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This is a presentation I gave at the Elkanah house Extended Conference in October 2011 in Cape Town

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Microsoft's Free Tools

  1. Microsoft’s Free Tools Fiona Beal @fibeal
  2. Seattle 2011 Some highlights of my trip ill-you-be-next-to-attend-partners-in.html
  3. Learning Suite CD
  4. Tools that I want to show today Autocollage Photosynth Songsmith Windows Movie Maker Photostory 3 World Wide Telescope Zoomit Flashcards Maths Generator Bing Maps Windows Live Writer Maths Generator One Note
  5. MicrosoftAutocollage
  6. Autocollage Select a folder of photos, push a button and watch as your images get swirled into a collage.
  7. How to use Autocollage video
  8. Classroom Ideas
  9. A header for a blog or website
  10. To put a picture on your blog or classroom door that incorporates everyone
  11. A way of remembering everyone’s names or displaying their work
  12. Pictures from a project or outing can be collated as these learnersdid for their “Adopt-a-Donkey” project.
  13. Primary school learners made collages of symmetricalpictures as a maths assignment.
  14. Learners selected themes related to what makes South Africa great from an 8-year old’s perspective. This learner chose “Sunsets”.
  15. This teacher used WorldwideTelescope to find images of thesolar system; he wrote a songabout space; and he made hisown movie using Movie Maker. These learners made an Autocollage of polygons and then wrote a song about the properties of these shapes and sang it using Songsmith.
  16. Some other ideas that could work well• Make a card from the class• Creative writing exercises – ‘How does this make you feel?’ ‘Moods and feelings’• Book cover• Create a vocabulary exercise using Powerpoint and store it on a blog• Create certificates• A collage of a novel’s characters• Background for a PowerPoint presentation• A record of a lesson
  17. .On theconferenceflash driveyou will find tipsheets withinstructions
  18. .On theconferenceflash drive youwill find stepby step notesfrom Microsoft
  19. MicrosoftPhotosynth
  20. Information• Go to and join.• It will ask you to download the application
  21. Watch the video online
  22. Classroom Ideas
  23. Give a classroom tour
  24. Create a vocabulary exercise
  25. Show an art exhibition at school
  26. Show the vicinity around your school 87ba-4e1a-8273-ffaf440a7749
  27. Ideas worth trying…• Use it to show around your classroom• Use it for an outing• Show something that is happening at your school.• Use it as a vocabulary lesson• Use it to demonstrate everybody’s work.• Submit your views to Bing Maps
  28. .On the CD youwill find tipsheets withinstructions
  29. .In the flashdrive you willfind step bystep notesfrom Microsoft
  30. Windowsmovie maker
  31. Maker a Windows Live Movie and Photostory • Turn photos and video clips into movies and slide shows • Add in music, sub-titles, special effects and credits
  32. Classroom Ideas
  33. High School Life Sciences learners made movies to explain an aspect of . HIV/AIDS as an infomercial
  34. High School History learners created movies outof still photos that illustrated the effects of various Apartheid laws.
  35. Some ideas that have worked well• A very quick movie• Project• Make book trailers instead of book reports• Make movies about their book• Movies about maths• Movies about the year• Movies of their dreams• Combine with songsmith• Helps avoid plagiarism – common way to doprojects
  36. .On the diskyou will find tipsheets withinstructions
  37. .In the flashdrive you willfind step bystep notesfrom Microsoft
  38. Create a YouTube channelCreate a School Tube channel
  39. MicrosoftSongsmith
  40. Songsmith • Choose a style from pop, jazz, reggae etc. and a tempo.• Sing into the PC microphone and Songsmith will then generate musical accompaniment to match your voice.
  41. Watch the video online
  42. Watch the video online
  43. Watch the video online
  44. Classroom Ideas
  45. CLASSROOM ACTIVITY GROUPS 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9Find pictures of various polygons and make a collage using Microsoft Auto Collage. GROUPS 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 Write a song to help you remember the names of the various shapes and use Microsoft Songsmith to compose your piece.
  46. Group 3 5B Group 1 5A Group 5 5BThese groups created songs using Songsmith
  47. Some ideas that could work• Use it s a reward period• Make up songs about the curriculum• Create backings for class movies• Use in music lessons
  48. Bing maps
  49. Watch the video online u/52/PegH9eaffXM
  50. Classroom Ideas
  51. Some ideas that have worked well• Create a map of an outing route• Submit a photosynth of an area to Bing• Add project instructions at various points
  52. MicrosoftPhotostory
  53. Watch the video online /u/98/ETP_JuN3zEg
  56. Click on the picture to get to the original. Zoom in and out.
  57. MicrosoftFlashcards
  58. Watch this video online veteach#p/u/54/FhdEZ8KoA3s
  59. MicrosoftWorld widetelescope
  60. Worldwide Telescope This tool brings together imagery from ground and space based telescopes.Explore the night sky by panning and zooming to different planets and galaxies.
  61. Watch a video online #p/u/18/esCMmOhRDdo
  62. Classroom Ideas
  63. MicrosoftSkydrive
  64. Microsoft Live@Edu • Each learner can get a 10 GB inbox customized with Microsoft the institutions name. Live Mail IM Aler• See contacts Spaces • ts Choose what• IM via text or Skydrive Mobi info you want to receive voice • Share pictures • Share • le Send and receive and how you documents in a instant messages want to and stories password receive it. • Search the Web protected 5GB • Use Live Search online space. Maps Browse Windows Live Spaces, and edit your own Space
  65. Get connected and stay in touch using Microsoft
  66. Watch a video online teach#p/u/73/BJ3PFZBa1BM
  67. Classroom Ideas
  68. This High School Maths teacher uses Office Use Web Apps for group projects and to uploads resources for learners in SkyDrive.
  69. These Grade three learners used theirpersonalised Live@edu email addresses to communicate with learners in other countries.
  70. These learners made use of the onlineWindows Live photo gallery to share thephotos they had taken on a school camp withtheir contacts.
  71. How can teachers use Live@Edu?• Collaborative class projects using Spaces• Uploading resources for learners in SkyDrive• Communicating with learners using messenger and email• Staying in touch with parents and giving them access to their childrens work online• Planning projects using shared calendar• Creating a blog using Word Press
  72. Windows Live Writer
  73. Some ideas that have worked wellThis is a wonderful programmr to install and use towrite blog posts offline with correct formatting andpictures – and publish I when you wish.
  74. MathsGenerator
  75. Maths Worksheet Generator Allows a teacher to create worksheets in seconds.Choose a type of question from asample, say how many questions you want and a worksheet and answer sheet are generated in Word.
  76. Microsoft Maths and Chemistry Add-Ins The Maths add-in for Word 2007 adds computational and graphing capabilities to the Equation Tools ribbon. -in enables one to insert and modifyThe Chemistry add chemical labels within Microsoft Word 2007.
  77. Mouse Mischief
  78. Watch the video online
  79. Mouse MischiefDownload the Multiple-Mouse toolbar for PowerPoint.Make a presentation that includes yes/no or multiplechoice questions or drawings.Connect up multiple mouses to one computer.Let learners choose an icon and start fun begin.
  80. Here learners draw lines on thepicture using their mouses. This slide allows learners to each select learners are using one These an answer from the options given. computer and two mouses to work collaboratively on a picture.
  81. Here learners draw lines on the pictureusing their mouses.
  82. These learners are using one computerand two mouses to work collaborativelyon a picture.
  83. MicrosoftOne Note
  84. Watch this video online each#p/u/99/dO9YTofp5mk
  85. More about theLearning Suite CD
  86. Prepare for 21st century learning by building teacher capacity
  87. ICT Skills for TeachersAn opportunity to master computer skills related to the tasks teachers perform. Teachers choose scenarios based on what they want to learn and their skill levels.
  88. One Step Further – ICT Integration Written in OneNote, this course makes use of Encarta and the Internet to develop information skills.
  89. WebQuests– ICT Integration This course introduces teachers to a template for setting up enquiry based projects that challenge learners to explore the web for information. Learnerstake on different roles in the group and complete a task.
  90. Thank You!Questions?Comments?