Employee Referral Schemes


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Outputs from a FIRM focus group on Employee Referral Schemes

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Employee Referral Schemes

  1. 1. Focus Group OutputEmployee Referral Schemes16/07/10<br />
  2. 2. Why have a referral scheme?<br /><ul><li>Candidate Engagement
  3. 3. Cultural Fit
  4. 4. Speed of hire
  5. 5. Quicker assimilation for new starters
  6. 6. Employee engagement
  7. 7. Reduction of absence and attrition
  8. 8. Successful cross border recruiting
  9. 9. Cost Effective</li></li></ul><li>Typical ERP Payment Structures<br />Partner £10,000<br />Director £7,500 <br />Manager £5,000 <br />Senior / Supervisory £3,000 <br />Associate/ Admin £2,000<br />Support £1,000,<br />Analyst/Professional £2,000<br />AVP and above £3,500<br />£2,000 flat fee across<br />EMEA<br />£700 after 6 months of the new employee being employed with the company <br />£750 - £3000<br />Line Mgr. discretion<br />£250 – Sales staff<br />£1,000 – Store Manager<br />£1000 flat fee. 50% paid on completion of probationary period<br />other 50% when the new starter completes a year service<br />Under £20,000 = £500<br />£20,000 - £29,999 = £750<br />£30,000 + = £1500<br />£1000 flat fee paid after successful completion <br />of six month probation period<br />Middle Mgt and above - £500 when the employee joins and £500 once probation completed <br />Admin / Junior roles - £300 when the employee joins and £300 once probation completed <br />Grade 1-3 = £3,000<br />Grade 4-6 = £4,000 <br />Grade 7-9 = £5,000 <br />£500 flat fee<br />
  10. 10. Top 20 ERP rewards (Thanks to Andy Headworth from Sirona Consulting for these! www.sironaconsulting.com )<br />1.Time off. This was the surprising winner, with companies giving time off for successful referrals, <br />ranging from an afternoon, to a day, to a week (very generous!).<br />2. Cold hard cash! As always money talks, and this ranged from £200 up to £3000 per referral.<br />3. Travel Allowance. With petrol prices and travel in general getting more expensive, no surprise this came in at no.3. Answers included petrol paid for and train fares covered.<br />4. Special Event. An example being a fully paid trip to Monaco Grand Prix<br />5. Holiday. A week away at a choice of destination, fully paid.<br />6. Restaurant. A long lunch at a good restaurant to include the person referred to the company<br />7. Vouchers. Retail shopping vouchers<br />8. Health Spa. Weekend away at a health spa to be pampered.<br />9. Red Letter Days. Choice of certain value from the Red Letter Day website<br />10. Training Courses. This is different - rewarding referrals with a range of training courses they wouldn't normally go on. <br />11. Wine. Ranged from case of wine to malt whiskeys.<br />12. Day trips. This covered theme parks, visits to France via Eurostar (UK obviously!) and golf trips.<br />13. Prepaid Visa Cards. Prepaid credit cards loaded with a pre-set amount. Similar ro vouchers and cash, but different enough to be included.<br />14. Piggy Bank. Referrals are converted on a points basis and used at the end of the year to "buy" from a selection including holidays and bonuses. <br />15. Luxury Gifts. Wide range here from watches to Tom Tom's to Cameras to iPods to sports equipment.<br />16. Treats. This is a nice one. Gifts that people wouldn't normally buy themselves such as luxury food from deli's and fine food shops like Carluccios.<br />17. Charity. Making donations to charity for each referral brought into the company.<br />18. Flights. Vouchers for air travel.<br />19. Gym Membership. Depending on level of referral, membership to a gym for a set period of time.<br />
  11. 11. Typical ERP terms<br /><ul><li>Most payable on referral joining, some after three months and some after completion of probation period
  12. 12. Perm employees only can refer
  13. 13. Referrer cannot be the Hiring Manager or Recruiter
  14. 14. All used their ATS to support the Referral process – Taleo highly rated
  15. 15. Predominantly one payment only
  16. 16. Varied between role specific and generic talent pool referrals</li></li></ul><li>Challenges<br /><ul><li>Payment after completion of probation = data protection issues
  17. 17. Role specific or generic referrals?
  18. 18. Scalability from a Global perspective
  19. 19. Ensuring a continuous message
  20. 20. Diversity – no more than 50% referrals
  21. 21. Referrer is not responsible for assessing skill-set/ competencies – they are making a recommendation and Resourcing/Hiring Manager are responsible for assessing/ measuring suitability. Employees worry they will be judged on their referral</li></li></ul><li>Typical ERP Comms<br /><ul><li>Intranet
  22. 22. E-shots
  23. 23. Hot jobs emails
  24. 24. Email to post-joiners
  25. 25. New joiner meetings
  26. 26. Posters & leaflets in departmental and public places
  27. 27. Plasma screen advertising
  28. 28. Screensavers
  29. 29. Payslips
  30. 30. Commsfrom Managers / Recruitment champions to their teams
  31. 31. ERP promotions in team meetings / business updates
  32. 32. Desk drops</li></li></ul><li>ERP Ideas<br />Structure<br />Comms<br /><ul><li>Double referral bonus
  33. 33. “Hot jobs paid at double the fee”
  34. 34. Payment for referral ‘leads’ not placements
  35. 35. Third party referral reward
  36. 36. 1st interview payment rewards
  37. 37. Referrals remain active for 6 months in the talent pool
  38. 38. New Joiners – Who are the best five people that you have worked with? Where are they now?
  39. 39. Team targeting – reward for team with highest number of referrals
  40. 40. Referral portal on intranet
  41. 41. Case studies of success
  42. 42. Leader board of employee referrers
  43. 43. Company wide voicemail from senior stakeholder
  44. 44. Entry into competition after x number of referrals (holiday, car etc)
  45. 45. Quarterly refresher campaigns
  46. 46. Train your employees to become talent scouts</li></li></ul><li>ERP fundamentals<br /><ul><li>Clear goals
  47. 47. Fit for purpose
  48. 48. Simple and clear policy and process
  49. 49. Senior Stakeholder support
  50. 50. Flexibility and Scalability
  51. 51. Continuous marketing and communication strategy
  52. 52. Reward should be realistic, competitive and timely
  53. 53. Measurement
  54. 54. Target 30% of source of hire to be referrals</li></li></ul><li>Many thanks to the FIRM members who contributed to this focus group!<br />