, and firefight if there are any issues
  14. 14. Talent Capacity in JD Implementation
  15. 15. HOW? STEP 1: Plan for Capacity for Quality and clear education content + messages STEP 2: Structure, JD and KPI in different LC Volumes in iGIP STEP 3: Deliver education and measure progress
  16. 16. STEP 1: Plan for Capacity for Summer Use the TM Planning tool to plan
  17. 17. STEP 1: Plan for Capacity for Summer Here enter number of interns/EPs one member can deliver Eg: 1 member – 3 EPs
  18. 18. STEP 1: Plan for Capacity for Summer That number from slide 2 will multiply with Re goal you enter for the quarter so you know how many members are needed for delivery in each programme
  19. 19. STEP 2: Create structures for quality delivery Structures by Volume of Realizations the LC does Customize your structures for the fruit peak if needed
  20. 20. STEP 2:Structure of an iGIP team to ensure quality with quantity REFER TO CAPACITY for Quality IMPLEMENTATION – iGIP PPT (For structures by LC Volume)
  21. 21. Step 2: JD of members in a quality team JD of Delivery members in the team During Raising period During Matching period During Realization • Ensure clear and high quality JD in a specific product • Clear expectation setting with company about role of EP, salary and duration of internship • Visa Support (The key issue is Eps want MORE and ACCURATE information about the process and documents related to visa) • As soon as matches are confirmed start working on accommodation • By now accommodation should be confirmed and ready • Arrange for EP Pick up and integration into the LC and city • Trainee Buddy assigned for EP • Induction meeting with EP and company
  22. 22. iGIP L&D for Quality
  23. 23. Principles The right message/content Always message quality with growth or quality driving growth Quality is embedded into all stages of exchange flow (not just realized) Quality education is given to all exchange teams however every member in the entity is aware of this and wants to deliver it
  24. 24. CONTENT PROFILE/TARGET POSSIBLE CHANNELS POSSIBLE TIMELINE Raising with the right JD, EP Profile and for the right countries Focus LCs for iGIP – Customize by sub product LCVPs – knowledge TLs and team members – training of how to sell Virtual trainings, GIP Newsletters and videos Weekly calls with focus LCs VPs and TLs MAY!! How to use AND measure NPS – Link it to KPI of delivery teams For LCVPs and Team Leaders of ALL LCs Virtual channels, conferences, LC Visits May Detractor issues – how to eliminate them, who is involved, what synergy is needed, what action steps to take Focus LCs for iGIP, LCVP iGIP, LCVP TM Virtual channels, LC Coaching visits, conferences May and June Quality delivery at realized stage – Same as above Same as above June and July
  25. 25. CONTENT PROFILE/TARGET POSSIBLE CHANNELS POSSIBLE TIMELINE EP Integration for iGIP EPs LCVP iGIP, TL and Team members for iGIP Virtual and Physical June and July Effective AIESEC support to EP for anything to do with logistics or JD/with the company LCVP iGIP, TL iGIP Virtual and Physical June and July Visa information and support LCVP iGIP, LCVP Finance Virtual May-July iGIP side should be aware of oGIP process and how to prepare Eps virtually (As a start of EP Integration even before the realization)