Building capability 2012 - Exec Search Techniques & Methodology


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Caroline Grayson from Coke and Carol O'Driscoll from Archer Search run a session on exec search techniques and methodology at our Building Capability Conference 2012

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  • 45 mins sessionWho we are – quick run through of the sessionPlease note down questions and we’ll open the floor at the end
  • Exec search is not the right strategy for all positions however we do know that traditional recruiting only reaches 50% of the labour market -- the active job seekers.Passive talent does not always take advantage of networking opportunities like LinkedIn -- only 14%Those employed are staying at current companies in the uncertain economic times (talent harder to recruit).Additional interesting point is that acticve job seekers continue this behaviour and are more likely to become active job seekers in the future, leading to higher staff turnover.
  • So we use a number of different recruitment strategies to fill our open positions. And where we have senior, critical roles (for KO this is marketing) where we know that the prospects are relationship focussed we use exec search as I guess many of you do – we just happen to have built a global inhouse search this capability.
  • Our internal search team gives us a number of benefits vs a search firm.Of course there are occasions, maybe a niche role, issues of confidentiality where we still use search firms and the methodology we use (given that our team all have search industry experience from the likes of RRA, KFI, SS) is exactly the same.So carol, who has trained many in the art of search over the years is going to now explain the methodology and afterwards I’ll share a real life example from Coke.
  • Too many hand offs:Within client organization, e.g. from the line to HR, from one region to anotherWithin search firm e.g. across offices or from Partner to Executing Associate.Too many or wrong targets
  • Illustrate with what client typically thinkingWhat consultant typically thinking – BD, fees, strengthen relationshipResearchers should go prepared to briefing meeting with consultant – do background on potential client, read any internal documentation re business pitches etc. Researchers should go prepared with at least 3 key (ethical) questions to ask
  • Ideal candidates= Branson, knows what customers want- branding, Oprah, diversity, successful, Stephen Fry – intelligent, diversity, Dalai Lama- integrity- trustworthy? Madonna- visionary, reinvention, new thingsDefine the spec but try and be realistic and guide the client accordingly
  • Free v other information resourcesLogicon and brand channel provide conferencesEuromonitor speciality sourceMessage is use a mix of different sources to pull together information
  • Reference to Guardian means stories listing leading companies in market- also mention other broadsheets eg Daily Telegraph. Make point that Times and FT charge for content
  • Example of Indian office using unverified Wikipedia information for BD visit – need to verify sources of information. Critical Awareness.
  • Case studyOpen position – marketing dir poland – – wanted a local so looking external for talent - fix briefing call with hiring managerBefore briefing did some basic research on the market in Poland – who are major players etc Euromonitor reports – software , consumer goods etc – which your company may already subscribe to (industry insights part of M&A at KO)after briefing define target list – so again using reports and web research I built target list by reading market reports – in-house advantage! Also looked at the websites of the target co’s for additional info – some list exces on their site too.
  • Built target list of both multinationals and domestic players.In Poland we have a great reputation
  • This my own working doc – don’t share this with the HM – a structured way to make sure I’ve covered every company.Methodically work through each company – finding sources , propsects – other relevant info.Always useful to remember scale/size etc of target co’s – so if the target co is the market leader, maybe I’d target a marketing mgr not marketing Director or in a smaller local player maybe a marketing dir would see a MM role at KO as a step up.
  • Use linkedin more now that I’m in-house and don’t have an established database – but we are building our own.Call not inmail – engage in conversation – build network - learn about market -
  • Building capability 2012 - Exec Search Techniques & Methodology

    1. 1. Executive Search Techniques and Methodology Presented by: Carol O’Driscoll, Director, Archer SearchCaroline Grayson, Head of External Talent Sourcing, The Coca-Cola Company The FIRM Conference September 2012 Classified - Internal use
    2. 2. Overview of Session• When to use executive search - how it differs from other recruitment strategies and the benefits• Overview of the search process - search methodology - case study• Q&A session Classified - Internal use 2
    3. 3. When to use executive search Classified - Internal use 3
    4. 4. The Market Today• Challenging economic times; negative economic news around globe.• Reduced talent demand globally causes increase in talent supply.• Current realities cause individuals to believe talent is easier to find and attract. If focus remainsonly on active jobseekers, we miss half the market for talent Classified - Internal use Source: Building Talent Pipelines, Recruiting Roundtable
    5. 5. The best talent is often the hardest to find & attract Prospect Types Difficulty Value Recruiting Tactics(1) Active - Unemployed Easy Riskiest to hire, may have left Internet postingsand actively seeking a previous role truly on own accordposition or may be a potential performance Networking and referrals issue.(2) Passive - Employed Moderate Prospect willing to explore other Internet postingsbut open to a position opportunities Networking and referrals Prospect may be disenchanted with current employer Contingent and Retained Search Firms(3) Relationship Difficult Any company’s most prized  Contingent & Retained Search FirmsFocused- Employed, employees and typically the highhappy, & not seeking potentials  Networking and referralsexternal opportunities  Internal Executive Search Classified - Internal use 5
    6. 6. The Value of Internal Search External Search Firms vs. Direct Sourcing Model Consultant managing multiple clients Dedicated internal expert Limited/Narrow exposure to Coca-Cola Understanding of the Coca-Cola system and culture Restricted by off-limits policies Unrestricted access to worldwide talent poolMarket intelligence reused for other clients External market intelligence ‘owned’ by Coca-Cola Short term motivation Long term motivation Build own firm reputation Build Coca-Cola employer brand Motivated to fill immediate hiring needs Pipeline building ahead of Open Requisitions 6 Classified - Internal use
    7. 7. Overview of the search process Classified - Internal use 7
    8. 8. Client Briefing Target List Long List Short List Client Spec Interviews Identification Callibration Interviewing Definition with Client Formal Establish Sourcing Due Diligence Referencing Third partytimelines and Approaching references Hire deliverables Classified - Internal use
    9. 9. Leads to the best candidates – not just goodcandidatesEnables a focussed fast start – likely toproduce a strong short list- less likely tolead to second and third slate of candidatesBetter use of time – be most productiveReassures the client that you have a planthat matches their strategy Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 9
    10. 10. Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 10
    11. 11. • Structured and prioritized list of target organizations• Prioritized roles within the target companies• Focus on Organisational structures• Client agreement and buy in from the outset Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 11
    12. 12. Clear focus on targetsHelps build Transparencynetwork for of market future coverage Clear Road map if the Client search hits reassurance problems Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 12
    13. 13. Industry Sector GeographicOwnership Scope Size and Complexity Culture Products Off Limits Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 13
    14. 14. Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 14
    15. 15. Search firm does Can lead to Pressure for fastnot meet client unclear briefing at startDoes not have search firm •starts work withoutchance to: •Not enough time clear brief •Consultant thinks •Lack of focussed• get feel for client telepathically target list need/culture •Too many calls •Does not know all the•Chance to ask answers – but won’t •Good but not the best research related reveal this! candidates questions •Search takes too long •Team lacks calibration•Describe client points to ensure on •Restart needed effectively on calls spec candidates Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 15
    16. 16. Search firm takes Agree Target List withInitiative Client• Does background research on • Agree on “concept candidates” client • Identify relevant sources and• Identifies market trends/issues prospects quickly• Identifies “concept • Make targeted calls candidates” – to calibrate with • Report feedback to Consultant client quickly• Suggests and agrees timeline • Flag any potential with Client issues/challenges Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 16
    17. 17. Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 17
    18. 18. Reason for the Key responsibilities Key Challenges of role? for the role the role• New role • P&L • Turnaround?• Internal • Management • Growth Agenda? restructuring? remit• Replacement – if • Reporting so why? Structure • Functional remit? – marketing/sales • Business Development? • Years of experience needed • Progression Opportunities Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 18
    19. 19. Geographic Responsibilities Concept Candidate• Area covered • Does the client have an ideal• Amount of travel required profile in mind? • Personality fit with the Client-• Relocation? what personality would fit best with the team? • Which companies does the client admire – or not? Education/ProfessionalSpecific Competencies Qualifications?• Leadership • MBA• Strategy• Cultural Awareness • Cert Eng• Executing for Results • FCA• Driving change • Languages?• Functional Knowledge Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 19
    20. 20. Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 20
    21. 21. Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 21
    22. 22. Centre target direct competitors Companies who interface with the client Lateral sources of candidates Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 22
    23. 23. Allianz Boots Glaxo SmithKline Coca Cola Diageo Heinz Unilever Procter & Gamble Colgate Palmolive Reckitt Benckiser Gillette Tesco Apple Google Visa Ikea Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 23
    24. 24. Geographic Scope Scale Of company Financials Of role People Geographic Breakdown ProfitabilityWhere are key challenges? Size of division Size of parent company Ownership Culture Publicly Quoted Hierarchy v Matrix Private Equity Academy Companies Family owned Consensus building? What would be best fit? Which does the client admire? Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 24
    25. 25. Sector Products Market Leader Core productsCompetitor Companies Related Products-Competition clauses? Brand Profile Lateral thoughts International brands Off Limits To client To Search Firm Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 25
    26. 26. Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 26
    27. 27. Completeidentification Targetedwithin target Agree target sourcing to companies prospects with Make approach establish most Consultants and calls Via ID/desk relevant who calls who research and prospects sourcing Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 27
    28. 28. Ensure you connect all the piecesUse teamwork to make it happen! Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 28
    29. 29. Always use a well defined search strategy When search goes Use the search astray, revisit the strategy criteria and search strategy framework Define prioritized Develop a list of target roles within target segments andtarget organizations organizations Ensure search strategy is agreed by consultant and client Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 29
    30. 30. Responsibilities Attraction Reason for the• Total • Compensation role revenues/budget (base, bonus, • Reason for vacancy• Reporting lines equity, pension) • Confidentiality (solid and dotted • Career progression • Impact of company line) • Title strategy –M&A?• Total number of • Location • Internal candidates people reporting to • Broadening him/her skillset/experience• Geographic Scope• Key challenges Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 30
    31. 31. Business OrganizationHistory Organizational Structure Other IssuesFinancials Direct Reports Off limits to clientSubsidiaries and Search Firm Management teamPlace in the Culture Current Companymarket Strategy/News Diversity policy Future plansKey competitors Products/BrandsStrategyOwnership Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 31
    32. 32. Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 32
    33. 33. Archer Search LimitedClassified - Internal use 33
    34. 34.  Conferences  Professional  Speakers Organisations  Companies  Member companies  Sponsors e.g. “50 Golden Brands” Marketing Society  CommitteeProfessional organisations can be a quick MembersSource of relevant sources and prospects  Award Winners  Market Themes and Issues Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 34
    35. 35.  Know your market Brainstorm Peer Listing from resources e.g. OneSource, Dow Jones Companies and Executives Competitor Intelligence Reports  Market Research  Analyst Reports Newspaper Stories quoting market leaders  e.g. Guardian Media reports Lateral Thinking  Similar or related markets which could produce “left field “ prospects Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use 35
    36. 36.  Thinkabout the sources of information What are the sources of the information  Are they credible?  Can they be verified  Is there a political/hidden twist? Document potential challenging issues for due diligence to follow up Archer Search Limited Classified - Internal use Archer Search Limited 36
    37. 37. Overview of the search process – Coca-Cola Case Study Classified - Internal use 37
    38. 38. Research to determine search strategy and target list….both Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola saw currentvalue sales decline in non-cola carbonates andother product areas due to strong price competitionfrom economy brands and private label products”Leading domestic players such as Maspex alsobegan to invest more in new product developmentand marketing towards the end of the review period.Euromonitor. Soft Drink Market Poland In-house advantage! Access to industry reports Classified - Internal use 38
    39. 39. Marketing Activation Director Poland Draft Target Company ListThe search strategy covers 2 main areas: Leading multinational fmcg companies with significant operations in Poland. Leading domestic players in Poland. In these companies I will target executives who also have experience in navigating a complex international organisation.In addition, I will search for Polish expats who are open to relocate back to their home country. FMCG Multinationals Domestic players Carlsberg FPH Marwit Colgate Palmolive Herbapol Danone (Zywiec Zdroj) Hoop Kraft (+ Wedel) Maspex L’Oreal Naleczow Zdroj Mars Nestle Pepsico Philip Morris Procter & Gamble Reckitt Benckiser Unilever Classified - Internal use 39
    40. 40. Identify sources and prospects When calling sources try have some names to prompt them. In-house advantage! Source our own employees Notes on size/scale marketpositioning etc Classified - Internal use 40
    41. 41. How to find sources & prospects Speaker lists from conferences Press releases Classified - Internal use 41
    42. 42. Present shortlist and observations Classified - Internal use 42
    43. 43. Questions? Classified - Internal use 43