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Game for learning 09

Game for learning 09



Game for Learning - Games

Game for Learning - Games



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    Game for learning 09 Game for learning 09 Document Transcript

    • We are . . . 1© Game for Learning
    • BackgroundGame for Learning designs and builds interactive, targetedon-line and experiential games for learning, marketing,product, brand promotion and marketing communications.Officially established by the directors of Finance Media in2007, Game for Learning is a small group of experiencedindividuals drawn from diverse backgrounds includingfinancial services, technology, media design andentertainment, together bringing over 30 years of learningand visual communication, design, system design, andgames experience.• we design engaging solutions for companies to promote, amuse and communicate ideas to their customers or employees• through compelling “user-centric” experiences we fulfil the subtle aggregation of user/player information and user metrics• we develop unique experiential games for learning, education and enjoymentWe deliver games based on innovative and forward-lookingideas. We regard engaged, open and creative thinking asessential to the delivery of targeted customer-centricsolutions focused on combined user and businessrelationships, so our digital game solutions are designed forimproved marketing and learning whether local or global.For the participants or players, we aim to make the processand experience of playing engaging, entertaining, fun,rewarding and memorable. The games we create alwayshave learning elements, however broad, so we make themboth edifying and worthwhile to play. Our off-line games aresociable and therefore offer other useful learningexperiences.For clients we aim to provide marketing, learning and“edutainment” solutions that are unique, integrated,measurable and data acquisition focused. 2© Game for Learning
    • We help to match our clients’ requirements and objectivesthrough the process of co-operative and innovative thinking.Through discussion and listening we understand and “learn”our clients’ businesses and needs, in order to develop anddeliver high value, well supported solutions.We have on-going partner-focused relationships with ourclients. We are also committed to good corporatecitizenship, and giving back to the community.WeareGameforLearning . . . Are You? 3© Game for Learning
    • PrincipalsGraham ClarkFounder and Managing DirectorGrahams career spans more than twenty years. Originally,he worked in the financial services industry in investmentbanking and institutional sales with a number of global Cityinstitutions including Citicorp, Scrimgeour Vickers, e-signal/Futursource and AP Dow Jones Telerate.In 1995, he established PC Quote Europe, the Europeanarm of NASDAQ-listed PC Quote Inc, a financial marketdata provider recognised as one of the early and leadingentrants in providing and developing online financialwebsites.Four years later in 1999, he launched Finance Media, a webtechnology company. The company originally developed,designed and produced the first ever on-line stock tradinggame, The Great Game which is still running today.The company was responsible for building and running anumber of financial websites, including the widely admiredPLUS Markets Group (formerly OFEX) who have beenclients since 1999 and the new Turquoise Trading website.Under Grahams management, the company has alsodesigned and run on-line and off-line games for Royal &Sun Alliance, Morgan Stanley, Dresdner Bank, E-financialCareers, M6 TV and Comdirect as well as a number ofuniversities, schools and colleges in the UK andinternationally. 4© Game for Learning
    • Sarah ReedCreative DirectorSarah has over thirty years’ experience of design teamproject development and management, in marketingcommunications for national and global organisations in film,events, and branding.After selling, in 1985, the AV production company she setup eight years earlier to the Saatchi Group, she spent sevenyears as creative director at video production companyTriangle Two, producing a number of award-winningmarketing and documentary programmes in Britain andEurope.Known for her innovative creative thinking, since 1994, shehas worked on a wide range of marketing communicationsfor Orange plc over four years; film projects for BritishAirways, an award-winning European motor showexperience for Opel GM, an award-winning 140-screenexperiential brand experience for Mercedes Benz, TV andcinema commercials for Virgin Radio, and the renaming andbranding of the City investment bank, NUMIS Securities.For the last three years, she has been responsible forrenaming and re-branding of the City market PLUS MarketsGroup, and more recently, all their advertising as well.During this time, she has also been developing anintergenerational activity, Many Happy Returns which wassuccessfully launched in 2008. 5© Game for Learning
    • Case StudiesThe Property Game - 2008Game for Learning have developed an innovative andfun to play on-line property game to teach playersabout property investment. The game is currentlybeing rolled out with a number of partnersCalled ‘The Property Game’ it is a short 5 minutebrowser based game that is fun, compelling andeducational. The game presents a 3d renderedvisualisation of the UK and using a virtual fund playerscan buy and sell property to build their portfolio. 6© Game for Learning
    • 7© Game for Learning
    • Case StudiesMorgan Stanley - 2007Based around ‘Hunch’ we created a new experiential tradinggame for Morgan Stanley.The games aim was to offer players an interactiveexperience of a typical trading floor environment while alsoproviding an intense and personal experience by presentingkey elements of a career in investment banking in a gameplay environment.ResultsThe Morgan Stanley trading game forms a key element tothe company’s regular graduate recruitment road shows andis also used in new recruit induction programmes.Being easy to run and administer, while being complex,challenging and exciting to play – the game has provided acomplete and memorable experience for both players andthe company alike. 8© Game for Learning
    • Case StudiesHunch - 2006In 2006, we created an “experiential” stock trading gamecalled Hunch’ which was the first of its type in this field.Hunch as been principally developed for investment banksto broadly demonstrate life on a trading floor and to helptalent-spot the potential skill bases of new interns – forexample, those with leadership, and well-developednumeracy and team playing skills, and then help themdevelop these skills by observing their performance andbehaviours.Hunch gives players a feel of the experience of being in asocial pressure-pot environment like a trading floor whilealso providing an intense and personal experience for theparticipants. 9© Game for Learning
    • Case StudiesDresdner Kleinwort WassersteinIn 2003, we created the award-winning DrKW Webtrader, anonline stock trading game developed for the investmentbank specifically for university students in the UK andacross the world.The project objectivesInitially, the objective was to find students with a tradingaptitude, but so successful was it that it became a marketingtool for the bank to differentiate its offering on the University“milk round”. The brief specified the need for it to be youthfulwhile business-like, and we worked with their designers todeliver and fit the existing brand. As client Terrence Perrinsaid, “we felt this would be an innovative way to encouragestudents, perhaps with little or no knowledge of financialmarkets to develop a taste for what is involved in a careeras a trader.”The main objective was to promote the company’s graduaterecruitment programme, and several games were run over36 months, and timed to coincide with the season forrecruiting summer interns.Our strategyTo make the game easier to play and encourage mainlandEuropeans to buy UK stocks, we combined the share pricelistings for the London, Paris and Frankfurt stock exchangesto express them all in Euros - something that had neverbeen done before.We built and ran the whole game, providing game support,email marketing, data aggregation, and also built systems tointerrogate the data base. 10© Game for Learning
    • 11© Game for Learning
    • ResultsAt the end of the first week, more than 1,100 fantasy traderswere trading fantasy portfolios, and DrKW gave away a firstprize of €10,000 and €5,000 to nine runners-up, for eachgame, with prizes presented at several lunches at CityRhodes.The game was run for a number of years and during thistime, students from more than 120 worldwide universitiesand colleges played the game. 12© Game for Learning
    • Case StudiesMetropole Television (M6)We developed a syndicated investment trading gamefor the French equivalent of ITV, Metropole Television (M6),for a target market of 18–35 year old professionals residentin France.The project objectivesCommissioned to develop a new and unique brandedfantasy trading game for the French market, we were askedto host the game and manage all the delivery technologies.The brief specified the need to work with and integrate theco-sponsor partners’ (Comdirect and Mes Finance)information, content and tools; and then to manage andsupport the developed services. Co-managing ongoing e-mail support and permissioned e-mail marketing campaignswere also central to the requirements.The main objective was to design the concept and deliver acompelling French language stock fantasy trading game thatcould be adopted across multiple delivery channels withinlimited implementation and development time frames. Thebranding and positioning of the game needed to appeal tothe target audience. 13© Game for Learning
    • Our strategyWorking with M6, and co-coordinating the development withM6 sponsor partners, we integrated the market data, andpartners’ on-line marketing tools. Development of theproposition and concept was ongoing after the game waslaunched, in order to maintain its freshness and appeal.ResultsWhen Le Jeu De La Bourse was launched on-line, it ran fornine months. During which time, and despite quite limitedmarketing, the game attracted over 86,000 registeredplayers, averaged 20 page views per player, per day anddelivered over 800,000 targeted e-mails with co-brandedsponsor messages. 14© Game for Learning
    • Case StudiesRoyal & Sun AllianceWe developed a private-label fantasy investment stocktrading game for Royal & Sun Alliance for a target market ofUK private investors.The project objectivesThe game was designed to add value to the Royal & SunAlliance web site and to enhance its user contentaggregation. Royal & Sun Alliance CRM services were alsointegrated with the game with on-line and e-mail marketingchannels, to enable cross-selling Royal & Sun Alliancefinancial products. The project had three requirements. Theprimary task was to develop and deliver a game that wasfully integrated with the company’s existing on-lineresources, working within the scope of the existing brandand corporate identity. The game also had to provideproduct enhancement and development for multiple channelsales promotion, as well as technical integration with thecompany’s own CRM and content publishing tools. Finally,after launch, Royal & Sun Alliance required continuingsupport, as well as further integration of user profiling andtracking tools and management of the game.Our strategyWorking closely with Royal & Sun Alliance’s in-housedevelopers and external consultants we ensured thecohesive development of the game with their applications,meeting all compliance requirements and ensuring the fullinter-operation between Royal & Sun Alliance’s CRMapplications and the game.ResultsInitially the game was to run formally on the Royal & SunAlliance more>than website for two years, between 2001and 2003. At this time, Royal & Sun Alliance sold theinvestment business in order to re-focus on their coreinsurance products, so the game was discontinued.During an independent appraisal by external managementconsultants during the game’s operation it was valued asone of the key marketing assets of the more>than websiteproposition. 15© Game for Learning