#FIRMday 15th nov 2013 kevin green rec adapting to collaborate in 21st century


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  • Factors taken into account: GDP; wage , vacancy levels, consumer, business and recruitment industry confidence, labour supply, regulatory landscape, and technological influence.
    Forecast provides an optimistic, pessimistic and realistic forecast.
    Realistic forecast is for a 7.3% growth in 2013/2014; 8.3% in 2014/2015 and 9.6% in 2015/16
    All three forecast predict that the industry will exceed the pre-recession peak in 2013/14
  • #FIRMday 15th nov 2013 kevin green rec adapting to collaborate in 21st century

    1. 1. Kevin Green, CEO The REC The Firm Conference 15th November 2013
    2. 2. Agenda The REC – helping you manage risk UK jobs market The impending talent crisis The relationship between in-house and recruiters The REC Good Recruitment Campaign – a chance to work together
    3. 3. REC leading a successful and respected Recruitment Industry 3,280 corporate members 80% (by value) of the UK recruitment market and +6,000 individuals Presenting the views of our members to government, policy makers and the media The leading source of knowledge and expertise Committed to raising standards and professionalism in the recruitment industry Developing successful careers by providing qualifications via the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP)
    4. 4. Helping manage your risk Raising standards through compliance, training and qualifications Online test and checks for all members Inspections when risk identified Complaints process for clients and candidates Standards committee with TUC and CBI “Would you book a holiday with a non ABTA company?”
    5. 5. REC Industry Forecast
    6. 6. REC Report on Jobs • Increase in salaries as candidate availability deteriorates • Continued strong growth of permanent and temporary • • • • • appointments Overall vacancies rise at sharpest rate in over six years Availability for temporary and permanent workers lowest for 6 years Perms have been in growth for over a year now (13 months) Perm skills shortages are in the higher earning jobs roles – creative designers, IT/Computing and Engineering Lower paid roles for skills shortages in temp market
    7. 7. Report on Jobs Sectors – perm
    8. 8. New shape of the jobs market Professional market including Contractors / Interim Jobs in the middle being squeezed Growth in flexible labour and lower skilled work
    9. 9. The impending talent crisis
    10. 10. What do we mean by talent? Core professional skills Vision to see the big picture plus operational enough to make it happen Welcomes and can lead change Inspires and motivates people
    11. 11. Ageing Population
    12. 12. Two Speed Labour Market
    13. 13. Social attitudes to work
    14. 14. Social media – opportunity and threat!
    15. 15. Increased flexibility Competition Choice Free labour market
    16. 16. The future of recruitment Search – move upstream – outsourced Permanent professional / managerial – moving in-house in corporates Professional contracting – outsourced Contingent – growing importance - outsourced
    17. 17. Methods of managing recruitment Preferred supplier list Outsource (RPO) to third party Use MSP / vendor Supply chain management = cost reduction
    18. 18. The questions going forward PSL – How to ensure quality? Who manages the supply chain? Cost verses quality? How do you think about your suppliers? How do you treat your suppliers? – win/win or win/lose?
    19. 19. The REC Good Recruitment Campaign
    20. 20. The Good Recruitment Campaign – why? Resourcing effectiveness needs to move up the corporate agenda Talent becoming scarce – skill and talent shortages rife across the economy, this will only get worse! Mistakes in hiring are very costly for employers, employees and the economy Youth unemployment still unacceptably high Good practice being ignored by many Debate about flexible resourcing becoming prevalent and will be a election issue It reinforces only using professional compliant partners Timing – labour market performed well but is going to struggle when demand returns
    21. 21. Charter Principles 1. Our recruitment procedures are fair, legal and ethical 2. We will exercise recruitment good practice despite mode of employment 3. The candidate experience delivered is of a high standard 4. Flexible working arrangements and adaptive working packages 5. Those managing and delivering the recruitment process having undertaken any relevant training/qualification 6. External recruitment providers are signed up to industry Codes of Practice 7. Recruitment good practice is ensured throughout the supply chain 8. Recruitment procedures help to address the challenge of youth unemployment 9. Recruitment procedures are regularly reviewed and feedback sought from candidates 10. That we ensure we keep abreast of trends and recruitment practices
    22. 22. The Good Recruitment Campaign, the what? Employers advisory panel a group who help us to promote, champion and lead the debate The Charter and Guidelines themselves for employers to sign up to Located on REC’s new website – internal briefing documents available Promotion of the Charter via trade associations and professional institutes who sign up and promote to their members Toolkit for recruitment businesses to use to promote the Charter and principles to their clients Creation of a community with those signed to the Charter, open meetings, regular sharing of good practice and research A hub where research, data, guides and good practice can be located, used and supplied
    23. 23. Interested? Send an email to selina.jones-barry@rec.uk.com
    24. 24. Thank you Sub heading