IGN S&D GIP 1-15 May 2014


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  • IGN S&D GIP 1-15 May 2014

    1. 1. GIP
    2. 2. Inference: Well, for the Q1 goal we have a considerable GAP. Brazil had a very solid performance, overachieving the goal, Colombia was a little behind and Mexico was far behind. As those entities represent most of the goal, we have this GAP. Also, we had Peru as a entity breaking through limits and presenting a good GIP result. Still a LOT to do for Q2, mainly for the top 3 entities.
    3. 3. Not a very good month for iGIP. As Mexico pushed the result for last month and had a very good performance last year in May, we are facing a GAP in RA. But we also have entities showing great results, as Peru and mainly Panama with an impressive result. For MA, we have Chile, Guatemala, Mexico and Panama pushing a small growth but we still need the top 2 entities (Brazil and Colombia) to have a good end of the month for us to have a significant growth.
    4. 4. Inference: Our marketing goal is very low, and considering the history of the region it makes sense. Anyway, we actually overachieved our Q1 goal as Mexico and Brazil over performed. Our goal for Q2 is a little more difficult as Colombia will try to sell the product and presents a high goal (as Brazil, Chile and Costa Rica) so, despite Brazil, most of those entities are still behind on sales. If you guys are facing any difficulty, just contact me and we can see how we can help you.
    5. 5. Inference: For teaching the situation is not that easy as marketing is for us. In Q1 we still have a bottleneck of about 50 RE as mainly Mexico could not perform what they were expecting. For Q2 we are very behind the goal, but we know we are starting the teaching peak. Even though, the current matches are not enough. Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have a lot to work on. Is the problem still supply? Please communicate with us!
    6. 6. Overall we had a good Q1 in GIP, but Q2 we are facing a lot of difficulties. It is clear that Marketing is not a focus for us, but still we are behind on Teaching considering we are almost at the realization peak and the number of forms matched are very little. I really advice for the entities with a huge goal on teaching to inform what is happening this way we can help you. Also, most of entities still with no goal in iGIP and I really advice you to see what is happening in Peru. Peru is an entity with no iGIP tradition and at the moment they decided that they want to change that, that is what they are doing. We need more entities like Peru! If you still want to change your GIP reality, please talk to us, we will help it to be a reality, but we need all together to change it and to achieve 2015.
    7. 7. Inference: Not a bad Q1 for our oGIP as most of entities achieved or almost achieved their goal. The GAP was mainly because of Brazil couldn’t achieve the goal and, as it is high, the absolute GAP is also relevant. For Q2 the situation is a little bit more worrying. One month and 2 weeks to go, it is still missing more than 500 REs. Brazil and Colombia needs to speed up, but also Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico and Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru.
    8. 8. Not a very good start for oGIP as both RA and RE behind of last year. For RA some RA couldn’t perform but mostly Mexico faced a difficult situation, hope we can change in this 15 days. For MA we have Argentina, Colombia and Mexico performing and we hope it can continue until the end of the month. For RE we are still facing a GAP mainly of Argentina, Brazil and Colombia and we hope as it will be teaching peak, we can overcome it.
    9. 9. Inference: For Q1 we had a good result overall. Almost achieved the goal and, despite Brazil, Colombia and Argentina that could not perform as good as expected, Mexico did a very good job, as did in a smaller scale Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Costa Rica. For Q2 still a lot to do, and mostly from Brazil as they represent more than 50% of our goal as a region. Most of other entities are on track to achieve the goal, so I do not see any trouble. For Brazil: is it going the way you expect? If there is any trouble just talk to us!
    10. 10. Inference: For Q1 we almost achieved our goal, but just because some entities that performed had no goal at all in Teaching. Brazil could not deliver the 74 EPs (as the only with a high goal and totally committed to move teaching in IGN) but Colombia performed some and also Mexico could deliver more than expected. For Q2 we do have a real goal, but it is not looking promising. Brazil is pushing their limits to make teaching happen, but is still far behind. Other entities as Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela still have a lot to do.
    11. 11. oGIP is in the same situation as iGIP: we had a good Q1 but still there is a lot to do for Q2, and this time in both Marketing and Teaching. For Marketing maybe the problem is lack of TNs and destinations, but for Teaching for sure it is not. Where is the problem: in the promotion? To find your target audience? Let us know and this way we can try helping you!
    12. 12. For focus products in Teaching and Marketing for summer peak
    13. 13. Well, not much to say here! If you need TNs in Marketing, most probably Brazil and Panama can provide very few and some other entities 1 or 2 but that is it. Do not focus your Marketing EPs for IGN, it is far better to still concentrate your focus on India.
    14. 14. Top LCs TN 3 Months: Uniatlantico (Colombia) and Porto Alegre (Brazil) Top LCs TN 6 Months: Cartagena (Colombia) and Arequipa (Peru) Top LCs EPs 3 Months: - Top LCs EPs 6 Months: Uberlandia and Recibe (Brazil) and EAFIT (Colombia) Combia, Brazil and Venezuela is the entities to look for if your need is EP. But again, the opposite of Marketing here, as we cannot rely just in IGN to provide the needed EPs. Colombia, Mexico and Brazil still with the huge amount of TNs, but each entity has a different project with a different timeline so I would really advice you to contact them if you want to understand their Teaching project.