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Sod Profile

  1. 1. www.sodtechnologies.comSODTECHS o l u t i o n o n D e m a n dCORPORATEPROFILE Cutting Edge IT Solution for a shrinking planet
  2. 2. Highlights • Established in 2001 • An Employee Owned Company • Employees Worldwide • Customer Centric • Employees Worldwide Global Provider of Information Technology Services • Office locations in Australia, Middle East & Europe • Combined Successful Completion of over 100+ ProjectsWHO WE ARESOD Technologies is a Global IT services com- Expertisepany providing Technology consulting, 10+ years experience:Custom Application Development, EnterpriseMobility, Open Source Web Development and • Microsoft ToolsEnterprise CMS.Our consulting & development • Open Source Tools and Technologiesservices span across small standalone appli- • Systems and Database administrationcations to large enterprise solutions which are • Network Administration and Server Manintegrated seamlessly into your existing IT agement and Backup solutionsenvironment. Open source being our corestrength we are confident in identifying open 5+ years experience:source solution for your requirements which • Social Media and Web 2.0 Applicationswill help you increase your ROI. • ERP Consulting and Implementation • Enterprise Mobility (iPhone, Android, BlackWHAT WE OFFER berry, Windows Phone 7)As a Global IT services company, we are offer-ing Outsourced Software Development, Busi- SODTech Key Differentiatorsness IT Consulting, Workforce Collaboration, • Agile DevelopmentManaged Infrastructure Services, Enterprise • Continuous Learning and developmentMobility & Custom Mobile Application Devel- • High Qualityopment, Enterprise Web 2.0 and Content • A world-class process-drivenManagement Systems with E-Commerce • Global delivery modelSolutions. We present to you different array of • Just in time and right first timebusiness models from traditional staff aug- • Proven metrics-driven quality deliverymentation (Time and Material), short and longterm contracting, contract 2 hire, fixed priceprojects and joint development of solutions. 1st, Floor Shreejee Tower, Near Ambedkar Stadium, C.P Ummer Road, Ernakulam- 682035, Kerala, India e-mail:,
  3. 3. SODTECH Services Open Source Application DevelopmentSODTech has a track record of successful implementations of 100+ opensource projects. Weprovide CMS solutions using Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Ecommerce solutions usingMagento and OS-Commerce and Educational solutions using Moodle, customizable webbased applications based on Enterprise 2.0Business Values:• Reduced ROI time• Improved time-to-market for new products and services• Pay for services, not software• Try before you Buy• Community support for new modules.• Exit from non-strategic and unsupported technologies Enterprise Solutions / EAS (Enterprise Application Services)More and more enterprises are moving to Open Source ERP Solutions. SODTech offers cus-tomization and end to end of Adempiere ERP and OpenBravo ERP Solutions. Our domainexpertises include retail, hospitality and logistics.Business Values:• Reduced ROI time• Greater flexibility for growth• Our proven process for issue identification, issue resolution, risk identification and risk resolu-tion. Mobility ServicesSODTech can help your enterprise smoothly implement todays new mobile technologies andbecome a more proactive and profitable enterprise.Business Values:• Updated technology and platform• Build once – Deploy many: Platform independent applications.SODTech Mobile applications include:• Financial Risk Management Application • Fleet Management Solution• Route Management System for Retail • VOIP based applications• Audio recording applications • Clock application with customizable themes• Geo-checking applications • Social networking and dating applications 1st, Floor Shreejee Tower, Near Ambedkar Stadium, C.P Ummer Road, Ernakulam- 682035, Kerala, India. e-mail:,
  4. 4. Product EngineeringWhen Enterprise solutions needs flexibility, SODTech can help in building custom applicationsaccording to client specifications.SODTech is the technology engineering partner for SkadateLLC, Finest Group/SMN Investments, Moooble and Divox Communications. SODTech pro-vides 360° solutions starting from ideation, accelerates the design, development, and mainte-nance which helps clients to reduce the time to market its quality assurance and productengineering services.Business Values:• Reduce the time to market the product and services• Robust architecture which help in product scalability• Quickly adopt to new technology• Greater flexibility for specifications and products E- commerceSOD Technologies has been developing eCommerce systems and solutions for clients forover 10 years. The eCommerce tools accompanied by the techniques and strategies whichwe provide have allowed our clients to obtain a greater stronghold in their market. We providehighly sophisticated E-commerce feature essential for the future growth of your onlinebusiness.This in turn would increase the revenue and profitability, reduces overheads andcan revolutionize your customer service.Main featuresMySQL databaseCustomer registration and login systemShopping cartOrder trackingSecured payment gatewayUPS/FedEx tracking tools and reports. Digital Marketing (Branding the Digital way..!)At SODTech we have the solution for online branding of products.We have an in-house teamand tools for enhanced advertising solution for Social Media Marketing.Combined with brand-ing experts, Application Developers and Page Designers, we offer a complete solution foradvertisers seeking to effectively engage online and Social Network audiences.Our Digital Marketing Span• Web usability • Social Media Analysis• Bench Marking and Best practises • SMO• Web Analytics • Measurability Consulting• SME • Email Marketing 1st, Floor Shreejee Tower, Near Ambedkar Stadium, C.P Ummer Road, Ernakulam- 682035, Kerala, India. e-mail:,
  5. 5. Cloud ServicesMobility (Your desktop in your pocket) Server Hosting- BlackBerry/iPhone/Android • Dedicated Servers • Virtual ServersBusiness E-Mail • Cloud Servers• Hosted Application Web Hosting• Collaboration • Dedicated Hosting• Unified Communications • Shared Hosting• Cloud storage & Backup • Domain Registration • SSL CertificatesIT support services• Server Management VoIP Services• Network Management • Dedicated VoIP Server• Backup Solutions • Shared VoIP Server • Call Center SuitesVirtualization Services • IVR Services• Server Virtualization• Desktop Virtualization• Application Virtualization 1st, Floor Shreejee Tower, Near Ambedkar Stadium, C.P Ummer Road, Ernakulam- 682035, Kerala, India. e-mail:,
  6. 6. Enterprise Cloud ServicesCloud Services are a range of Cloud-based business solutions and IT infrastructure plat-forms that deliver E-mail, Mobility, Collaboration, Unified Communications, Hosted Applica-tions and Security in an easy to deploy, highly reliable and affordable package. Our CloudServices host and manage your email and save a bundle in the process. Our high-qualityHosted Exchange can be customized to fit your needs with achieving and security, mobileaccess, secure IM and an easy-to-use management console.IT support servicesRemote Infrastructure Management Services provides a flexible, affordable suite of servicesto help you monitor and manage your infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively,either on site or from our facility in CochinVirtualization ServicesOur range of services support the design, implementation, and management of virtualizationsolutions, enabling you to consolidate resources, manage workloads, automate processes,and optimize delivery with effective results.Server HostingDedicated server web hosting by Windows gives you full control over what you put onto yourweb pages, thus ensuring that your data is not controlled or managed by a ghost server. Italso ensures that your web server is not shared with anyone else. Dedicated web serversand dedicated web server hosting, such as that provided to us by Windows,Web HostingOur Webhosting service comprises of a reliable network of Web servers, DB servers & Mailservers where many websites reside on the network and each site has its own partition,securely and separate from other sites.VoIP ServicesInteractive Intelligence offers everything the modern enterprise needs in your choice ofall-in-one IP telephony solutions to fit your organization, scaling from 100 users to more than15,000 users.Our IP PBX telephony solutions offer broad integration to business systems and expandedmobility, which is a benefit to any business. 1st, Floor Shreejee Tower, Near Ambedkar Stadium, C.P Ummer Road, Ernakulam- 682035, Kerala, India. e-mail:,
  7. 7. Our Process MethodolgyOur flexible approach and wide experience helps to achieve a clear understanding of suchbusiness scenarios and deal “Changing Business Requirements”, in the most efficient way.This combination of methodology and state-of-the-art product lifecycle management toolsovercomes the challenges of working across a distributed environment to deliver high qualityproducts while accelerating timelines and reducing development costs by up to 30%. Engagement Model-Revolutionary Business Analysis solutionSODTech offers forward-looking IT outsourcing engagement models to our clients that go overand beyond tactical outsourcing. These models offer the opportunity to accelerate outsourcinghigher along the collaborative value chain. Our customers can choose from any one the gener-ally accepted engagement models below, or a combination of them. More importantly, we canwork with you to customize an engagement model that will address your organizations uniqueIT outsourcing needs.• Fixed Price Model• Time & Material Model• Build, Operate & Transfer Model• Joint Ventures ModelAny of these engagement models can be applied to our suite of outsourced IT services andsolutions in ingenious ways for convenience and best value for money Our Value PropositionSODTech has a unique way of defining quality processes. Our process methodology iscontext-composed; we work closely with you to understand the unique “value” expected fromeach engagement, and then tailor our processes to enable realization of that value. We meas-ure our success through periodic formal independent feedback mechanisms.• Experience, Expertise, and Technical Superiority• Efficiency and Responsibility 1st, Floor Shreejee Tower, Near Ambedkar Stadium, C.P Ummer Road, Ernakulam- 682035, Kerala, India. e-mail:,
  8. 8. Our key Clients SODTECH S o l u t i o n o n D e m a n d 1st, Floor Shreejee Tower, Near Ambedkar Stadium, C.P Ummer Road, Ernakulam- 682035, Kerala, India. e-mail:,