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Side Project Workshop: Idea to Reality in One Winter Break
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Side Project Workshop: Idea to Reality in One Winter Break


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Published in: Career, Technology
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  • 1. Idea to Reality in One Winter Break A Side Project Workshop Presented by Emily Miethner Founder, President, FindSpark #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 2. FindSpark Mission To set up every young creative for career success Fun Facts Largest Meetup for interns and grads in country Speakers from Condé Nast, Etsy, Bravo, Tumblr, Google, Tribeca Film Festival, NBCUniversal and more Social and educational events all year round Resource for companies to find young creative talent #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 3. Let's Meet ● ● ● ● ● Your elevator pitch (what’s your project) What do you currently have (site, Twitter, etc) Biggest accomplishment so far Your numbers oriented goal Your biggest question #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 4. What We’ll Cover ● ● ● ● ● ● ● What you need to do to get started Overview of free and inexpensive tools Options for building a website How to gain support using social media The importance of attending events and networking A high level overview of legal factors to consider Set up your project for future success #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 5. Make Sure You Love Your Side Project #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 6. Side Projects Are Hard Work #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 7. Don’t Obsess. Start. #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 8. Give Yourself Space #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 9. Give Yourself Space #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 10. Tell Trusted Supporters #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 11. Make it Easy to Help You #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 12. Build Relationships with Early Adopters #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 13. Think About Your Angle #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 14. Choosing Your Website Platform #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 15. Wix Pros ● Forever free (with branding) ● Can host your domain ● Very customizable, lots of template themes ● Local Wix community and free support at Wix Lounge ● Live phone support ● Starts at $8.25 a month Cons ● Can’t import Wordpress blog (can only embed and import from Tumblr) #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 16. Examples of Wix Sites #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 17. Examples of Wix Sites #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 18. Squarespace Pros ● Can host your domain ● Lots of great templates ● Live chat support ● Starts at $8 a month Cons ● 14-day free trial only ● Less intuitive / customizable #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 19. Example of Squarespace Site #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 20. Wordpress Pros ● Forever free at ● Completely customizable and incredibly powerful ● Best option for blogs ● Lots of great templates Cons ● Not as intuitive and more difficult to set up ● No customer service per say ● Must host domain elsewhere #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 21. Example of Wordpress Site #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 22. Using Social Media to Gain Support #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 23. Twitter Benefits ● Directly connect with customers and partners (@mentions are key) ● Become a thought leader ● Drive traffic to blog posts and websites #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 24. Facebook Benefits ● You likely already have a network of friends there ● Consider setting up a Facebook page or group ● Everyone is here #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 25. LinkedIn Benefits ● Share your expertise ● 100% professional ● Add rich media ● Add your side project as a job! #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 26. Niche Platforms Benefits ● Less crowded ● More specific to you #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 27. Hootsuite Benefits ● Manage multiple Social Media accounts on the go ● Monitor and manage your mentions ● View click stats, and more. ● Great mobile app ● Freemium model #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 28. Buffer Benefits ● Share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn all from one place easily from your browser ● Updates will automatically be spaced out over the week ● Any update can also be “posted now” #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 29. Tweetreach Benefits ● Track hashtag activity ● Only $20 for a 7 day report #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 30. Free and Inexpensive Tools #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 31. Google Drive Benefits ● Collaborate seamlessly ● Create forms, spreadsheets, slides, and drawings ● Edit on the go with the app ● No need to attach files and wonder what version you have Cons ● Some limited features #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 32. Highrise Benefits ● Freemium up to 250 contacts ● Manage your partners, clients, writers, etc ● Includes simple task management system #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 33. Mailchimp Benefits ● Free up to 2,000 subscribers ● Live chat support during normal biz hours ● Great, fun, easy to use platform Cons ● Not the cheapest option #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 34. Benefits ● Free to manage your side project expenses and profits Cons ● Not meant for business #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 35. Meetup & Eventbrite Meetup ● Best for discovery ● $140 a year to start a group Eventbrite ● Best for ticket management and website integration ● Technically free...always pass off the fees #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 36. FancyHands Benefits ● Quickly and easily get your mundane tasks out of the way ● Make more time for your side project ● About $5 per task Cons ● Tasks can technically only take 20 minutes #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 37. Google Analytics Benefits ● Know where your traffic comes from ● Discover your most viewed content ● See if other blogs are writing about you ● Get numbers for advertisers Cons ● Very overwhelming #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 38. The Importance of Events and Networking #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 39. Practice Your Elevator Pitch #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 40. Learn & Get Feedback #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 41. A Brief Overview of Legal Factors #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 42. Docracy Benefits ● Gives you a starting point for legal documents Cons ● Not customized to you #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 43. It’s Not too Hard to Be Official #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 44. Consider Protecting Yourself #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 45. Set yourself up for future success #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 46. Make Some Investments #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 47. Make Some Investments #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark
  • 48. What Now? Q&A Set one more goal for the next month (challenging but realistic) Attend our events! Become a member! #SideProjectWksp by @EmilyMiethner of @FindSpark