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FIN is an automation parts and service enterprise in Malta. We provide tailor-made as well as off-the-shelf automated systems for industry, home and marine applications. Our technical and experienced staff can offer sound advice, competitive prices and award winning after sales service.

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FIN Malta company profile

  1. 1. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our PhilosophyWe believe that solutions exist to all challenges. Supported by our worldrenowned manufacturers, FIN specialises in finding solutions in automation,working hand in hand with the client. Through constant training our technicalstaff boasts knowledge and experience, which is used to offer efficient solutionswhich save money, increase production and are energy efficient. Our belief isthat no man is an island, and therefore we endeavour to cultivate the team spiritwithin the company and with all our clients, suppliers and sub-contractors.
  3. 3. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our BrandsSince 1961, ZEC has been synonymous with quality in the sector of flexiblethermoplastic hoses at low, medium, high and very high pressure. It was the firstcompany in Italy to start such production and today the wide range of ZECproducts is widespread in several sectors. The most important of these are oil-hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication, solvents and paints, gases, chemical andhigh temperature.
  4. 4. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our BrandsCmatic boasts a wide range of fittings covering every possible requirement. Theirsales programme offers different fitting lines ranging from push-to-connect brassnickel-plated, acetal, stainless steel 316 fittings, to push-to-connect fittings forgrease installations, one-touch and olive fittings, function fittings, valves, flowcontrols , quick couplers and multiple-couplers.
  5. 5. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our BrandsMetal Work’s wide range of pneumatic components offer a reliable and costeffective solution the automation world needs to stay efficient and profitable.Backed by ISO 9001 certification, Metal Work is synonymous with quality,durability and affordability. Components range from valves and actuators, tofilters and lubricators, suitable for small and large industries alike.
  6. 6. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our BrandsPizzato Elettrica is one of the main European firms manufacturing positionswitches, safety devices, safety modules, control devices, lift devices, footswitches and micro-switches. The company had been aiming for the PizzatoElettrica brand to be universally recognised as a synonym for absolute qualityand reliability. This aspiration has been achieved and consolidated over theyears, updating and expanding the range of certifications obtained.
  7. 7. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our BrandsFor nearly 40 years Delta Group has pursued the mission: "To provide innovative,clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow." With its focus oncontinuous innovation, Delta has become a global leader in a range of products.It has been implementing green manufacturing processes, recycling and wastemanagement programs for numerous years.
  8. 8. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our BrandsFor over 45 years, Leuze has been developing, producing and marketing efficientsensor solutions for industrial automation around the world. It is a specialist inits field with solid application know-how and comprehensive industryknowledge. Leuze always examine customer processes in their entirety so thatthey can develop efficient solutions. Thats why they are known as the sensorpeople!
  9. 9. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our BrandsAll the Bett Sistemi components and solutions are designed and manufactured toassure the highest quality at the lowest cost, in tune with the modern “Low CostAutomation” and “Lean Production” philosophies. What’s more, they can bedelivered in the conventional way or using the “KanBan” method. BETTsflexibility and experience offer a great advantage over their competitors.
  10. 10. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our Brands Have an in-house quality assurance system Are manufacturers, not stockists Enjoy short delivery times since components are built in Europe Offer specialised products which adapt to your needs, not vice versa Are internationally renowned and have won numerous awards Guarantee their products for up to 3 years
  11. 11. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Sales Network
  12. 12. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Company StructureHeadOfficeOperationsSalesMaltaLibyaTunisiaTechnical SupportAdminPurchasingMarketingAccountsHR
  13. 13. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Why Choose FIN? Emergency support available 24/7 Centrally located, within minutes of the main industrial areas and marinas Delivery service available Over 10 years experience in the automation sector Technical sales team Various shipping methods available; standard, next day or same day
  14. 14. Company ProfileJanuary 2013Our LocationT: (+356) 27 654 098/9F: (+356) 27 654 097M: (+356) 77 654 097E: info@finmalta.euW: www.finmalta.euF: Dwieli Road,Paola PLA 9054Malta