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Britvic Employee Referral Programme


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James Tucker from Britvic presents their employee referral programme at The FIRM's Cost Effective Resourcing Strategies Conference

James Tucker from Britvic presents their employee referral programme at The FIRM's Cost Effective Resourcing Strategies Conference

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  • Trust Vs Cash - The previous campaign was based on cash being the incentive, but after getting feedback from the business, the cash, although nice to have, was not the main motivator for people wanting to refer. Our employees valued being trusted and wanted the business to have faith in their opinions and ideas and therefore the messaging around our campaign was all about how Britvic trusts the judgement of their employees and encouraged them to recruit more people just like them. Targeted for all roles (with exception of unionised vacancies) but really focused at middle management and specialist roles.
  • posters, postcards and stickers for washrooms, and fruit on sale in the staff restaurant, plus html emails and a presence on the client’s intranet site. This was preceded by an engaging teaser campaign at the start of September, including a full page advert in Britvic’s internal magazine
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  • Great for regional teams who don’t always get to see the onsite collateral
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    • 1. Britvic Employee Referral ProgrammeJames TuckerGB Resourcing ManagerThe FIRM Event - 26th April 2012
    • 2. Agenda Background to Resourcing at Britvic The challenge for referrals The referral programme “The Circle of Trust” Key referral stats Some learnings And just in case you don’t know who we are …
    • 3. Britvic Resourcing James Tucker – Me! In-house resourcing model since 2003 (originally through RPO until 2008) Team is targeted on CPH, Direct vs Agency, TTH, Customer Satisfaction A mature model which has successfully driven down a fully loaded CPH over the last 5 years: 2005/06 - £7926 2007/08 - £6822 2009/10 - £4266 2011/12 (YTD) - £2757 GB Team consists of 8 FTE supported by the Talent Acquisition Manager (Group) – Majority are ex Agency/Search consultants
    • 4. The challenge for referrals The existing referral programme was:  Poorly communicated  Poorly executed  Had little take up – more of a background noise We needed to:  Raise the profile – by creating a theme  Make it exciting and talked about  Increase the number of referrals received and also manage the referrals effectively
    • 5. The Circle of Trust was born Inspired by the ‘circle of trust’ created by Robert de Niro’s character in the movie ‘Meet the Parents’, we developed a fun and boldly- executed concept using groupings of famous people where one character was outside the circle of trust. Trust Vs Cash £500 referral card and entry into annual draw for £5k holiday vouchers The campaign consisted of a two week teaser campaign supported by additional collateral RAD award winner 2011
    • 6. Teaser & Launch Campaign
    • 7. Adaptable Creative
    • 8. Relevant Collateral
    • 9. Key referral Stats Year No of No of Referral to % Total % Direct referrals referred hire % Hires Hires hires 07/08 160 27 17% 13% 22% 08/09 296 42 15% 21% 29% 09/10 504 58 12% 17% 24% 10/11 457 40 9% 11% (14%) 14% (18%)  The launch of the Circle of Trust in 2009 increased the No of referrals by 70% and successful No of referred hires by 38%  As we encouraged referrals the success ratio dropped so we need to focus on increasing quality of referral
    • 10. Learnings/Challenges The initial referral programme in 2007 – 09 was functional but lacked the engagement of the wider employee population By creating a theme and supporting collateral it brought life to the programme Some areas (e.g. Sales) are more predisposed to referral schemes than others (e.g. Marketing) – can you focus mini referral campaigns on those functions Create a tight policy and process for those that are eligible for the bounty Be sensitive to internal challenges – redundancies/cost cutting Be able to articulate the cost benefits to the referral programme Keep it fresh and evolving
    • 11. Britvic Soft Drinks? Mixers & Juices??
    • 12. Questions??
    • 13. Original Business case Inputs Total annual hires 120 Promotion budget £10,000 Bounty value £500 Prize value £5,000 Breakeven - 5 hires Year 1 - 12 hires Year 2 - 24 hires Year 3 - 36 hiresTotal annual hires 120 120 120 120Assumption for number of hires through referral scheme 4% 10% 20% 30%Number of hires through referral scheme 5 12 24 36Bounty value to referee £500 £500 £500 £500Prize value to referee £5,000 £5,000 £5,000 £5,000Bounty + prize value £7,500 £11,000 £17,000 £23,000Gross tax (assuming higher rate tax payer) 66.7% 66.7% 66.7% 66.7%National Insurance 12.8% 12.8% 12.8% 12.8%Promotion budget £10,000 £10,000 £10,000 £10,000Grand Total (cost to Britvic) £23,463 £29,745 £40,515 £51,285Average CPH (not including management fee) £5,226 £5,226 £5,226 £5,226Average referral CPH (not including management fee) £4,693 £2,479 £1,688 £1,425Annual saving £2,668 £32,967 £84,909 £136,851