Findability Effect Analysis


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As with any large up-front investment, management understandably demands proof that an enterprise search investment will pay off. How do you verify that your significant investment in findability with enterprise search technology supports your business expectations? Effect Analysis identifies the true benefits of improved findability and will assist you in proving return on investment (ROI).

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Findability Effect Analysis

  1. 1. Findwise Skills Findability Effect Analysis As with any large up-front investment, management understandably demands proof that an Enterprise Findability investment will pay off. How do you verify that your significant investment in Findability by enterprise search technology supports your business expectations? Findability Effect Analysis identifies the true benefits of improved Findability and will assist you in proving return on investment (ROI). Why? A well-designed and maintained Enterprise Findability solution helps you turn the information overload at your company from a storage problem into a valuable asset of organisational knowledge. It can be easy to quantify the value of improved Findability on an e-commerce site (increased sales) or a company call centre (shorter response times, reduced costs). But how do you calculate the ROI where there is an indirect impact on higher profit and reduced costs? There is no easy way to interlink saved or earned money from co-workers having accurate information for decision-making, being more innovative or less frustrated. The Findwise Findability Effect Analysis addresses this difficulty. The purpose of the method is to identify and measure the real business effects of Findability. What? Findability Effect Analysis is all about analysing the business effects and value of Findability. Findwise has helped several large companies discover and measure the true value of improved Findability using our straight-forward Findability Effect Analysis method. We know what to expect from enterprise search technology and how to squeeze the greatest value from it. Thanks to our experience in measuring the effects of improved Findability, we can help prove your investment is worthwhile. Initially we help you define the effects that you want your Findability solution to have on your business. For example, improved decision-making support, reduced time spent on searching and duplicating work or increased collaboration. With these targeted effects in mind, we study how users interact with the Enterprise Findability solution as well as ask them how they value it. This enables us to get a complete picture of both perceived value and actual usage. We study both the current information-seeking behav- iour at your company as well as how users interact with the new Enterprise Findability solution. The comparison of data provides an excellent estimate of the value of improved Findability within your or- ganisation.Findwise | |
  2. 2. Case Study: Analysing effects of Enterprise Findability solution This case study describes how Findability Effects Analysis was used to verify the business effects of a new Enterprise Findability solution implemented at a large multinational company based in Sweden. Business challenge Findwise Solution Result and Effects The customer wanted to re- After defining the desired As shown in the graph, compari- place an old Intranet search effects, a baseline study was sons between the old and new tool with an Enterprise Finda- conducted measuring the cur- solution clearly showed desirable bility solution providing quick rent Findability using search logs business effects with the new access to all desired corporate and co-worker interviews. After solution. More users were using information. While creating the new solution had been the search application as a the new solution Findwise was launched and used for some means to find the information also asked to help verify that months, the procedure was re- they needed and it clearly helped it had the desired impact on peated pinpointing improved co-workers do their jobs much existing business processes. performance of selected tasks. more efficiently. The new Enterprise Findability solution has had a great impact on many targeted effects. The graph shows the improvement in percentage as compared to the Intranet search tool used prior to the launch of the new solution. About Findwise Findwise helps you to reach your business goals by making information findable. Our impressive track record includes implementing hundreds of search driven Findability solutions that have provided easy access to all desired information, both inside and outside the firewall. Findability by Findwise is all about meeting your various information access needs and maximising business value from search technology investments. Our customers are located in various countries and industries with a common desire to make relevant information available to both employees and customers. We are a vendor independent expert with knowledge and experience from the leading enterprise search technology platforms: Autonomy IDOL, Microsoft (SharePoint and FAST Search products), Google GSA, IBM OmniFind, LucidWorks Enterprise and Apache Lucene/Solr (Open Source). We take pride in offering a large number of unique search related skills in areas such as usability, linguistics, information manage- ment and security. By combining our technical expertise and unique skills we can help you avoid the common pitfalls, tailoring a Findability solution to meet the needs of your organisation, today and in the future. Will you be next to benefit from Findwise expertise? Drottninggatan 5 Sveavägen 28-30 Valkendorfsgade 13 A, 1. sal Brugata 1 411 14 Göteborg 111 34 Stockholm 1151 København K 0186 Oslo Sweden Sweden Denmark Norway +46 31 288 400 +46 8 213 600 +45 6180 9540 +47 97 767 606Findwise | | 2012-05-14 v. 1.4