Top 5 content management systems


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Compare 5 ASP.Net Content management systems and its features

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Top 5 content management systems

  1. 1. 5 Best ASP.NET Content Management Systems Category DotNetNuke Kentico MojoPortal Umbraco Orchard Hosting Best DotNetNuke hosting Best Kenico hosting Best MojoPortal hosting Best Umbraco hosting Best Orchard hosting Installation A++ A++ A++ A++ A Flexibility A++ A A A B Administration A++ A++ A+ A A Security A++ A++ A++ A++ A License Available as free open- source version, Verified and tested professional edition & Enterprise Edition Available as Free Edition (with limited feaures and will place Kentico links and logos on your site), Basic package(starts at $1999). Free open-source software Free open- source Version & 3 Pro Versions($1150 with tools but no support,$2200 with standard support and tools,$4300 for premium support and tools) free open- source Look and Feel / skins/ templates DotNetNuke has a skinning architecture which provides a separation between design and content.There are lots of free skins and also numerous websites selling a large amount of commercial DotNetNuke skins. With Kentico CMS, you can create web sites with any structure, navigation, design and layout since you have full control over the HTML code rendered by the system.You can use both table- and CSS-based layout. Custom Skinning with support for user selectable skins and individual skins per page.Flexible Menu system, Bread Crumbs One great thing about Umbracois that you can actually use any HTML template you want.So just do a quick search for free HTML/CSS templates or you can use templates from other CMSs by simply uploading the HTML and CSS files. Orchard uses a theme system. Thems can easily be edited/ changed from admin area.
  2. 2. Blogs (via module) The Blogs module allows you to publish personal or enterprise blogs. podcast blog & standard blog Basic blog (create and manage blogs and posts) Forums (via module) - Image gllery The Image Gallery module allows you to quickly publish an on- line gallery of images, such as product photos or photos of your team Flickr Gallery with Silverlight slide show multi-level galleries - Media Standard core framework includes modules for creating interactive social media sites. There are some good third-party add- ons also available. You can create multiple Media Libraries and upload files like documents, images, music or video. Then, you can display them in galleries. - playback of internal and external flash video, mp3 library playback basic support for uploading and rendering images in content Polls (via module) - Ecommerce (DotNetNuke Store Module) The E- commerce solution allows you to easily build on-line stores and sell products on- line. UCommerce - SEO Basic DNN create and manage a website that is seach engine friendly without adding any modules.Also there are many Built in SEO,301 Redirect Manager -
  3. 3. modules available to enhance SEO Private Messaging (via module) Chat using Live Messenger Web Client - - Newsletter (via module) - Calendar - Multi-Lingual currently translated into 10 languages Umbraco provides support for multi-language capabilities and ships with 15 languages. - Community support DNN has a very solid commercial community, especially in regards to modules and skins. A vibrant community to help define these applications and extensions Security features Administrators can define and assign roles for different user groups such as registered users, subscribers, content providers, affiliates, and media. They can then grant access and editing rights for each group. Rights can be assigned to an entire site, a single page, or to an individual module on a specific page. Kentico has additional security features like Forms and Windows authentication, control the access rights of the site visitors,create secured site sections that are only accessible by registered members It has Passwords encryption,SSL support for the whole Site or per Page. You can control administrative access to whole sections, individual pages and specific tasks with ease using Umbraco’s role based permissions. - Groups and communities - - -
  4. 4. Content Editing Content can be edited through a standard web browser. Enhanced Rich Text Editor is included as standard. Allows image resizing, spell checking, cleaning up Word doc and includes HTML templates. It allows users to edit content(has built-in WYSIWYG editor), preview it before publishing, organize site structure and manage extending modules. Supports TinyMCE, FCKeditor , CKeditor or XStandard HTML WYSIWYG Umbraco has a Microsoft Word style editor that includes integration with your desktop Word so that you can edit and create content when offline. Content editing and publication (drafts, scheduling, preview)in admin panel Modules DotNetNuke can be extended using pluggable modules and providers that enable additional functionality. A module can be uploaded and automatically installed on a DotNetNuke installation through the administration pages of DotNetNuke. Kentico comes with quite a lot of in-built modules plus you can find more resources at Kentico’s DevNet site. comes with many default modules like RSS Feed Aggregator, Twitter integration,Contact Form, File Manager, Google Maps,Site Statistics and more. There are many open-source plug-ins available at the website. - Hosting Best DotNetNuke hosting Best Kenico hosting Best MojoPortal hosting Best Umbraco hosting Best Orchard hosting Comments DotNetNuke – DNN is one of the best .NET CMS available today.It is very flexible and customizable.Installation of DotNetNuke is extremely simple. DotNetNuke was designed to be very user friendly. As an administrator, you can easily compose and distribute bulk HTML emails/newsletters to your user groups. Kentico – Kentico was designed as an all-in-one content management system.Kentico utilizes the ready to use framework on ASP.NET, which eliminates the need for additional coding and manipulation.Every kentico license includes standard modules like newsletter, custom tables, image gallery, booking system, forums, blogs, event calendar, media library, and content rating ect. mojoPortal -is Cross Platform (Runs under Windows/IIS or Mono/Apache with most GNU/Linux distributions or Mac OS X) nd works with MS SQL Server, SqlAzure, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird Sql, and SQLite databases. It has Support in multiple sites on one installation and database. Umbraco – is designed with developers in mind, which means that it will take a little extra effort to get it up and running.If you need any
  5. 5. additional support and training, ypou can not use free option. Orchard – CMS is still in the initial stages of development.So lacking some major features.