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Lte research project overview
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Lte research project overview


Event held at Aalto Venture Garage on January 20, 2011

Event held at Aalto Venture Garage on January 20, 2011

Published in Technology
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  • 1. LTE Brainstorm Project MIT/Sloan and Aalto University project sponsored by Hewlett Packard 4 MIT executive MBA + grads 3 from Aalto and NTNU Theme: New opportunities in mobile communication using LTE technology
  • 2. The Future of Mobile?
  • 3. What is LTE? Improved bandwidth IP based/data only Low latency Greater control of bandwidth and quality Lower cost Fast data everywhere for everyone How will this change the world?
  • 4. Brainstorming Process Break into groups of 6-8 people Each group is assigned 2-3 questions 30 minutes to discuss any or all of the questions Each group reports out on what they learned Nominate a speaker 3 minutes to give an ‘elevator pitch’ on your results Follow-up questions from audience allowed
  • 5. Questions:1. When will social networking burn out, what is the next fad?2. What is a profitable model for free mobile broadband?3. Why do you really need mobile broadband?4. What new applications and services will emerge from mobile broadband?5. Is privacy a currency? How much would you trade it for free service?6. What are the business models that don’t focus on connectivity or bits?7. Is there room in the Finish market for a new entrant? What is the pain?8. Is the “internet of things” just around the corner? How far away is the corner?9. Are you too old to benefit from the internet? What would my 8-year old say?10. Competition drives price to ‘free’. How do operators make $11. Market power. Who will win? Google, TeliaSonera, Apple, HP, Skype/Facebook? Why?12. How connectivity be used as a marketing tool?13. How do you avoid internet trap (everything is free)14. How might LTE change our lives?15. How many ads will you tolerate for free mobile broadband? What kind?16. Pay per use or unlimited, which is better and why? Better for whom? Feel free to make up your own questions!