Facebook Tackle Box: 10 Apps & Tools Every Brand Should Use


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Chad Richards presentation at the 2012 Blog Indiana Conference. #BIN2012

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Facebook Tackle Box: 10 Apps & Tools Every Brand Should Use

  1. Facebook Tackle Box: 10 Apps & Tools Every Brand Should UseChad RichardsSenior Social Media ManagerFirebelly Marketing @chadrichards
  2. “You’re only as good as the tools you use.” “A tool is only as good as its user.”firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  3. “You’re only as good as the tools you use.” “A tool is only as good as its user.”firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  4. TOOL #1 URL: postplanner.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  5. Schedule Facebook posts the easy way.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  6. Branded updates (via Your Brand Name) with brand logo + link 5000+ status update recommendations Post to lists of Pages and/or Groups All activity takes place inside Facebook (no need to log in to another site) STARTS AT $4.95/monthlyfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  7. /postplanner @postplanner Tweet: Use @PostPlanner for branded Facebook status updates and status update recommendations says @chadrichards #BIN2012 URL: postplanner.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  8. TOOL #2 URL: pagelever.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  9. Better Facebook analytics than you ever thought possible.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  10. Easy-to-read, “pretty” analytics and reports Alerts to major changes on your page (growth rate, consumptions, engaged users, reach and people talking about this) Post tagging: identify which posts are performing best (geo-targeted? questions? links? with a photo? etc.) Page groups: all data in one place so you can see which are performing, identify trends and anomalies FREE TRIAL. STARTS AT $99/monthly (for up to 5 pages)firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  11. /pagelever @pagelever Tweet: Use @Pagelever for pretty Facebook analytics, page alerts, post tagging and page groups says @chadrichards #BIN2012 URL: pagelever.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  12. TOOL #3 URL: edgerankchecker.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  13. Maximize your Facebook exposure.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  14. firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  15. firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  16. firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  17. Get a sense for how your page and content are performing Edgerank-wise Recommendations on optimal post types, times and frequency Best/Worst metrics can help you make posting decisions See how your page compares to other pages in your industry FREE TRIAL. STARTS AT $15/monthly (per page)firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  18. /edgerankchecker @edgerankchecker Tweet: Use @edgerankchecker to get your Facebook page’s Edgerank score says @chadrichards #BIN2012 URL: edgerankchecker.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  19. TOOL #4 URL: conversocial.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  20. Deliver great customer service on Facebook.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  21. Tells you your average response time to fans comments and questions Shows you your fans’ commenting history on your page Creates an audit trail - every action taken by your team is logged FREE TO USE (for one page). $149/monthlyfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  22. /conversocial @conversocial Tweet: Use @conversocial to keep tabs on Facebook fan comments says @chadrichards #BIN2012. URL: conversocial.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  23. TOOL #5 URL: hyperalerts.nofirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  24. The best way to get email alerts.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  25. Schedule notifications to suit you (vs Facebook’s auto send) Adds context - shows comments to specific updates Track pages you don’t manage (competitors!) You can use a different email address than the on you use for Facebook IT’S FREE TO USEfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  26. /hyperalerts n/a Tweet: Use HyperAlerts to keep tabs on your competitors on Facebook says @chadrichards #BIN2012 URL: hyperalerts.nofirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  27. TOOL #6 URL: booshaka.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  28. Increase engagement by recognizing your fans.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  29. firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  30. firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  31. firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  32. Identify and celebrate your most active Facebook fans Allows brands to “gamify” interactions Discover other Facebook pages that are popular with your fans - remember, you’re not just “competing” with competitors, but every other page your fans Like. IT’S FREE. PRO VERSION STARTS AT $29/MONTHLY (per page)firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  33. /pages/Booshaka/144166212275937 @booshaka Tweet: Use @booshaka to find your top fans on Facebook says @chadrichards #BIN2012 URL: booshaka.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  34. TOOL #7 URL: qwaya.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  35. Facebook advertising tool.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  36. firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  37. Make folders and templates and save all creative work Tie different Facebook ad accounts to the tool Bulk creation: 2 titles + 2 body texts + 2 images = 8 different ads Compare CTR, clicks + impressions together with goal and e-commerce tracking from Google Analytics so you can graph and analyze a campaign or ad Keyword tracking tool: which received most attention and had best conversion STARTS AT $79/monthly (after free 14-day trial)firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  38. /qwaya @qwayasocial Tweet: Use @qwayasocial to give your Facebook ads a boost says @chadrichards #BIN2012 URL: qwaya.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  39. TOOL #8 URL: shortstack.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  40. Design Facebook apps and contests.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  41. Sweepstakes: provides mobile-friendly URL and QR code Sweepstakes: allows you to give people extra entries for sharing Tabs: create “hot spots” over images - no HTML required Tabs: more design options via widgets Tabs: wider variety of (and better looking) templates STARTS AT $15/monthlyfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  42. /shortstacklab @shortstacklab Tweet: Use @shortstacklab for mobile-friendly Facebook tabs & sweepstakes says @chadrichards #BIN2012 URL: shortstack.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  43. TOOL #9 URL: offerpop.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  44. Run engaging viral promotions on Facebook in minutes.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  45. Photo Contestfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  46. Slick-looking photo and video contest interfaces Entry process is less cumbersome than some other platforms Does not request additional permissions to participate = more entries/votes Analytics show how many new fans can be directly attributed to your contest FREE TRIAL 14-DAY CAMPAIGN. STARTS AT $10/campaignfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  47. /offerpop @offerpop Tweet: Use @offerpop for slick photo and video contests on Facebook says @chadrichards #BIN2012 URL: offerpop.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  48. TOOL #10 URL: northsocial.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  49. Simple apps for powerful Facebook pages.firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  50. Viral Wave Generatorfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  51. Deal Sharefirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  52. Fun promotional alternatives to the traditional sweepstakes and contests Viral Wave Generator: great for booting awareness of a cause across Facebook Deal Share: great for raising awareness, growing your community and then sending that Facebook traffic into your physical location (once the deal is unlocked) STARTS AT $30/monthly per page (for all 18 apps)firebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  53. /northsocial @northsocial Tweet: Check out @northsocial for viral promotions you can run on your Facebook page says @chadrichards #BIN2012 URL: northsocial.comfirebellymarketing.com #BIN2012
  54. Facebook Tackle Box: 10 Apps & Tools Every Brand Should UseChad RichardsSenior Social Media ManagerFirebelly Marketing @chadrichards