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Majestic Fireplace – A Fireplace For Every Home
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Majestic Fireplace – A Fireplace For Every Home


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  • 1. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// /
  • 2. Majestic Fireplace – A Fireplace For Every Home Majestic Fireplaces is the leading fireplace brand for residential fireplaces in new home construction.
  • 3. Majestic Fireplace – Built In North America When you buy a Majestic fireplace, you are investing in a Canadian company that has several North American manufacturing facilities. These details are increasingly important to consumers who seek out quality products that don't bear a "made in China" mark.
  • 4. Majestic Fireplaces Majestic Fireplaces makes a wide variety of fireplaces, including vent-free gas fireplaces, direct-vent gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, and electric fireplaces.
  • 5. Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces These Majestic Fireplaces products are marketed under the brand name, "Vermont Castings." Imagine a free-standing fireplace that is not much bigger than a TV cart with a television on top. Instead of just a mantel to decorate, you have a large horizontal surface to decorate, and that large space is the top of your fireplace.
  • 6. Vent-free gas fireplaces Vent-free gas fireplaces can be installed in the center of a dwelling, without access to an exterior wall. Fireplaces with two and three see-through sides make the fireplace a focal point like never before. Decorative hoods are available for residents who want their fireplace to look like a wood burning unit with a chimney.
  • 7. Optional fireplace blowers Vent-free gas fireplaces from Majestic Fireplaces are also available with optional fireplace blowers, to increase the energy efficiency of your home and heat your living space with your vent-free gas fireplace.
  • 8. Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces A Majestic Fireplaces direct vent gas fireplace is considerably larger than a vent-free fireplace, because the heat can safely be vented away from the firebox. Flexible venting systems permit the fireplace to be installed nearly anywhere in the house, and not necessarily against an exterior wall.
  • 9. Direct vent fireplace A direct vent fireplace can be vented up to 20 feet away from the firebox through a side wall. If you prefer a roof vent, the fireplace can be vented vertically for up to 40 feet. The fireplace can even be vented from below grade, making it perfect for a basement.
  • 10. Authentic log grate With lava rock, an authentic log grate, and up to eight gas logs, a direct vent gas fireplace from Majestic Fireplaces will give your room the look and feel of a wood fire with all the convenience of gas.
  • 11. Natural Vent Gas Fireplace This Majestic Fireplaces product is perfect for the homeowner who wants to replace their existing wood burning fireplace with a clean gas fireplace. Majestic offers a wide array of natural vent gas fireplaces in a variety of widths and decorating styles.
  • 12. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// /