#FIRMday 15th nov 2013 nicky garcea capp innovations in graduate recruitment


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  • Observing Strengths
  • #FIRMday 15th nov 2013 nicky garcea capp innovations in graduate recruitment

    1. 1. Introducing ... Innovations in Graduate Recruitment The FIRM Winter Conference 15 November 2013
    2. 2. Capp 30,000 SST completions in 2012 Founded 2005 Products and Solutions used in 120+ countries 800 Accredited test users Working with 200+ Organisations 70,000 Capp test users 30,000 2013 = candidates screened for strengths
    3. 3. Capp Clients 1. Culture Shaping
    4. 4. Today What is strengths-based recruitment? How does it work? Why does it work?
    5. 5. What is Driving Innovation? Differentiation Brand Rigour Alignment Quality
    6. 6. What are Strengths ? A strength is something that you do well and enjoy doing. When using a strength, people feel authentic and energised as they deliver successful performance.
    7. 7. Strengths = Performance Energy Use
    8. 8. www.realise2.com What is Being Assessed?
    9. 9. How is it different? Weaknesses: Anxious Drained Agitated In authentic Fabricated Strengths: Passionate Focused Animated Holistic Relaxed
    10. 10. How to Recruit for Success Recruiting for Success Core strengths Function strengths Technical Values Cognitive skill Capabilities
    11. 11. The Process Attraction Application Form Situational Strengths Test (SST) Numerical screening Telephone / Video Screen Assessment Centre On- boarding
    12. 12. www.realise2.com Strengths on Campus
    13. 13. Attraction the Results Fewer applicants but of a higher quality Improved diversity & social mobility Increasing ranking of brand on campus Increased brand perception Awards winning campaigns
    14. 14. SST the Results Predicting performance at AC Exceptional candidate feedback Improved process efficiency Increased realistic job preview Predicting exam performance
    15. 15. Strengths-based Interview the Results Improved assessor consistency Candidates showcase more of themselves Better able to differentiate excellent & average Increased assessor engagement Greater predicative validity
    16. 16. Strengths-based Interview “Quick-fire questions meant candidates have to think on their feet, which really shows the strong candidates and how their thinking processes work.” “Overall very impressed with the ability to assess candidates fairly and really focus on their strengths.” “This technique is excellent for candidates with minimal or no work experience. It also prohibits the interviewer from guiding the interviewee into the answer. This style appears to relax candidates in a timelier manner than that of traditional techniques.” “I liked it a lot. It was visibly tougher on the candidates and it made it more difficult for them to serve up past answers. The consequence was that the interviews were more enjoyable for the interviewer. I’m actually looking forward to the next one!”
    17. 17. Overall Return • Attrition reduced by 50% • Customer satisfaction and quality up by 14.5% • 33% increase in candidate perception • 50:50 gender split • Capp process predicting exam success • 96% of candidates think Nestlé stands out compared to other graduate recruiters • Female recruits up from 22% to 67% • Increase in social mobility
    18. 18. Find your best job The next innovation nicky.garcea@capp.co www.capp.co uk.linkedin.com/in/nickygarcea