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                                          DBartisan and rapid SQL helped streamline
A DBArtisan/Rapid SQL Success Story

migrated to SQL Server there was no need
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Database Management and Monitoring Tools | Val Morgan Success Story


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DBArtisan and Rapid SQL helped streamline the system migration from Sybase ASE to SQL Server in less than six weeks. The goal was to create an Application Database that tracks nearly all aspects of cinema advertising business. The Sololution was DBArtisan® and Rapid SQL®. The Challenge was Moving from a home-grown system to a standardized platform required migrating from Sybase to SQL Server. No disruption to business and no downtime of any systems permitted. Required full-scale testing between both existing and new system prior to launch. System management needed to remain simple. The Results was the use of in-house development teams and Embarcadero tools improved cost effeciencies. Cross-platform tools extended IT teams capabilities without additional cost or training Wizard-driven utilities simplified a complex database migration.

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Database Management and Monitoring Tools | Val Morgan Success Story

  1. 1. Success Story DBartisan and rapid SQL helped streamline the system migration from Sybase aSE to DBArtisan and Rapid SQL SQL Server in less than six weeks OrganizatiOn Val Morgan Cinema Network thE SOLutiOn Val Morgan Cinema Network is recognized as one of the world’s leading providers of screen The Sybase database consisted of four hundred advertising, with operations in Australia, tables, seven hundred stored procedures, over New Zealand and a joint venture in the UAE. eight hundred foreign key constraints, and more In Australia and New Zealand Val Morgan holds than nine hundred indexes. As a large number the advertising rights to virtually all cinemas, of business critical systems were all supported including those operated by the major cinema by this database, a successful migration was exhibition chains and leading independent essential – performance, availability, and operators. The company’s attention is focused scalability of the new environment could not be on the national advertising market with appLiCatiOn compromised and the database management approximately 80 employees based in offices Database application that learning curve had to be kept to a minimum. throughout Australia and New Zealand. track nearly all aspects of Val Morgan looked to Embarcadero cinema advertising business Technologies’ leading cross-platform database ChaLLEngE management solutions to assist with the migration project. Embarcadero’s database Val Morgan developed an in-house system SOLutiOn administration solution, DBArtisan, and – CinVendo on which almost all aspects of their • DBArtisan® development environment, Rapid SQL, were business were managed. The system was built on • Rapid SQL® used to setup and configure the new SQL Sybase® PowerBuilder® and ran on Sybase ASE. Server database. The IT department was already To enhance corporate reporting and business ChaLLEngES familiar with DBArtisan having used it as an intelligence capabilities CinVendo needed to be • Moving from a home-grown integral administration tool for all their databases more tightly integrated with a recently acquired system to a standardized for a number of years and was confident in its GL package. During the evaluation and selection data movement capabilities. Rapid SQL allowed platform required migrating of this package, it was clear that the majority of the development team to test SQL and stored business software was now being developed to from Sybase to SQL Server procedures, debug bad performing queries, integrate with Microsoft® SQL Server or Oracle® • No disruption to business and check results, while integration with PVCS systems and in fact the solution selected did not and no downtime of any ensured secure version control. Rapid SQL’s support Sybase. Although there were no issues systems permitted search capabilities and task development were with the Sybase platform itself, the company • Required full-scale testing invaluable in ensuring an efficient and successful needed to define the strategic direction of the between both existing and migration project. IT environment – stay with a single RDMBS new system prior to launch platform, or expand to multiple platforms. The BEnEfitS decision was made to migrate CinVendo from • System management needed Sybase to Microsoft SQL Server. By standardizing to remain simple on one platform, the company could realize improved Cost Efficiency cost savings and take advantage of services to rESuLtS With a small IT team, it was imperative to keep support the reporting and data warehousing • Use of in-house development costs down and also to ensure the technologies initiatives. The migration to SQL Server was no teams and Embarcadero tools that ran the business were rationalized so as to small undertaking in both scale and complexity. improved cost effeciencies minimize management and support overheads. No disruption to the business could be sustained The company was able to handle this project • Cross-platform tools during the project and every aspect of the entirely with in-house development using extended IT teams systems, from triggers to stored procedures, standard tool sets. Val Morgan had initially needed to be fully tested to address the subtle capabilities without selected DBArtisan to manage its Sybase differences between the two platforms. Finally, additional cost or training environment because it was recognized as the resulting system had to be as simple as • Wizard-driven utilities the leading solution in this space at that time. possible for the IT department to manage. simplified a complex With cross-platform support, when the company database migration
  2. 2. A DBArtisan/Rapid SQL Success Story migrated to SQL Server there was no need Embarcadero technologies solutions were to invest in a new administration tool, or retrain resources. The IT team was able to able to support the project every step of extend their capabilities to manage the new platform at no additional cost maximizing the way, allowing for a successful transition the availability, performance, and security of database applications. from Sybase to SQL Server. proven functionality for higher productivity COnCLuSiOn combinations of cross-DBMS platform Although Microsoft SQL Server offered its migration for common database objects, own suite of management applications, From a development perspective, nothing such as tables, data, users, indexes, and the company did not feel that they were operates differently from before, which is views. Both DBArtisan and Rapid SQL were sufficient to support this project. Val Morgan in and of itself the benefit. There was no used to evaluate query plans, debug, and chose to stay with DBArtisan and Rapid negative impact on productivity or cost test the new environment, ensuring that SQL as they were already familiar with the due to the decision to continue using the the migration project had been completely technology and its ability to provide the Embarcadero products for the task and for successful and the new system was ready for functionality they required. Using software ongoing management of the new system. use. Testing of SQL and stored procedures which was known to the development staff The CinVendo migration was completed was also another important function that enabled them to be more productive and in six weeks. The system went live without DBArtisan and Rapid SQL performed to shortened the development time for the any disruption to the business and this was ensure optimal performance of the new project. Val Morgan could continue to build thanks to the level of comprehensive testing system. their database applications with confidence that the IT staff was able to carry out during that the products would continue to evolve the project. The system and specifically the Strategic utilization of Corporate Data and deliver robust and efficient management query performance have been improved and development platforms. dramatically. DBArtisan and Rapid SQL Closer integration between CinVendo and will continue to be the tools for choice for the finance GL package was a key strategic Simplified Database Migration database management and development. initiative for the company and essential to enhancing their business intelligence Data migration is a complex task, DBArtisan’s capabilities. Migrating CinVendo to SQL wizard-driven utilities for migrating schema Server was an essential first step in making objects and associated table data from this a reality. Embarcadero Technologies one database server to another gave Val solutions were able to support the project Morgan the means to confidently migrate every step of the way, allowing for a the entire database from Sybase to SQL successful transition from Sybase to SQL Server. DBArtisan could also perform Server. Download Free Trials at Corporate Headquarters | Embarcadero Technologies | 100 California Street, 12th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94111 | | © 2009 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Embarcadero, the Embarcadero Technologies logos, and all other Embarcadero Technologies product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. VALSQL/SS/2009/02/10