Effective Data Modeling Tools To Help Reduce Operating Costs


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Denmark’s largest trade union, providing 362,000 members up-to-date labor information through 78 offices needed ongoing compliance and visibility. Manages large amounts of data used to produce statistics and customizable reports. Legacy system was inflexible, expensive and time consuming to maintain. Very little data modeling experience. The result was database modeling effectively lowered administration costs of integrating data. Increased utilization of data assets. Data model-centric approach helped team better understand and utilize their data, reduce redundancy, and build consistency. Ease of migration of data- bases from legacy systems.

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Effective Data Modeling Tools To Help Reduce Operating Costs

  1. 1. Success Story An ER/Studio “My experiences with our Danish solution provider show me Success Story that Embarcadero is more attentive to the needs of their OrganizatiOn: customers than other companies whose data products United Federation of Danish may not be as core to the business. i am sure that our full Workers – Trade Union implementation of Er/Studio will have an enormous impact ” on our ability to serve the needs of our customers. – Ulla Sprogøe, Data administrator, 3F appliCatiOn Denmark’s largest trade union, OvErviEw 3F understood how important it was to have providing 362,000 members control over data, respond to customer The United Federation of Danish Workers (3F) is up-to-date labor information requests in real-time, and create new reports Denmark ‘s largest trade union. Formed through through 78 offices and applications at a moment’s notice. But 3F’s the merger of the General Workers’ Union IT-department of 70 people was still using a (SiD), the Women Workers’ Union (KAD) and tOOlS legacy system of Adabas databases coded in the National Restaurant Trade Union (RBF), 3F Natural. Though still functional, the system had ER/Studio® organizes both skilled and unskilled workers in been developed in the 1980’s and was inflexible, several sectors including industry, building and expensive and time consuming to maintain. ChallEngES construction, transport, cleaning, gardening, • Needed ongoing 3F’s IT department made a decision to develop a agriculture and forestry. Covering both the compliance and visibility new IT strategy that focused on data quality and private and public sector, 3F focuses on offering control, comprised of two significant initiatives. its 362,000 members the best and most up-to- • Manages large amounts First they wanted to migrate from Adabas to date information and support for labor issues via of data used to produce Microsoft SQL Server. In order to accomplish 78 offices countrywide. statistics and customizable this, all new systems had to be developed in a reports Microsoft environment, with data residing in SQL ChallEngE • Legacy system was Server databases, while also establishing a new The Danish government mandates 3F as data warehouse using Microsoft products instead inflexible, expensive and the organization responsible for managing of SAS. Second, they wanted to transition time consuming to maintain Denmark’s unemployment insurance. In this towards service oriented applications (SOA), • Very little data modeling capacity, 3F manages large amounts of data building systems modularly and standardizing experience used to produce the reports and statistics that wherever possible. form the basis of negotiations between unions, Data modeling quickly became an urgent employers, and politicians and the foundation rESUltS requirement as 3F migrated from the poorly of public policy decisions. This data must be • Database modeling documented Adabas legacy system to SQL correct, factual and easy to access. With ongoing effectively lowered Server relational databases. The IT team’s changes to the law, the systems that manage this administration costs of developers had neither data modeling data need to be meticulously maintained not integrating data experience nor the tools to create them. only to ensure data quality and provide visibility Without a logical or conceptual model to • Increased utilization of data into how data is used over time, but also to understand the structure of database it was support and comply with the most current assets going to be difficult to migrate over to a new legislation. • Data model-centric system. approach helped team The upkeep of this data infrastructure is absolutely critical to all of Denmark’s working better understand and SOlUtiOn citizens, as ultimately it forms the basis for how utilize their data, reduce Ulla Sprogøe, data administrator for 3F, and workers will be cared for by the state in the redundancy, and build her team created a comprehensive Request event of an insurance claim. consistency for Proposals (RFP) and distributed it to several • Ease of migration of data- local solution providers to source a solution bases from legacy systems that would meet their current and future growth needs. 3F required a solution that would
  2. 2. A ER/Studio Success Story “Based on functionality, support, customer provide cross-platform support as well as extensive data-modeling capabilities. It would also need to enable them to references and price, Er/Studio was and thoroughly analyze existing data sources ” and design and implement high-quality still is the right choice for 3F. databases. – Ulla Sprogøe, Data administrator, 3F After demonstrations by local solution providers, the team took the products through a more detailed review to see how they performed when tasked with BEnEFitS modeling practices. By enforcing standards, specific problems. 3F found ER/Studio’s and being able to analyze and document global functionality made it easier than data elements, 3F’s IT team can better Complete Database Modeling the competition to work across models understand and utilize their data, reduce ER/Studio functionality made it dramatically and libraries, which is important for future redundancy, and build consistency. easier to work across models and libraries. development. It was also easier to scope With new model development underway, redundancy and data reuse with ER/Studio, Ease of Migration From legacy Systems models can be used and reused across the and the user interface was superior. Access ER/Studio makes it possible for 3F’s IT organization, improving consistency and to metadata was easier than Computer management to migrate from a legacy saving time. Although measuring ROI can Associate’s ERwin. 3F found ER/Studio’s system to SQL Server in the most efficient be difficult, ER/Studio created a modeling metadatabase (RepoDB) easier to manner possible. ER/Studio maps rules for process that is streamlined, with automated understand and access, and there are many the converstion from Adabas to SQL Server, information gathering and sharing of output macros to improve functionality. binding the two platforms together and and models online. This effectively lowers ”I thoroughly tested a variety of products, ensuring a high degree of consistency and the administration costs of integrating data comparing them to the needs of our reduced duplication. and allows the team to better estimate and organization. Though I did not have deliver projects on time. visibility to all our needs at that time, I am COnClUSiOn very pleased with ER/Studio, which I think increased Utilization of Data assets The rollout was highly effective in of as the best data modeling solution,” demonstrating organizational benefits within 3F’s IT team is realizing many of the benefits commented Ulla Sprogøe. “Based on a short period of time. 3F utilized ER/Studio of ER/Studio by scoping redundancy and by functionality, support, customer references for the data modeling strategy that is central re-using metadata to provide more accurate and price, ER/Studio was and still is the right to its new SOA strategy and SQL Server data, which helps communication and choice for 3F. It will be a very central and implementations. ”My experiences with provides better more relevant information strategic tool.” our Danish solution provider shows me that to its customers. By utilizing the large All new SQL-databases are documented in Embarcadero is more attentive to the needs availability of varied macros, the team was ER/Studio and this solution will serve as the of their customers than other companies able to improve functionality quickly and master model for the organization’s data whose data products may not be as core efficiently without having to resort to time- infrastructure. As Adabas is phased out over to the business. I am sure that our full consuming customization work. the next few years, 3F will use ER/Studio implementation of ER/Studio will have an to document the transition to SQL tables enormous impact on our ability to serve the Data Model-Centric approach to Ensure and to map rules and ownership status. For needs of our customers,” said Ulla Sprogøe. Data Quality 3F’s new CRM system, ER/Studio will also 3F is able to define and reuse common document the relations between SQL tables data elements and modeling components and CRM records. across projects to establish standards in their Download Free Trials at www.embarcadero.com Corporate Headquarters | Embarcadero Technologies | 100 California Street, 12th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94111 | www.embarcadero.com | sales@embarcadero.com © 2009 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Embarcadero, the Embarcadero Technologies logos, and all other Embarcadero Technologies product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. ER3F/SS/2009/02/09