#FIRMday 15 May 2014 James Purvis, CERN, 'Extreme Recruiting'


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James Purvis Head of Talent at CERN in Switzerland discusses “Extreme Resourcing” the challenges that their Recruitment Team face daily. Hear how the team work to maximise the success of their integrated recruitment strategy and how diverse and varied it always is

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#FIRMday 15 May 2014 James Purvis, CERN, 'Extreme Recruiting'

  1. 1. Extreme Resourcing #FIRMday London 15.5.2014 James Purvis Head of Talent Acquisition, CERN
  2. 2. Employer Branding Careers Website Application Hire Interview Assessment Social Media Job Ads 300,000 facebook likes 40,000 applications 100k views job adverts 30k Facebook referrals 3k LinkedIn referrals 2000 video-interviews 200 hires 4 recruiters Over 1m page hits
  3. 3. Our “cool” wall LHC extreme fact : Protons travel around the LHC at 671,000,000 mph!
  4. 4. About CERN • World’s largest particle physics centre • World’s largest scientific instrument • 1954: Europe’s first joint ventures • 2014: 23 member states • 1bnCHF budget • 2500 staff • 200 - 1000 recruits pa • 10,000 visiting scientists (half of world’s particle physicists) Studying 13.7bn years of attraction & selection! LHC extreme fact : ~ 1 billion collisions take place every second!
  5. 5. CERN is a great place to work! … but we can make it sound really boring! “The incumbent will take an active part in all questions related to scientific information” LHC extreme fact : LHC is the world's largest fridge. It could hold 150 000 fridge full of sausages!
  6. 6. typical candidate reaction Pre-Sochi Recruitment CERN is …. Dept X does… Group Y implements…. We need…. • Bulleted • List • Of • Needs Both men & women can apply Describing a task/need Results • Delays • Low quality • No sourcing • No advertising • No brand • One-step process • Few quality candidates • Low satisfaction levels LHC extreme fact : In the collisions, the temperature will exceed 100 000 times the centre of the Sun!
  7. 7. Employer Brand
  8. 8. Which is which? 1.You believe you have what it takes and you’re looking for a culture that gives you the support and flexibility to take you further. Drive your personal growth in technology working with local and global stakeholders to improve efficiency and effectiveness across our IT operations. 2. Finance is about “fueling innovation.” We do this by hiring quality individuals with integrity, personal accountability, teamwork, excellence, and proactive thinking. If you exemplify our values and want to be part of something big, contact us today. 3. Do you want to help developers monetize and advertise their apps on mobile phones and tablets? We are looking for a software development engineer with a flexible skill-set to build services to grow and scale the Mobile Advertising platform. You will drive innovation on a number of technologies critical to building and serving ads that are unique to us. 4. As a member of this team, you know your accounting principles and the full accounting process end to end. You'll advise on financial reports required by governmental regulations, and you'll review, analyze, and interpret financial and budgetary reports -- and all this sounds like fun to you. Every day is a new challenge, and you're continually looking for ways to help our team get better at what we do, in the most efficient way possible.
  9. 9. Applying your EVP “Your EVP can be thought of as your Higgs field for attracting talent” Your Career website: Get the basics right!
  10. 10. Are your decisions being taken by HIPPOS?
  11. 11. Job Adverts Integrating videos into your VNs! LHC extreme fact : CERN holds the record for the highest generated temperature on earth – 5.5 trillion degrees!
  12. 12. Job Boards 1. Automate it 2. Integrate it 3. Measure it Big Data - Evidence Based HR “Ready – AIM – Hire!” Reaching 20+ countries with one single click!
  13. 13. Social Media “Selfie” circa 1920 LHC extreme fact : The WWW was invented at CERN as a tool for physicist to share results!
  14. 14. Social media How can you be heard? I’m recruiting… can you hear me? 4.5 billion daily likes 500 million tweets a day! 16 years of content uploaded per day! 288,000 conversations a day
  15. 15. Facebook Default page 1,374 likes Company Page 82,547 likes Each time you get a “like,” your page is advertised in the Facebook news feed…for free Engaged Page 292,172 likes
  16. 16. Social Media
  17. 17. Making time Reduce the time consuming activities Reduce print adverts Reduce career fair organisation with low ROI Implement multiposting for adverts to job boards Implement asynchronous web interviews Get the best out of your ATS LHC extreme fact : The CMS magnet system contains about 10 000 tonnes of iron, which is more iron than in the Eiffel Tower!
  18. 18. Case study 200+ appl. 15 cand. 4 interviewed 1 selected Video interview - 15 candidates - 7 viewers - 4 onsite - 1 hire Asynchronous Web interviewing Reduces costs & Increases quality
  19. 19. Your ATS & Candidate Experience
  20. 20. Manage your Information LHC extreme fact : The data recorded by each of the big experiments at the LHC will be enough to fill around 100 000 dual layer single-sided DVDs every year.
  21. 21. Train your hiring managers!
  22. 22. Train your recruiters too! • Hiring, CBI…the basics • Applying the EVP • Social Media Strategy (e.g. Social Talent) • Metrics • LinkedIn techniques (e.g. Mr LinkedIn) • Organisation-savvy LHC extreme fact : At full energy, each of the two proton beams in the LHC will have a total energy equivalent to a 400 tonne train travelling at 150 km/h. This is enough energy to melt 500 kg of copper
  23. 23. Post Sochi Recruitment Are you looking for? Do you enjoy? Can you do? Do you have? - Structured - List of - Technical & Behavioural - Competencies Employing a diverse and international workforce is a CERN core value and central to our success. We welcome applications from all Member States irrespective of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or personal situation. Selling an opportunity • EVP • Automated Multiposting • Sourcing & advertising • Pro-active • Multi-channel • Social & Professional Media • Multi-step process
  24. 24. The future
  25. 25. The importance of being mobile • 1.3rd of Google searches that contain the word ‘job’ coming from a mobile device. • That is 1,000,000,000 mobile job searches / month. • Four out of five Facebook users are from a mobile device. • Mobile sales > PC. When will you be mobile ready? • Norm vs exception! Rethink your processes!
  26. 26. Referrals For over 10,000 years the primary method of recruitment advertising has been “word of mouth” Social Media is simply – Word of Mouth – but faster than the speed of light An Aberdeen study found that 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through a social network
  27. 27. Thinking outside of the box Don’t forget that no-tech can work too!
  28. 28. Case Study : Java s/w engineer 4 invited 10 Sonru’d 36 SHL’d 146 Longlisted 244 Applied 1 hire • Youtube Video to promote the post • Pushed to Social Media & job boards • Over 1000 people showed ‘interest’ • Video screening • Testing (offsite) • Assessment (onsite) LHC extreme fact : Lining up the beams in the LHC is equivalent to firing needles from the opposite sides of the Atlantic with such precision that they meet up half way.
  29. 29. Closing Thoughts
  30. 30. Driving Innovation Innovation is far more about mindset than technology “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have” “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses ”
  31. 31. Extreme Resourcing • Get the basics right • Set your sights high! • Think like an olympian! • Have a vision • Be agile • Innovate • Train!