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BrandMails Australian Email Marketing Benchmarks Report 2013

BrandMails Australian Email Marketing Benchmarks Report 2013



Inside this report we present the marketing secrets learned from tens of thousands of ACTUAL Australian email marketing campaigns. The data comes from 6 months of campaigns from over 272 Million ...

Inside this report we present the marketing secrets learned from tens of thousands of ACTUAL Australian email marketing campaigns. The data comes from 6 months of campaigns from over 272 Million Australian marketing emails sent through BrandMail!

Imagine knowing the 3 days no one else sends email, without sacrificing your open rate! How valuable would getting your message to a potential customers in-box without competition be?

How would that impact your email marketing campaigns?

It is packed with facts and actionable information from uniquely Australian email marketing campaigns. This information has never been more relevant or valuable for Digital Crowds.

Inside you will discover:
- The average Australian Open Rate
- The average open rates by size of database/send
- How to improve your email open rates
- Average Australian Click Through Rate
- Click Through Rate by send volume
- Best open and click through rates by day sent
- Days to avoid the most amount of competition
- Best and worst days to send
- And much more

Trial BrandMail today for your business and watch the difference. Visit us at http//:brandmail.com.au/take-a-trial



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    BrandMails Australian Email Marketing Benchmarks Report 2013 BrandMails Australian Email Marketing Benchmarks Report 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • AustralianEmail Marketing Benchmark Statistics: Jan 2013 Every Ma rketer Mu st Know!
    • Introduction...Welcome to the Australian Email Benchmark ReportOur purpose is to help Australian marketers with Australian We’d love you to join us!benchmarks, trends and insights. We want to increasing theeffectiveness of their Australian email marketing campaigns. Every 1. For a free trial of BrandMail!statistic are Australian figures in case you were wondering!BrandMail’s Data Source 2. With our Newsletter 3. On our Facebook pageThe data contained in this report has been gleaned from 274 Millionindividual emails through 107,000 marketing sends. Each of these 4. On our Slideshare pagesends are from predominantly Australian based companies during the y!last 6 months of 2012.Campaigns with less than five emails addresses have been excluded toreduce data distortion.  We have also removed stand alone resellerand corporate networks for the same reason. E njo
    • Email Open Rates Open Rates are... Your open rate is a measurement telling you how many people have actually "previewed" or "opened" your email marketing message. This metric is only available when using an email service provider as part of the standard reporting for email campaigns.
    • Australian Ave. Open Rate 21.96% insight This represents the overall average open rate for ALL industries and campaigns across the board. Smart phones are helping increase this. This is an average, the goal for your campaigns should never be average! Make this your lowest acceptable open rate...
    • Opens by Send Volume Less than 500 people = 35.02% Less than 1000 people = 30.42% Less than 5000 people = 24.64% Less than 10,000 people = 24.77% More than 10,000 people = 19.92% insight The smaller your target group, the greater the open rate is. As you focus your communications to specific types of customer, your message becomes more relevant. Only when you truly know your customers can you send the right message to them.
    • Improve Your Email Opens Is “WHEN” you send a Are your What is your emails working preview text saying? Are you easy good time for Make it scream in mobile & to recognise customers? “open me”, than just tablets? “View this online” as a trusted sender? How does your Forwarded email look? Easy When you send in your Emails “FW” on the eye or full customers downtime and confusing? (weekend or evening),always open at you remove competition a higher rate for being read when everyone else sends
    • Email Click (CTR) Rates Click Rates are... Your click rate or CTR (Click Through Rate) is the number of unique individuals that click one or more links in an email campaign. This is shown as a % of the emails opened. This is by far the most important measurement as it represents a valuable action.
    • Australian Ave. Click Rate 4.24% insight This represents the overall average open rate for ALL industries and campaigns across the board. Smart phones are helping increase this. This is an average, your goal for campaigns should never be average! This is your lowest acceptable open rate...
    • Clicks by Send Volume Less than 500 people = 7.49% Less than 1000 people = 6.39% Less than 5000 people = 4.19% Less than 10,000 people = 4.04% More than 10,000 people = 4.07% insight When we send to smaller groups, not only do they open more of their emails, they also click more on average. You can take advantage of this by segmenting your list into valuable targeted groups.
    • Top Industry CTR Rates #1 Gov./Defence = 8.89% #2 Mining/Oil/Gas = 8.83% #3 Legal = 7.86% insight The 3 industry sectors above have the highest average open rates of all industries. Trust, quality, timely nature, value and business critical information each play a part. If the value is high, emails are expected and depended on. How can your comms be as valuable?
    • Improve your Clicks Less is more! Stuffing emails full of content Personalise: Include Social Mobile Ready: Are doesn’t increase theKnowing more about Sharing: after much your emails breaking value, just the what they love as testing we realised in the send to all workload for you and well as their name that emails with even mobile devices? You your subscribers! will ensure you get HAVE to know... one sharing option clicked on! gets as many as 30% more clicks than those Where’s your who don’t Urgency?: Adding a Where’s your PS?: limit and some Segment! Businesses This is a time proven scarcity into your that segment their result maker in action. email will get the click lists have more This always catches now instead of “i’ll look transactions, leads everyone from at this later”... and much greater Remove skimmers to detailers. revenue Distraction: Reduce the options to click away from the goal of your email, keep them on course
    • Open & CTR by Day Sent Open & CTR by day means... The upcoming chart relates to how specific days impact how your emails are opened and clicked on. You will discover which days Australian marketers send their email marketing on, but best of all how you can benefit from not following the crowd..
    • Open & CTR by Day Sent insights... 30 Everyday has relatively the same open and click22.5 1. through rates. Their is no real benefit to sending one day over another with the exception of Saturday with a slight decrease! 15 The real insight you can take from this is that 7.5 2. MOST email campaigns start very low on a Monday, even out from Tuesday to Friday and drop out of sight on Saturday and Sunday. 0 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday If we wanted to reduce competition, without Volume Sent Opened Clicked 3. compromising our open rate, Send either Monday, Saturday or Sunday when you have the least amount of competition in the in-box.
    • How long to open emails? Opening your emails... This section tells us how long it takes to get your email marketing emails opened, from the time it’s sent to being read. This is essential information for time-limited offers and last minutes deals...
    • How long to open emails?40 34.45%30.2%3020 16.48%10 7% 3.53% 1.98% 4.15% 1.3% 0.91% 0 0-1 Hr 1-8 Hrs 8-24 Hrs 24-48 Hrs 48-72 Hrs 72-96 Hrs 96-120 Hrs 120-144 Hrs 144+ Hrs
    • Time to Open findings Mobiles and Tablets are having a HUGE effect on faster opens! Are 91.66% of all you mobile Australian ready? People are opening emails are faster the number of emails opened within opened within the first hour has risen over 2% 72 hours! since our last report
    • How are we Reading Emails? Reading our emails... The next report deals with how Australians read and engage with our emails. What email software we use to read email and are we using phones, tablets or web sites such as Gmail or Hotmail to access them? Let’s find out...
    • How are we Reading Emails? Outlook 2003 iPhone Mail Apple Webkit Hotmail 16.53% 17.54% Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010 iPad Mail Android Yahoo Other 1.57% 2.37% 5.68% 16.28% 7.47% Device Types Desktop Applications: Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Apple Webkit and Outlook 2010. 10.59% 11.23% 10.75% Web-based Interface: Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. Mobile Device: iPhone Mail, iPad Mail & Android.
    • How we Read Email findings Emails being iPhone Mail 46.83% of all (16.28%) is nowread on Mobiles more popular emails are being are increasing than Hotmail opened with (10.75%)rapidly, jumping either Outlook The use of web mail 11% in just 6 is decreasing or Apple Mail (12.35%) and may months mostly be due to an 24.33% of your increase in the Australian email Other category marketing is now (16.53%) being read on a mobile device
    • Start Mobile Marketing Today!How Mobile Marketing Can Revolutionises Your Business Today!  effect on Australian business right now: 24.33% of yourTheir are 22.1 Million mobile phones in Australia right now, one Over 60% of local searches are on a mobile or tablet device Australian emailphone for every person in the country. They are searching for yourproducts and services in your local area right NOW. Mobile searches Less than 10% of Australian businesses are mobile ready 80% of shopping searches are made on a mobile device marketing is noware local, its how mobile search works based on the searchers Internet usage on mobiles will overtake desktop usage in early 2014location, increasing the relevance of their results.  74% of visitors will wait 5 seconds for a page to load before leaving being read on a Mobile email opens have increased by 34% mobile deviceMost businesses have a standard website that does not work.They dont work because the time, money and most of all the attention From our research around Australian mobile activity, we know mobilehas not been invested in it regularly over the time its been online. marketing is the biggest opportunity for business since the internet started! Big statement, but with mobile usage multiplying at a rateYour competition have been making this investment and even unheard of this is where you need to be right now. companies that are not even in your industry, are dominating it andselling leads to you! These are the businesses who own the desktop We have created two offers that empowers EVERY Australiansearches for your industry making it extremely difficult for you to business that wants to be visible, drive traffic and create new visibilityown them for your business. and sales for themselves. This is about making your business more successful in 2013 with the most relevant services to do just that:You have two options here: 1) Mobile Email Design Optimisation Service - taking an existing1) Try and compete against those with a good head start design or creating a completely new design for your business.2) Own Mobile Marketing in your industry while little competition 2) A Fully Optimised Mobile Website that drives new leads from bothThis is what we know about the mobile marketing revolution and its mobile and tablet devices direct to you.
    • Get a Mobile Optimised Email!Does Your Email Marketing Work In The Latest Mobile Devices? 24.33% ofmost organisations have not only had the sameWe know for a fact than youremail Australian email but they do not work in mobile design for the last few years,devices! marketing is nowImagine having built a database of customers and prospects over the years being read on aand NOT EVEN KNOWING if your emails are even working! Email clients BrandMailchange all the time, never mind adding mobile devices? That’s bad news! mobile deviceThis is simple to fix, BrandMail knows what works and what doesn’t whendelivering email to your customers and prospects mobile devices. All ouremail templates are: Proven designs that get clicks to your website Emails that work in 42 Email clients and web browsers Bullet proof design and code for ALL mobiles and tablets Simple Click to Call designed to make your phone ringThis is only available for Australian Businesses! We will design andbuild your new email template for just $750 completely tested and ready formobile marketing!I want my email marketing re-designed today > Just Contact Us
    • Own a Mobile Website Today!How Your Business Can Own A Mobile Website Today!  24.33% of yourWith Millions of users accessing the internet though Smartphones and tablets,having a professional mobile site has never been more critical to yourbusiness.Australian email BrandMail BrandMailWe know mobile optimised is now cost in excess of $20,000 to build marketing websites canbefore you even get to the hosting! This is out of the reach of most businesses.We didn’t like this and wantedon a being read to do something about it! mobile deviceWe wanted to keep it easy, inexpensive for your business and completelyoptimised as new devices are launched. One low fee to set up and a lowmonthly amount to keep it completely optimised and running for you! So whatdo you get? Works on every phone, iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia & Blackberry Clean design bright, simple to use and effective for new business Click to call, SMS and Email features Mobile SEO optimisation for your industry Built in SMS and QR codes Real-time reporting proving it works for you EVERY SINGLE DAY!This is only available for Australian Businesses...Sign up to receive a FREE preview of your website today, no contracts, justtake a look! I Want To Claim My Free Mobile Website Preview!
    • Thank you for reading... thanks for reading!