Phonegap & JqueryMobile

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A sharing in small study group.

A sharing in small study group.

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  • Thanks. The reason I chose jquery mobile is that it's expected to be better in the near future as there are many good guys in jquery community. Although it's still buggy now. I'm considering to use Titanium Mobile, again( I always change my mind... ).
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  • Nice job, I think you've summed up the framework pretty well. Note that using frameworks like jquery mobile ui can really slow down the interface, which is why I choose to keep it simple and write my own libraries. I'm writing a rather large application using Phonegap at the moment called BillBot ( if you're interested), seems to be coming along well.
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  • 1. PhoneGap & JqueryMobile Kiang@5/11/2011
  • 2. Webview
  • 3. HTML 5
  • 6. Concepts in PhoneGap
  • 7. Download from: Features
  • 8. The amazing “But” Picture downloaded from
  • 9. Faster development But Slower execution
  • 10. Write once … But Debug everythere...
  • 11. Easier to maintain But Worse user experience
  • 12. Standard compliance But Poor API support
  • 13. Jquery Mobile Picture from:
  • 14. Folders
  • 15.  
  • 16. The code outside <div data-role=&quot;page&quot; /> for sub-pages won't work , including <head />!!! It's a single page application
  • 17. Put your code @ right place
  • 18. Front Controller
  • 19. Path as anchor
  • 20. 'More' button, instead of pager
  • 21. 'Live' pageshow just one time
  • 22. Jquery Template
  • 23. Line chart with Flot
  • 24. As a PHP developer, I feel...
    • The screen is small
    • 25. You must compile the web pages
    • 26. Easier to demo your work at any time
    • 27. Centralized => Distributed
    • 28. Sequential => Parallel
    • 29. More dirty job, I'm not a well-trained javascript developer
  • 30. I don't know what you are saying, but I know you felt bad... Anyway, thank you, the first commenter.
  • 31. More info:
  • 32. Q & A