Best Mobile Website Builders for Mobile Friendly Sites


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Why a mobile friendly website? About 56% of internet users nowadays use smartphones and mobile devices. Customers, in general, prefer to use mobile devices and smartphones when looking for businesses and services.

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Best Mobile Website Builders for Mobile Friendly Sites

  1. 1. Best Mobile Website Builders
  2. 2. About 56% of internet users nowadays use mobile devices. People, especially the younger generations prefer to use mobile devices when looking for businesses and services. This means that if you are providing either of the two locally or online, now is the best time to promote your business to a mobile market. “
  3. 3. Mobile website builders have a lot of useful features that may overwhelm you. Although it can help customize your site, some of it might be a bit confusing to some, other features might not really be helpful at all. So, here are some ways you can determine what is good and what is bad in mobile website builders. “
  4. 4. Best features you need in mobile website builders.  Best User Interface - It should have ample collection of themes and templates so your site will look different from the others, and it should offer a variety of style, colors, and design.  Good features - The best mobile website builders offer integration to analytics software like Google Analytics, QR code creators, image galleries, and the ability to drag and drop items.  Support - Customer support must be available at all times in any means possible. v b Let us see some mobile site builders.
  5. 5. DudaMobile You don’t need any coding skills to create a mobile website in DudaMobile. It is fully compatible with iOS, Android, Blackbery, and Windows because it is using HTML5. DudaMobile offers two options in creating a mobile website – Create mobile site from your existing site or build your mobile site from scratch. TRY DUDAMOBILE FOR FREE
  6. 6. Qfuse Pro QFuse helps you create a mobile website from scratch by offering 9 various templates. The UI is simple and easy to learn. It has integration with Google Analytics, social media, and lets you have an image gallery. Sign up to today for Free! TRY QFUSE FOR FREE
  7. 7. MobDis MobDis is a mobile website builder that lets you start building your mobile website using drag-drop function. Click here to learn more…. Landr Landr’s mobile site creator is pretty basic, but thats what it more useful as it can help you get started right away without the need to learn what tool uses what.
  8. 8. Summary So here you have some good recommendations for creating mobile friendly sites. Based on features, support and good ratings as well as popularity, we feel Dudamobile is a good choice. Visit Dudamobile