History in the streets of our city

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  • 1. History in the streets of our city.
  • 2. The Kirov Street The main street of Novokuznetsk was call by name of revolutionary Sergey Mironovich Kirov. His life was tied with Siberia. At the Kirov street buildings was erected in 1933. It was some houses, and street has not a name. Since 27 January 1935 it`s became the Kirov street.
  • 3. The Kirov street
  • 4. The Enthusiasts avenue. In 1931 on the left side of the Aba river was erect the “newcity”, which was call Socialist city. The lines of the “Kuznetskbuilders anthem” shows that enthusiasm with what the sovietpeople are worked. The foreigners couldn`t catch up after therates of the building. Most of them went away. The most of allamazed that plant was build by not expert people. At the end of the April 1930 was build first 10 houses of thestone. To 1934 in the street was already many houses, twohostels, two canteens, the department store and restaurantfirst in the city. The street began improve. But it has not aname. In that time active builders called – enthusiasts. So onthe meeting in 1935 the street was call Enthusiasts avenue.
  • 5. The Enthusiasts avenue
  • 6. The Metallurgists avenue Was call in honor the main citizens of our city -metallurgists. The first buildings on the street appeared intertians years. In the1933 it was passed the firsttram line through this avenue. While this wasbuild first cinema “Kommunar”. In 1936 thepalace of culture KMK was let into exploitation.Later was built The Metallurgists garden, TheGagarin`s park, etc. In 60th years was build the biggest fountain.
  • 7. The Metallurgists avenue
  • 8. The Bardin Street One of the streets – former the Central street, began erect in 1958 by citizens, to the urban soviet`s decision was call with name of academician Bardin. Bardin dose a lot of things for Novokuznetsk. With his name connected building of KMK. To his initiative was open Siberian metal college. In the time of the ware Bardin worked over the project directed on the using natural resources for the defense necessity.
  • 9. The Bardin Street
  • 10. The Grdina Street One of the streets of Novokuznetsk carried the name of the prominent scientist Grdina. In the time of the ware Grdina worked over technology of the smelting of the bronze metall. He worked all his life. In 1967 he dead. 28th May 1968 one of the streets was received his name.
  • 11. The Grdina Street
  • 12. The Sechenov Street 6 February 1962 one of the streets was call in honor Ivan Mihilovich Sechenov. He is a creator of physiology school. Sechenov – creator of objective psychology of behavior. The Ivan Mihailovich`s works render big influents on the development of the natural science. Now on this street is situating a hospital.
  • 13. The Sechenov Street
  • 14. The Pioneers Avenue The first plan of Stalinsk intend that allschools must situated on the one street, soappeared the street “Shkolnaya” 27January1935 the street carried official name. Theerection of the street was began steel beforethe ware. But the main buildings on this streetappeared at 1952-1959. 3 May 1972 was took a decision to gave thisstreet the name : Pioneers Avenue.
  • 15. The Pioneers Avenue
  • 16. The Tolyatti Street In 1964 the new streetreceived the name ofItalian public figure PalmioTolyatti. In1914 Tolyatti joinedinto socialist Italian party.He came forward forrevolutionary course ofmovement. Tolyatti supportedantifascist struggle.
  • 17. The Tolyatti Street
  • 18. Our city on the high of the birds flight
  • 19. Worked over project:• Volodko Anna 8C• Volodko Alyona
  • 20. Thank you for your attention