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Wouter haerick ibbt smart cities workshop   20120125

Wouter haerick ibbt smart cities workshop 20120125






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    Wouter haerick ibbt smart cities workshop   20120125 Wouter haerick ibbt smart cities workshop 20120125 Presentation Transcript

    • Realizing Smart City Eco-systems dr. Wouter Haerick IBBT – Future Internet Department Ghent University – IBCN Ghent University - FUSION6/02/2012 1
    •  Smart Services in/by/for cities … Smart Citizen Networks Realizing Smart City eco-systems 6/02/2012 2
    • inSmart Services for Cities by Our view on smart cities … As ICT Innovation Research Center (Future Internet) As Living Lab Center (member of ENoLL) As University involved in Smart City projects, brainstorms, … As catalysator to facilitate impact (economic, societal)  http://www.fusion-iof.eu EERA FIRE CONVENANT JP Smart Cities PROJECTS OF MAYORS 6/02/2012 3
    • inSmart Services for Cities bya) Which Services? b) Differences Which needs? between cities Source: ey.com c) Indirect Business cases 6/02/2012 4
    • a) Which Services? Which Needs? Public Utilities Directives Cities (Electricity, Energy Services, 31 common services Measuring Instruments, … Citizens EC Directives Transparency Traffic Environment Participation Eco-objectives Crime/Disaster/Safety Collective “sensing” Personal Health Collective “brain” Public Facilities Public Administration Companies Visitors Short-term profitable services Seamless city information Sustainable growth 6/02/2012 5
    • a) Which Services? Which Needs?Europeandirectives Cities and citizens Collaborative roadmap 2050 Who is defining the next generation Smart City Demonstrators Smart City? Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Dubuque, Iowa Bornholm, Denmark Amsterdam, The Netherlands Santander, Spain Get inspiration from Ghent Living Lab, Belgium …. visual city dashboards! Companies / Cities / Research Centers / Blogs 6/02/2012 6
    • b) Differences between cities  While the basic platform could be similar, the “use case”, actions and priorities should be adapted to your city Historical city Many suburbs? Density of people? Where in the process? Density of cars? Open land? % green inside core city Priority domains are set Initial Audits performed Industry? Objectives and future vision Regular Monitoring Demographics? Realtime Monitoring Young city: Citizen involvement City planning (traffic, parking, …) Cross-city dependency Recent infrastructure (networks, …) Water mgmt Eco-system action!Recent buildings (energy prestation, …) Air quality Air quality Sustaining cost/benefit 6/02/2012 7
    • c) Indirect business modelsSituation today Investments from city, regional, european governments to setup smart city concepts Commercial Sponsorships in return for “product testing” and visibility What about the running/operational costs for large scale services?Should cities invest in a Smart City platform just like they used to invest in newroad infrastructure (metro lines, …)? And bear all the costs?Cost drivers: internet connectivity, data, services, reach-out Indirect Business models should leverage:  Low-cost city-wide Connectivity  Free data, cheap convenience apps  Free data, advertisements inside apps  Free data, city-sponsored apps 6/02/2012 8
    • c) Indirect business modelsCosts from technological perspective ? Expensive OPEN OPEN OPEN ProfitableCONNECTIVITY DATA INTERFACES PLATFORM APPs Should we consider “premium” models? Should we consider peer-to-peer fairness models? “Information is the currency of the future” 6/02/2012 9
    •  Smart Services in/by/for cities … Smart Citizen Networks  Technology Trends / Community trends  Networked Services: City dashboards Realizing Smart City eco-systems 6/02/2012 10
    • Smart Citizen Networks Technological Trends Community Trends 2010 Global, virtual community platforms source: CISCO 2015 7 billion devices with cellular subscription ?Create city-branded platform? Scale? Wireless NOISE Or Embed Your City + AIR QUALITY SENSORS in global framework? 6/02/2012 11
    • Smart Citizen NetworksInter-connecting …. Public meets private FON connectivity People/Communities Social Media Public & privateAdditional Sensor-data sensor investments Internet-of-ThingsPublic City Infrastructure Data Opening up City-data 6/02/2012 12
    • Smart Citizen Networked Services Citizen dashboards: examples WATER MGMT PERFORMANCE TRAFFIC LIGHTS City Threads SOCIAL MEDIA 6/02/2012 14
    • Smart Citizen Networked Services Citizen dashboards: examples WATE R CITY NEW DEPARTMENT SAFETY PERFORMANCE SPOPULATION TOURISM MAIA Intelligence – DEMOGRAPHICS Mumbai CEO Dashboard City wide dashboardhttp://blog.maia-intelligence.com/2008/09/01/a-dashboard-for-mumbai-ceo/ http://www.enterprise-dashboard.com/citywide-performance-reporting- dashboard-for-nyc/ SAFETY ENERGY INCIDENTS http://sustainableca.com/wp/wp- http://www.informationweek.com/news/software/bi/198 http://public.tableausoftware.com/static/images/CityDemogr content/uploads/2009/01/lucid-design- 6/02/2012 aphics-Dashboard_rss.png 100280 15 dashboard1.png
    •  Smart Services in/by/for cities … Smart Citizen Networks  Technology Trends / Community trends  Networked Services: City dashboards Realizing Smart City eco-systems 6/02/2012 16
    • Realizing Smart City eco-systems Power of cities Incentives Deployment of Public infra Large datasets Facilitate collaborationIndustry (incl SMEs) Behavorial Change Ideas to Ability to Smart City Improve efficiencymake money translate into execution Eco-System Facilitate collaboration Contributions Frustration Demonstators Ideas Leverage demonstration Sustain smart services 6/02/2012 17
    • Realizing Smart City eco-systems Scaling up Smart City Services Smart City Simulators ICT discrete event simulator Knowledge Power flow simulator Water flow simulatorControl algorithms ResearchNetwork technology Lab Sustained Operations High scalability Field Tests simulations/emulations (1000 buildings involved) Technology User acceptance Virtual HPC Wall 6/02/2012 18
    • Realizing Smart City eco-systems  Scaling up Smart City Services Open Infrastructure Infrastructure is open for companies, cities, researchers200 wireless nodes For feasibility tests City parking mgmt60 mobile nodes  For joint European projectsIndoor + outdoor  For defining profitable business models  For low-energy efficiency tests Living Lab City Environments Smart Santander Olou Waste mgmt Ghent GreenWeCan 6/02/2012 19
    • Realizing Smart City eco-systems Wrap Up  Adapt to your city needs …  As a city facilitate open data and invest in integration  Get inspired by other city dashboards …  Leverage open infrastructure and demonstrators Contact:  Dr. Wouter Haerick – IBBT / Ghent University  Wouter.haerick@intec.ugent.be  www.fusion-iof.eu / www.ibbt.be