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Firefly Design Group is operated as a division of One Firefly, LLC and is the leading design, engineering and consulting firm specializing within the integrated building technology space. Firefly Design Group provides services to two market segments: business to business services to electronic system contractors (ESC’s) and directly to end-clients as a member of the design team. Firefly Design Group is based in Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale, Florida with additional offices in Mexico and has been operating since 2007.

Our team’s dedication and hard work has enabled us to build a strong customer base located through out the world. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our customers and always provide a high level of service regardless of the project size or complexity. Our strong commitment to technology and innovation has enabled us to adapt to change within the marketplace as well as the changing business needs of our clients.

We are a skilled team comprised of system designers and CAD technicians that specialize in the design and documentation of integrated technology systems including:
•Control Systems
•Multi-zone Audio/Video Systems
•Telephone and Intercom Systems
•Data Networks
•Video Conferencing
•Lighting Control Systems
•Shading Control Systems

Our unique “Life-Cycle” approach helps us provide the appropriate type and level of service as defined by the project scope and budget. We enjoy helping our client’s achieve success with their projects and approach every new project with the highest standard of excellence and dedication.

We operate under the same roof as our two sister divisions, Firefly Creative and Firefly Programming. We continuously evaluate opportunities where all of our available resources will bring value to our client. We desire to be the leading design, engineering and consulting company in the custom electronics industry by delivering an exceptional product inclusive of a best in class customer service experience.

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Firefly Design Group

  1. 1. visit us online at Sales Phase ServicesAt Firefly Design Group we support our electronic systems contractor partners throughout the selling process,from our signature Discovery Phase through the Design Phase. Services include a full range of sales presentationmaterials, drawings and a wide array of system design services. The Firefly Programming team providesfixed-price control system programming estimates with a defined scope and a user interface gallery that ispresentation ready to end using clients. Whether Firefly is used on every project or for simply mitigating occasionalproject overflow, we not only supply the source code and graphics, we offer phenomenal support, allowingour clients to focus on growth. Services To Help You Close The SaleThese are services that support the ESC through the Discovery Phase and Design Phase of the selling process.Services include Salez Tools data sets, sales presentation drawings, system design and proposal creation.    116 145 108 111 112 109 113  GEN GEN  192   147 Systems 146 WIRELESS  ACCESS POINT REMOTE GEN 130 148 OPERATED GEN Highlights 124 117 GEN GEN 122 118 131   143 GEN GEN  GEN  GEN 199 120 L-NS-L GEN GEN GEN GEN 197 196  193    L-NS-L 125 408 GEN GEN   406 Load  135 Identification LEGEND XXXX CENTRALIZED SYSTEM LOAD Plans XXXX CENTRALIZED SYSTEM LOAD ON GENERATOR 142 138 LIGHTING CONTROL KEYPAD  26  LIGHTING CONTROL KEYPAD WIRELESS XXXX LOCAL SYSTEM LOAD W/ LOAD DESIGNATION 140 SS CONTROLLED SWITCH 9 SD CONTROLLED SWITCH DIMMER CONTROLLED SWITCH SD WIRELESS, DIMMER CONTROLLED SWITCH SD WIRELESS M MOTION SENSOR FOR LIGHTING CONTROL C DOOR CONTACT FOR LIGHTING CONTROL 8 Junction Box Locations For Switch Legs 136, 136A, 239, And 240 L-NS-L LOCAL NON-SYSTEM LOAD W/ LOAD DESIGNATION 9 Junction Box Location In Attic For Switch Leg 139 XXX OTHER SYSTEM CONTROL W/ SYSTEM DESIGNATION 26 Life Breath In Attic Circuit B-27 Sample Residence v.3 Proposal QTY PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PRICE Covered Entrance HOLOVISION 200-CR 1 Kit - Door Phone Faceplate/Interface w/ B&W Bullet Camera [XX = SPECIFY FACE PLATE FINISH - Image Shown In Brushed Chrome], ea. - PRE-WIRE:TDC Sample Residence v.1 Telecom - Door Intercom with Camera - One (1) CAT5e - Voice, One (1) RG6-SD - CCTV/Composite Proposal Summary 1 Video, One (1) 18/2 - LV Power Wire Runs Covered Entry Total: $2,156.00 Equipment Summary Audio Video & Control System: $30,000.00 Rear Landscape Home Theater Interior Buildout: $3,000.00 SERVICES INCLUDE: Data Network: $600.00 JAMES LOUDSPEAKER 109GSP Telecommunications: $2,500.00 Sample Residence v.3 - Package- Package includes 8 James Loudspeaker Satellite Planter 2 Planter Mount Infrastructure Wire & Trim: Lighting Control/Integration: $9,000.00 $9,000.00 Speakers, One in Ground Or Planter Sub, Amplifier And Associated Equipment,ea. Window Treatments/Integration: $5,000.00 Project: John Smith Climate Control/Integration: $900.00 123 Sample Street Security System/Integration: $1,200.00 • Data Sets Hollywood, FL 33020 EXTRON MDA 5A RCA Video Surveillance System/Integration: $1,500.00 1 Audio - One input, five output stereo audio Mini Distribution Amplifier. It accepts Additional System(s)/Integration: $500.00 unbalanced stereo audio on one pair of RCA connectors and * "Miscellaneous Consumables" includes the difficult outputs the amplified Subtotal: $63,200.00 signal on five pairs of RCA connectors. to track minor parts required to properly complete a job. (i.e.: tie wraps, grommets, bolts/nuts/ washers, etc…) * Miscellaneous Consumables: $1,200.00 Your Company Name • Text Proposals Landing Surcharges: $0.00 123 Sample Street Equipment Sales Tax: $4,186.00 Hollywood, FL 33020 - PRE-WIRE:MV Subtotal: $68,586.00 954.921.2393 1 Multimedia (Variable) - Project Specific Customized Wire Package (Refer to Wiring Plan for Detailed Specifications) Labor Breakdown Labor Summary Text 1 Engineer(s) Aprox. 5.1 Day(s) $17,260.80 Engineering Labor: $5,143.00 • Sales Presentations 100-Covered Entry Total: 1 Manager(s) Aprox. 4.1 Day(s) Project Management Labor: $3,146.00 Main Foyer 2 Technicians(s) Aprox. 4.0 Day(s) Rough-In Labor $6,100.00 Proposals 2 Technicians(s) Aprox. 8.0 Day(s) Trim labor: $9,200.00 2 Technicians(s) Aprox. 4.6 Day(s) Finish Labor: $7,000.00 HOLOVISION 200-CR 1 Programmer(s) Aprox. 10.0 Day(s) Programming Labor: $10,000.00 • Programming Estimates 1 Kit - Door Phone Faceplate/Interface w/ B&W Bullet Camera [XX = SPECIFY FACE PLATE Subtotal: $40,589.00 FINISH - Image Shown In Brushed Chrome], ea. Labor Sales Tax: $2,833.29 Subtotal: $43,422.29 Shipping & Handling: $0.00 CRESTRON TPS-6LW-T Grand Total: $112,008.29 • Device Location Plans 1 Touch Panel - Isys™ 6" Lectern/Wall Mounted, Active Matrix Color Compact Touchpanel with Video and Audio, Featuring a High Contrast 5.7" (640 x 480), 16-Bit, Color Touchscreen Plus Twelve (12) Engravable Soft-Key Pushbuttons [Textured White Faceplate] • Load Identification Plans Owners Signature Date Proposal Release: SSD080922-4 (or representative thereof) Page 2 Signature on this page constitutes agreement and approval for the scope of this project as described in this proposal and associated documentation only. Changes/additions/subtractions to this scope shall be formalized through an official change order process. Complete contractual agreement for this project shall be formalized via additional documentation. • Systems Highlights Contractors Signature Date All ideas, designs, arrangements and plans indicated or represented in this document are owned by and the property of this office and were created, evolved and developed for use on and in connection with this specified project. None of such ideas, designs, arrangements or plans shall be used by, or disclosed to any person, firm or corporation for any purpose whatsoever without the written permission of this office or an agent thereof. • Consulting Proposal Release: xx-080411-06 For more details regarding our services call Toll-Free 877.334.1144 or visit us online at