#FIRMay 15 May 2014 SMRS Compass 'Transforming the Candidate Journey'


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Matthew Sinclair of SMRS and Tony Walton at Compass will discuss how Compass ‘Transformed their Candidate Journey’. Building an Employer Brand - the SMRS IDeA Framework and translating the message to an internal audience

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#FIRMay 15 May 2014 SMRS Compass 'Transforming the Candidate Journey'

  1. 1. Compass & SMRS Transforming the candidate journey
  2. 2. The partnership • Insight led, partnership approach • Worked with Compass for 4 years • Provided a range of media and creative services • Big challenge = lack of brand awareness • Project led approach to IDeA
  3. 3. Intro to Compass Group UK & Ireland • The worlds leading provider of food and support services • We have many brands – Chartwells, Eurest, Restaurant associates, ESS, Levy restaurants, Medirest etc. • FTSE 100, 29th at present • 11th biggest employer in the world with c500,000 staff • Operate in over 50 countries • UK has 60,000 perm employees and 20,000 temps • Across 7000 sites • UK serves 3 million people per day
  4. 4. Starting point • 2011, commissioned SMRS to carry out Insight research on internal population • Interviewed employees • Insight completed by mid 2011 - project was shelved • Concern vs excitement / opportunity • On arrival • No social media activity • Manual processes – lack of information for the candidate • Careers website was old and lacked investment • ATS wasn’t used resulting in wasted time and effort
  5. 5. Targets • Attraction across multiple sectors, job families & regions • Development of the employer brand as Compass UK & I • Smoother candidate journey = higher applications • New ATS as well as a Careers site • Removal of duplication • Control and compliance from a candidate perspective • MI from a management and team perspective • Reduction in cost per hire • Reduction in time to hire • Increase in quality of candidates
  6. 6. What we’ve done • Reviewed the candidate journey from a number of perspectives • Candidate survey on the journey = interesting results • Filmed people trying to find the ATS and then applying • Implemented a new ATS (Tribepad) in March • Several team meetings to discuss look feel and content of the careers site • Now utilise Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote jobs
  7. 7. The IDeA framework - Insight Brand Session Meeting to understand the essence behind the new brand Employee Perception Focus groups with a broad range of current employees Candidate Perception Online survey with those recently into the process Competition Audit Understanding your competitors across various audiences and the territory they occupy with their people comms Leadership Engagement Depth interviews with key people within leadership positions across the business
  8. 8. The IDeA framework - Definition Validation • Tracking and measuring effectiveness with the help of technology, surveys and workshops Locating the Employee Value Proposition • Developing core idea, the tone of voice and the visual identity • Testing and refining internally Touch Points • Identifying the attraction and employee touch points to enable the delivery of an overarching branded communications plan
  9. 9. The IDeA framework - Activation External Second! • Attraction toolkit • Careers Site • Graduate attraction • Social Media Strategy Internal First! • Launch events / meetings to cascade the new Employer Brand across the business
  10. 10. Insight - What we did “I think the group that surprised me the most was the frontline workers at Medirest. Their compassion and genuine concern for patients was actually quite humbling.” “I think few people wouldn’t be impressed by Roman Abramovich’s private nightclub at Chelsea FC. A fascinating insight into the toys of the Super-rich.” “The business has not only a very dynamic leadership team, but a uniquely personable one too. Everyone made us feel welcome and gave us a lot of access and time. It was also very clear that people in the EMT had no illusions about the challenges on the frontline. That was impressive – and pretty rare in a business of this size.” Quotes from the SMRS Insight team: 16 13 days of insight across the Group site visits at different locations focus groups involving senior and middle management and front line employees leadership interviews 33 27
  11. 11. Insight - What we set out to learn In order to ensure we had a clear framework for our research, we were very clear about what we were setting out to uncover. • What does each sector do • Individual career stories • Individual career aspirations • Individual career motivations • Internal sector perceptions • External sector perceptions • Levels of engagement with philosophy, purpose and task – by sector, function and role • Communication desires of the workforce
  12. 12. Compass is like an onion. You peel off one layer only to find twenty more underneath.
  13. 13. “The desire to serve is in the blood.”
  14. 14. Insight - The challanges In relation to business and employee performance, the following themes occurred again and again: • Central control vs Empowerment • Doers vs Thinkers • Reactivity vs Proactivity • Client identity vs Compass Identity • Client demand vs business demand • Compass People vs Compass Machine
  15. 15. Insight - Key messages • The nature of SERVICE • The future of FOOD • Little signs of APPRECIATION • What does the FUTURE look like? • The INSIGHT-LED distinction • The beauty of the BUNDLE
  16. 16. Activation • Internal • External – toolkit, website, security etc. • Refinement
  17. 17. Activation - Internal • Internal communications have always been tricky in Compass due to disparate workforce • New intranet introduced as of 1 May - Compass Connect • All of the various HR related teams have been given a new logo • Future plans to review all internal touch points to align to the candidate journey
  18. 18. Activation - External • Assessment of audiences and development of toolkit, including; • TOV • Multiple advertising formats • Optimised copy for online usage • Main point of activation: website
  19. 19. Activation - Website • IDeA project in its own right • Insight • Analytics • User testing • Sessions with key stakeholders to understand objectives • Scoping • Audiences • Journeys • Site Map • Technical requirements specification
  20. 20. Activation - Website • Definition • Seeing beyond the pictures • User journeys for both new visitors and repeat visitors • Five key audiences: operations, head office, Sports, leisure, events and hospitality, apprentices school age children, graduates • Eight operating sectors • 15 different brands • Photo and video shoots • Circa 40 models across two days
  21. 21. Activation - Website • Activation • Bringing it all together • UX designs • Copy • Existing photography, original photography • Existing video, original video
  22. 22. Refinement • Tracking and reporting • Front end - analysis of user journeys and goals • ATS linked • AB testing • Enhancements of content in the future – more people videos
  23. 23. What successes so far • ATS is 40 days old and has 8,000 candidates already • Candidates are already more engaged • The new “brand” is keenly anticipated and eager for launch • We have developed the employer brand into HR • We trialed the brand at Hotelympia and received strong praise • Our early careers section is nearly as big as the rest of the site! • Removed duplication via the ATS • Able to track advertising efficiency
  24. 24. Takeaways • Plan, plan, plan, plan • Get everyone on board internally (use the directors) • Be brave and bold • Embed yourself in the agency • Ensure the brand crosses the threshold • Be honest • Push them • Trust them
  25. 25. Any questions? @SmrsLtd @YnotNotlaw