Building Capability 2012 - Employer Brand - Tonic


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Tonic focus on the following hot employer branding topics at our Building Capability Conference 2012:
How does the talent we need make decisions about who to work for?
Is the role of the employer brand adjusting to reflect changing candidate behaviour?
Is it realistic to expect an employer re-brand to solve all of our recruitment
If we acted together as employers, would we all stand to benefit from the power of combined branding – or are we better off branding individually?

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Building Capability 2012 - Employer Brand - Tonic

  1. 1. Mark Horley • Tom ChestertonHello
  2. 2. Fatboy SlimRight Here Right Now
  3. 3. How did you end up there?
  4. 4. How is employer branding evolving?How do we makecareer decisions?
  5. 5. I wonder how that works?Where does the water go?Where are my Moshi Monsters?
  6. 6. What do I enjoy?I need to make decisions?What do I want to be?
  7. 7. What do Iwant to dowhen I leaveeducation?
  8. 8. Teachers Product TV FriendsFamily
  9. 9. Facebook Teachers Product TV Friends FamilyCareersAdvice
  10. 10. Facebook Teachers Product TV Friends Twitter Family GlassDoor ?Careers PersonalAdvice Conduct Peers Roll on Website Research Services LinkedIn Friday
  11. 11. Career Choice Choice Information Direct Hire RPO ConsultantsAge 7 1st Contact
  12. 12. I know what I want,so who’s going togive it to me?
  13. 13. How much ofthat informationis within yourcontrol?
  14. 14. A bit hit and miss: The 50% Rule Choice Local/National/ Radio/TV/EventsMessage PushBrands Visual Identity ‘We need to stand out”
  15. 15. Invite, interest,Choice Who do I need to talk to? How do they consume media? collaborate Are they active?Message Push won’t work Conversation will Facebook Teachers Product TV Friends Twitter Family GlassDoor What are we really like? Careers ? PersonalBrands What do you need to know? Advice Conduct How can we help you? Peers Roll on Friday Website Research Services LinkedIn
  16. 16. You need to engagein a way that reflectsthe candidate andtheir community
  17. 17. Community isthe new sourceof talent
  18. 18. My Community Social Mobile PersonalWhere I want it When I want it What I want
  19. 19. We all want We all consume Candidatedifferent things information aspirations individually varies Brand It’s easy to communication get lost in begins with the noise listening
  20. 20. RNLI Video
  21. 21. How doesbrand changeto reflect this?
  22. 22. Your products and services Your Yourcorporate employment brand message
  23. 23. Audience Community A Mindset Change Message Experience Target InviteMedia plan Interest planPenetrate Collaborate
  24. 24. Who is our community? Where do they hang out? What value can we add? What should our content be? How will people get involved? What will make it ongoing?A brief How will we measure success?change?
  25. 25. The corporatebrand becomesthe human brand
  26. 26. You’re not alone Who do Who doyou want to you reallybenchmark compete against with?
  27. 27. NSAP
  28. 28. So Candidate behaviour has changed and reflects general buying behaviour Engagement means a long-term change in our way of working and begins with listening Brand allows us to differentiate our offer but do we gain more in the long-term by working together? In a connected world where we all share more customer experience is critical - throughout the journey
  29. 29. Thanks for listening