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9 frame

  1. 1. NickelbackWhen we stand together
  2. 2. The First scene shot I took is from the first 10seconds of the song starting, this showsthe band all together. I think this was done because of the song title ‘when we standtogether’ this shows the band in a united front and the bright lighting creates apositive atmosphere which is fitting with what the message of the song is portraying.
  3. 3. Goodwin argues that there are three ways a videos can be made, this would be aamplification video. This is because the lyrics ‘one more depending on a prayer, andwe all look away’ are sang, while a photo of a homeless person is on the street. It linksbecause looking away is a general reaction to this situation.
  4. 4. This is giving him credit for his part in the band, Its shows the main riff for the song. ItAlso set the scene as its acoustic stereo typically would be played in the country. Thismusic video shows both the band playing and relation of visuals to a song, Its showsthe bands talent and love for music not just a video which contains half nakedgirls, drinking, and house party which are most commonly seen today.
  5. 5. Once again in this music video there is another visual relationship to the song, ‘wemust stand together’ as it is sang this picture is shown on screen it works well for thisvideo as they use different effects such a ‘fade out’ and ‘blur’, this may be something ecould use in our video, but would have to be careful because if I was over done thevideo would become repetitive and boring.
  6. 6. There is loads of different shots used in the video, its continually changing to adifferent shot, these are some of the shot I think would be worth using when it comesto shooting our music video, I like the low angle as its something different and notcommonly used.
  7. 7. What they have done with the middle Corus is circled the band, I think this is reallyeffective they cut back and forth from there visual relations. It sets the full scene andgive the band credit for the song.
  8. 8. This is the different shots of the drummer when he is doing his little solo, this is inbeat with the different percussions with in the song so it changes frequently in timewith the drum beat.
  9. 9. This is my favorite screen grab, he is hitting the guitar to the beat of the drum, I thinkit works really well, and its not common I want to use this in our video but make it tentimes stronger by getting more people to hit random objects to the beat.
  10. 10. The song starts with everyone separate and fighting there old battles but in the end itshows that standing together as one we will be so much stronger, they show this withanother visual relationship.