Getting the Most out of EPM: Maximizing your Reporting – Migrating Add-In VBA to Smart View VBA

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Recently, there has been an increase in the number of organizations inquiring about migrating to Smart View from the Essbase Excel Add-In. The VBA code behind macros used in the Essbase Add-In is …

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of organizations inquiring about migrating to Smart View from the Essbase Excel Add-In. The VBA code behind macros used in the Essbase Add-In is different from the newer Smart View code. This does affect the usage and VBA code migration. When going through the process of changing the code it is similar to Basic Training. The process of migrating is hard and difficult at first, but the growing pains pay off in the end. There are new features to learn, old features to let die and some powerful new options and tools that could revolutionize your company's reporting capabilities.

What we will review:
• How Smart View is different from the old Essbase Add-In
• How the VBA Code is different
• How to change migrate from the Add-In to Smart View

New features we will review:
• Butterfly reporting options
• Formula fill on zoom operations
• SubVar cell options

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  • I am going to start off with a brief introduction of Finit. We specialize in the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Solutions suite of products. And we break those out into four key areas. The first of which is what we refer to as Financial Close and Consolidation. HFM is the main product in this grouping, but we are seeing a lot of interest in Financial Close Manager and Account Reconciliation Module lately. One of our clients was actually the very first company to implement the COMPLETE ARM package. So we have been fortunate to be one of the first consulting firms to fully implement ARM.In terms of Integration, we have an in-depth background for everything you see listed, but we are best known for our FDM work. We’ve been working with FDM since the Upstream days and have done more FDM projects and more FDM customizations than any company in the world.The Planning and Business Intelligence Grouping is our Planning and Essbase Practice. We have extensive experience with the various modules inside Hyperion Planning – including Project Financial Planning, which is a really great module new in And we also have a long history with Essbase dating back to Essbase v5 1998.Lastly, we, obviously work with all the different Hyperion Reporting Tools
  • As a company, we do FULL CYCLE IMPLEMENTATIONS, starting with Discovery and Requirements Gathering thru the entire project cycle to Deployment and Go-Live. We offer Infrastructure and have developed many key project accelerators such as automating the historical data tie. These can greatly reduce the total hours in your project.Outside of what we would consider full implementations we do upgrades and probably one of our favorite things to do as a company is to come out and talk to you about your existing applications, whether it is with the goal of redesigning portions of your apps, enhancing existing features or just planning for the future.
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  • Our Core Values as a company are extremely important to us as a company. You can tell that they clearly revolve around Client Service and Solution Delivery. And, these are exactly the areas we ask you, our clients, to provide feedback on our consultants for our compensation model.
  • Our customer service is something we are extremely proud of as a company because we continue to have 100% Customer Satisfaction. That is 170 clients and over 300 projects.
  • Thank you for spending a little time with us today; we hope you got something out of it. For those of you that sent in questions that we did not get to we will respond to we will get to each and every one of them. You can contact me at Insert Email address here. You can request copies of the slides at , and you for general questions please contact our directors of Business Development Greg Barrett and Joe Mizerk at the email addresses below.Thanks………..


  • 1. Getting the Most out of EPM: Maximize your Reporting - Migrating Add-In VBA to Smart View VBA August 23, 2013 Sarah Zumbrum
  • 2. - 2 - Finit Introduction Finit Solutions specializes in consulting services in the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Solutions suite of products: Financial Close and Consolidation  Financial Management (HFM)  Hyperion Enterprise  Financial Close Management (FCM)  Disclosure Management  Account Reconciliation Module (ARM) Integration  Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)  Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)  Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA)  Data Relationship Management (DRM)  Other (ERPi, EIS, etc.) Planning and Business Intelligence  Planning  Core Planning  Modules (Workforce, CapEx, Project Financial Planning)  Essbase (ASO / BSO) Reporting Tools  Financial Reporting  Smart View / Essbase Excel Add-In  OBIEE  Financial Management Analytics (OFMA)  Web Analysis
  • 3. - 3 - Finit Services Finit’s consulting services cover a broad range of implementation and post implementation options. Finit Solutions: Implementation Services – Full cycle implementations – Discovery and Requirements – Global Design – Detailed Design and Build – Testing and Training – Deploy – Infrastructure Services – Data Services (historical data, GL data integration) – Project / Program Management – Product Upgrades – Redesign / Enhancements
  • 4. - 4 - Finit Answers Finit Answers provides the proper support offering for your Business  Hyperion Product Expertise: Finit has been offering Oracle Hyperion EPM services and support as a company since our inception (July 2002) - staffed by our Hyperion Subject Matter Experts.  Finit is providing a unique pledge for Hyperion Enterprise Customers: Any Hyperion Enterprise related fees can be applied to a future project to replace Hyperion Enterprise with Finit Solutions.  Allow Finit Answers to be your personal Hyperion Insurance Policy  Flexibility: We offer a ‘pay as you go’ option (pay for only the time you use) along with several other levels of support that we can customize to meet your needs: 1. Time And Materials Support: You only pay for the time you use (no monthly fees) 2. Dedicated Critical Support: Technical Application Support with a guaranteed 2-hour response time 3. Remote Consulting Assistance: Ask us to review your HFM Rules, Essbase Calcs, consolidations, FDM Integrations, custom reports, etc. 4. Managed Services: Application Administrator Assistance (Primary or Secondary)   CONTACT Greg Barrett ( for more information Finit Solutions Official Support Offering: Answers & Support with Efficient, Responsive Service
  • 5. - 5 - We strongly believe that Service + Solutions = Maximum Value Service  Compensation model based upon client satisfaction with consultant’s work, not utilization / chargeability.  No external owners and Finit partners are involved in every full-cycle implementation.  Employees, not contractors. Solutions  Finit consultants are Hyperion product experts who enjoy designing, building and deploying great solutions, applications and processes.  Finit works closely with Oracle Hyperion development on product strategy and beta testing. Finit’s Focus
  • 6. - 6 - Finit’s Values
  • 7. - 7 - Our client service approach has led to 100% customer satisfaction for every Finit client (185 and counting) for every Oracle Hyperion project (over 325 and counting). Finit’s Client Service
  • 8. - 8 - • Some Finit Clients
  • 9. - 9 - About the Presenter Sarah Zumbrum ( • 8 years Hyperion Experience, 10+ years BI • Specialize in Planning & Essbase • Secretary of ODTUG’s Hyperion SIG Board • 2013 ODTUG Leadership Program Graduate • Speaker at ODTUG Kscope (2011), OAUG Connection Point (2011-2013) and East Coast Oracle Users Conference (2013) • Hyperion Content Reviewer for RMOUG Training Days (2013) and ODTUG Kscope (2014) • Avid marathoner – anywhere, anytime – Except if it’s cold or raining. Then no.
  • 10. - 10 -  What is Smart View?  Learning Smart View is Like Going to Basic Training  Learning How to March  You cannot operate as you always have  Learning How to Respond to the DI’s  You will make mistakes  …But you will figure things out  Learning How to Clean  Make things efficient again  Learning How to Perform  Everything in unison  Q&A Agenda
  • 11. - 11 - • Had years of experience with Add-In VBA with multiple clients • Smart View VBA was a client requirement! • Trial and error. Many times over. • Many late nights working out the bugs and nuanaces • …Actually likened learning the Smart View process to Air Force basic training to my VP How Did I Get Started?
  • 12. - 12 - • Oracle’s strategic replacement for the Essbase Add-In • Still allows you to perform ad-hoc analysis • Connects to Planning, Essbase, HFM and OBIEE • Able to download Planning & HFM forms to Excel for data entry & retrieval for standard report retrieval • Key Capabilities – Integrates into Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint – Able to import Hyperion Financial Reports to Excel – Able to retrieve (refresh) data for multiple worksheets in one click – Supports new report formats, including butterfly reports – Ability to perform multiple retrieves on one worksheets What is Smart View?
  • 13. - 13 - • Lesson #1: Learning to navigate Smart View for the first time is like learning to march when you have walked your whole life. It is a change. • Similar to the Add-In with some exceptions: – You have a page POV that follows you on each connected page • Pro: It makes changing between members in a dimension very easy! • Con: It doesn’t go away. You can now toggle between the classic Add-In look or the Smart View POV look. Learning How to March
  • 14. - 14 - • The VBA Logic – Consider the connection logic to Essbase with the Add-In • …well…Connect – If you have used SV before, consider your full connection logic… • Verify a connection to the APS exists • If not, create the connection • Verify your cube connection exists • If not, create the connection • Connect to the database – And if you are not successful on your first try, do not give up…even when you hear R. Lee Ermey in the background screaming, “Wrong, maggot!!” • …Where is my glass of vino? Learning How to March
  • 15. - 15 - • The VBA Example – Previously, the code was: – The following is an example from a Login command button used previously Learning How to March
  • 16. - 16 - Smart View Connect VBA
  • 17. - 17 - • It is necessary to become familiar with the new forms of response from Smart View • You will get errors in Smart View that will take time research and correct. Be patient! You will do fine! • Here’s how to prevent some confusing errors: – Activate worksheets in your code instead of selecting them How to Respond to the DI’s
  • 18. - 18 - • Here’s how to prevent some confusing errors: – Make sure there are no cell values to the left of the data grid. This will confuse poor Smart View. How to Respond to the DI’s
  • 19. - 19 - • Here’s how to prevent some confusing errors: – Whenever you do a data refresh, always check to make sure your worksheet(s) is still connected in your code • Seems tedious, but it is smart to include! How to Respond to the DI’s
  • 20. - 20 - • Here’s how to prevent some confusing errors: – Update your registry values to include the following to prevent timeout errors • ReceiveTimeout DWORD 00dbba00 • KeepAliveTimeout DWORD 00180000 • ServerInfoTimeout DWORD 00180000 – Put it into your Workbook_Open sub so no one has to add it themselves…saves work for you! How to Respond to the DI’s
  • 21. - 21 - • Here’s how to prevent some confusing errors: – Historically, I have had issues with the code to Refresh data. Not always, but sometimes I have. – If this happens, use the command bar VBA to help – Retrieve code How to Respond to the DI’s
  • 22. - 22 - • You may need to learn new ways to present your code and report • The best thing you can do before you start with coding the VBA is to clean up your worksheets or decide to use hidden, retrieval-only worksheets – If a retrieval uses common dimension members (ie: Scenario, Year, etc), put it in the POV – Learn how SV aligns the members in cells in ad-hoc mode and mimic it. It will save you time and frustration! How to Clean
  • 23. - 23 - • In the military, we were drilled with the previous steps in order to perform as a team. Learning Smart View is no different. • Remember the steps to performing: – Forming – Wrapping your head around a new concept – Storming – Getting frustrated with your lack of expertise – Norming – Starting to learn the new rules of the land – Performing – Executing like a pro How to Perform
  • 24. - 24 - • Before you start, consider the following: – What new Smart View features can you utilize? – Make sure all of your Add-In calls have a comparable call in Smart View – Is this still a report that should be done using VBA? • Don’t waste your time! – Simply doing a Find and Replace will not work • Consider the login block of code – Try to use the POV whenever possible – Treat the migrating process like a new development process – discipline is good! How to Perform
  • 25. - 25 - • Smart View VBA Conversion Tool if you get stuck Helpful Utility
  • 26. - 26 - • Smart View VBA Conversion Tool if you get stuck Helpful Utility
  • 27. - 27 -  What is Smart View?  Learning Smart View is Like Going to Basic Training  Learning How to March  Learned the steps to move around Smart View VBA  Learning How to Respond to the DI’s  Learned common errors and how to avoid them  Learning How to Clean  Learned how to make your VBA report look presentable  Learning How to Perform  Learned how to make using Smart View routine Conclusion
  • 28. - 28 - Questions? Email us for a copy of the slides or link to the recording. Email Sarah if you would like coding examples to ease and direct your code migration. Thank you for attending! - > Sarah Zumbrum - > - > General Questions  Greg Barrett (  Joe Mizerk (