Best Practices for Enterprise Search - What Leading Practitioners Do


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Best Practices for Enterprise Search, from the perspective of practitioners. More focused on tasks and processes than technology. Based on data from the Enterprise Search and Findability Survey, other research, empirical evidence and the experience gained by Findwise consultants.

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Best Practices for Enterprise Search - What Leading Practitioners Do

  1. 1. BEST PRACTICES FOR ENTERPRISE SEARCH- what leading practitioners do
  2. 2. HOW TO FIX YOUR INTRANET SEARCH - and maybe win a prize for best intranet (search)
  3. 3. AGENDASome stats and what leading enterprise search practitioners doOrganizationBusiness needsUsersInformationFeatures of a good Enterprise Search implementationSummary
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  5. 5. THE ENTERPRISE SEARCH AND FINDABILITY SURVEY/REPORT sign up & download 2012 report
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  7. 7. IS IT EASY TO FIND THE RIGHT INFORMATION WITHIN YOURORGANIZATION TODAY?Source: The Enterprise Search and Findability Report 2012
  9. 9. How much time andmoney do you spendon creatinginformation ?
  10. 10. INFORMATIONthat is not found ornot accessed, does it haveany value?
  11. 11. INFORMATIONthat is not found ornot accessed, does it haveany value?
  12. 12. What job is search hired to do? Reference: Clayton Christensen HBS
  13. 13. to give us theright informationwhen we need it!
  14. 14. best practiceORGANIZATIONMake someone responsible = manager for searchIn the Very Satis!ed (VS) with their current search group, the number of FullTime Equivalents (FTE) is 1-2 or more.Roles for a search manager/team?Set a search strategy which enables the business strategy and is in line withoverall IT-strategySet a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and do Surveys!Do Search AnalyticsAll of the above = Get funding!
  15. 15. SEARCH ANALYTICS digging for gold67% of the Very Satis!ed (VS) with their current search group and71% of the mostly satis!ed groups do search analytics and83% (VS) have a person or group that is responsible for analyzing user behavior and to make sure that search supports business needs
  16. 16. SEARCH ANALYTICS digging for goldWeb Analytics = User BehaviourSearch Analytics = User Intent
  17. 17. SEARCH ANALYTICS digging for gold QUICK WINS 0-results Top ≈20% of Search TermsSpend a few hours every month to do this, it is well invested time.
  18. 18. best practiceBUSINESSCreate the business case:TaskProcessDecisionRiskE#ect
  19. 19. best practiceUSERGather user feedback (forms)Usage testing and surveysEncourage adaption with instruction videos, information (blog?) and “how towrite for good !ndability”.Let Users test-drive new features! Beta-releases84% have feedback functionality in the VS group50% do user testing regularly in the very satis!ed group
  20. 20. best practiceINFORMATIONInformation Hygiene crap in - crap outTeach people how to name !les, write and add metadata (E&Y) example!Information quality = good copy, freshness (date) and metadataMetadata + KPI67% of VS have a taxonomy in place and83% have a metadata standard.
  21. 21. best practiceINFORMATIONTaxonomyInformation Lifecycle ManagementKPIArchive, Delete or Keep?Manage Synonyms and AbbreviationsWhat Sources to index? Make People Findable!
  22. 22. best practiceTECHNOLOGY search engine features Speed! Search analytics Feedback form Spelling suggestions Auto-complete Type a-head Facets/Filters/Navigators/Re!ners Key matches/best bets/sponsored links Live previews of individual search results Customized search results for speci!c information types
  23. 23. LEADING ORGANIZATIONSwhat the Very Satis!ed DO with Enterprise Search The number of Full Time Equivalents (FTE) is 1-2 or more. 50% 67% do usage testing regularly have a taxonomy in place 84% 83% have feedback functionality have metadata standard
  24. 24. best practiceSUMMARYMake someone responsible for search - Appoint a Search ManagerSet a search strategy which enables the business strategy and is in linewith overall IT-strategyMake the Business CaseMeasure and Monitor Search Queries = Search AnalyticsEnable User FeedbackRaise quality of information by adding metadata and doing contentlifecycle managementEducate information creators - simple handouts and sit-downsSpelling suggestions, key-matches and auto-complete
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