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Enterprise Search and Findability in 2013


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Presented on the 8 November at J. Boye 2012 in Aarhus, Denmark by Kristian Norling.

Presented on the 8 November at J. Boye 2012 in Aarhus, Denmark by Kristian Norling.

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  • 1. ENTERPRISE SEARCH AND FINDABILITY IN 2013Kristian Norling, J. Boye 2012, 8 November, Aarhus, Denmark
  • 2. Description There is a lot of talk about social, big data, cloud, digital workplace and semantic web. But what about search, is there anything interesting happening within enterprise search and !ndability? Or is enterprise search dead? In the spring of 2012, a global survey was conducted on Enterprise Search and Findability. The answers from that survey tells us what the leading practitioners are doing and gives guidance for what you can do to make your organisation’s enterprise search and !ndability better in 2013. Kristian will give you a sneak peak into the near future and trends of enterprise search, based on data form the survey and the latest ideas. Also featured, bleeding edge examples from actual projects.
  • 3. Agenda • Help me! Content overload! • The importance of context • Digging for gold with search analytics • What has trust to do with enterprise search? • Social search? Are you serious? • Oh, and that mobile thing
  • 4. #jboye12@kristiannorling @!ndwise
  • 6. IS IT EASY TO FIND THE RIGHT INFORMATION WITHIN YOUR ORGANISATION TODAY?Source: The Enterprise Search and Findability Report 2012
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  • 10. What Does the Organisations Do That Leads inFindability? • In the Very Satis!ed (VS) with their current search group, the number of Full Time Equivalents (FTE) is 1-2 or more. • 50% do user testing regularly in the very satis!ed group • 84% have feedback functionality in the VS group • 67% of VS have a taxonomy in place and 83% have a metadata standard.
  • 11. BIG
  • 12. mrflip
  • 13. “Big Data lives – enterprise search is dead!” Really? Source: IntranetFocus
  • 14. The Big Data Benchmarked Corporation? Source: VINT
  • 15. Help me! Content overload! Growing amounts of data. Filter Failure. Enterprise Search is under-utilized. CMSWire: Enterprise Search: Un-Cool and Mission Critical How many of you have done a web/intranet remake project? Did it work better for a while? Lifecycle manage your information Archive, delete or keep?
  • 16. What job is search hired to do? Reference: Clayton Christensen HBS
  • 17. To give us the right information when we need it!
  • 18. The importance of context What clues do we have to understand WHAT is the right information? Is the information relevant? (referenced, shared, used, positive/ negative, related) Who is responsible for the information? Who is the author? Who distributed it? Where am I searching from (location, device) When am I searching (time of the day, weekday, season)
  • 19. Digging for gold with search analytics 67% of the Very Satis!ed (VS) with their current search group and 71% of the mostly satis!ed groups do search analytics 83% (VS) have a person or group that is responsible for analysing user behaviour and to make sure that search supports the business needs Quick Wins • 0-results • Top ≈20% of Search Terms Spend a few hours every month to do this, it is well invested time.
  • 20. What has trust to do with enterprise search? Web search works well? Why is that? They have created a trust-based model for telling us if the information is of good quality... We need to make the information we have in the enterprise trustworthy By having a good data hygiene... remember: Crap in = Crap out
  • 21. Social search? Are you serious? INFORMATION NEEDS answers these Questions: • What? or Why? • How? • Who? We can use di$erent types of signals to emphasize certain information • What information is shared? • Is it sent (a lot) by email? • Is it on social networks? • Is it favorited? CMSWire: Social Reconnects Enterprise Search
  • 22. Primary goal for utilising search technology86.6%* - Accelerate retrieval of knowninformation sources70.6%* - Improve re-use of content(Information/ knowledge)58.2%* - Raise awareness of “What WeKnow”* Imperative/signi!cant
  • 23. Oh, and that mobile thing Mobile helps us to de!ne context Helps us with targeting the right information to the right person Special Use Cases for Mobile Enterprise Search. What job is-to-be-done by search? • GPS • Camera • Voice TwigKit: Design Principles for Mobile Search, Designing Mobile Search, Mobile Information Needs Accessing Enterprise Content With Mobile Search